April 29, 2014

Deputy Chief James Saylor, with 24 years of a spotless service record and Inspector Maria Alonso, with 18 years of excellent service to the Battle Creek Police Department were formally terminated today in retaliation for imposing discipline on the Mayor’s son and in violation of their constitutional rights. As public employees, they were entitled to a fair and impartial investigation before being publically accused of misconduct on the job. When they were placed on suspension seven weeks ago, they asked the City to identify their accusers. Seven weeks later the City has still refused to identify those people who allege that these two officers have engaged in misconduct. Every citizen in this country is entitled to know who their accusers are and have an opportunity to confront them. The Deputy Chief and Inspector have been denied this basic right. The egregious violation of their constitutional rights will be addressed in the pending federal lawsuit. Every City employee and citizen of Battle Creek should be distressed by the tactics employed by the City in this case. As reported by the media, the City, in an effort to manufacture evidence against the Deputy Chief and Inspector, paid a convicted criminal $31,000 for injuries that did not occur in an alleged excessive force case involving a Battle Creek Officer. In a misguided effort to show that the Inspector and Deputy Chief botched an internal investigation of a case of possible police misconduct closed 2 years ago, the City, after suspending the Deputy Chief and Inspector, tracked down the man who was involved in the incident and paid him taxpayer money even though the man served 221 days in jail for resisting the officer and never made a claim for injuries or compensation. When City officials engage in this type of case tampering, no City employee or member of the community is safe. The pending federal lawsuit will get to the bottom of this governmental corruption.

Michael Pitt Attorney for former Deputy Chief Saylor and Inspector Alonso 248.398.9803 mpitt@pittlawpc.com