You can disable these tips on startup if you uncheck the "Show tips at startup" box below You

can have more than one project open simultaneously Each project can have more than one build target. For example, a target to build a library and a target to build an application using that library You can quickly create a new project by using one of the ready-made templates, b y clicking on "Project/New" You can zoom in and out in the editor by holding Control while rolling the mouse wheel You can change the colours of the editor by either using "Settings/Editor/Colour s" or right-clicking inside the editor and click "Configure editor" You can create a duplicate of the line the caret is on, by pressing Ctrl+D You can indent / unindent blocks of text using the TAB and SHIFT-TAB keys You can press F2 and Shift-F2 to hide the messages and manager pane respectively You can easily find/open files as you type in the project tree by pressing ALT-G . (similar to desktop-search) You can close all open files by pressing Ctrl-Shift-F4 You can close a tab by clicking it with the middle mouse button You can perform a quick search to Google, Google Code or MSDN by holding Ctrl an d right-clicking the text you want to search You can change the log level for the compiler in: Settings -> Compiler -> Tab "O ther" -> Compiler logging. The default is Full command line mode.

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