The dos and don’ts of delivering your speech


 Look at the audience. It is important to make eye contact. Look at your notes only when you need a reminder.  Write only on one side of your cue cards. (You are permitted six cue cards with three prompts on each). Slide your cards.  Speak loudly and clearly in a slow, natural tone.  Use clear correct lan ua e.  Stand up tall and strai ht.  Use natural and relaxed hand estures and facial expressions to emphasi!e certain points.

 "o not read your speech.

 "o not flip your cue cards.

 "o not rush.  "o not use slan , or such sounds as ah, eh or um.  "o not slump, sway or lean.  "o not make distractin estures. ie# playin with your hair or chewin um.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
1. Practice in a quiet place where you can listen to yourself. 2. Practice in front of friends or parents and ask for their suggestions. 3. Practice in front of the mirror or record yourself and pick out the spots you need to practice more.

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