Assignment Week 3 - Smart Web Searching

Nikhil Maharaj

1 About 1,850,000 results (0.44 seconds)

2 About 2,570,000 results (0.52 seconds)

3 About 17,300 results (0.38 seconds)

4 About 15,500 results (0.42 seconds

5 About 5,660 results (0.40 seconds)

This assignment using advanced search options was really helpful to me I was able to learn how to filter My search to specific location or specific words it really opened my eyes and from now on I will use this Options and I will be able to eliminate unwanted results or material. I tried searching about “car won’t Start when it’s cold” and then used advanced search options where I put “Toyota” then I used “Toyota Camry” I was able to find out about recalls and also I was able to learn how to fix this issue. This option was available to me and I was never aware of how to use this option it really opened My eyes on how to use advanced search options for my college, and even every day to day search. If I Had known about this option in the past I would have been able to search a lot of things that I have Missed in the past when I was getting out the military I had many appointments and I was running Around searching on google on how to complete my final evaluation reports brag sheet and I had to Call around if I had known this I would have done it in no time. I will use the “exact word or phrase “

Option in my everyday search now that I know about it this option was very helpful. The “none of these Words” option was least helpful.

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