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Math 450

Math 450

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MATH 450. Real Analysis.

FALL 2011

Instructor: Azer Akhmedov Office: Minard Hall, 428K E-mail: azer.akhmedov@ndsu.edu Office Hours: MW 2:00PM-2:50PM (or by appointment) Phone: 231 8078.

CLASS MEETS: MWF 1:00PM-1:50PM, Dolve, Room 202. TEXTBOOK: APOSTOL, Mathematical Analysis, 2nd Edition. COURSE DESCRIPTION: real numbers, completeness, open and closed sets, Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem, coverings, Heine-Borel Theorem, compactness, metric spaces, Cauchy sequences, limit of a function, continuity, uniform continuity, fixed point theorem for contractions, derivatives, Taylor’s Theorem, infinite series, convergence tests, sequences of functions, pointwise convergence, uniform convergence and differentiation, bounded variation, curves and paths. COURSE OBJECTIVE: The course is designed to give an introduction to the topics that are presented but not proved rigorously in Calculus classes, and to provide background required for more advanced courses in mathematics. HOMEWORK: The homeworks are assigned bi-weekly and are due every other Friday in class. These assignments will be posted on Blackboard, in the section Assignments. In order to fully understand the material covered in lecture, you are strongly encouraged to work on all the homework problems. If you have difficulties with any of the homework problems please see me as soon as possible.

EXAMS: There will be two in-class Midterm Exams and a cumulative Final Exam. Books and calculators are not allowed in exams. You may use one 8”x10” notecard. The exams are scheduled as follows MIDTERM 1. – Friday, September 30th. MIDTERM 2. – Wednesday, November 09th. FINAL EXAM – TBA

make sure that you stay informed regarding the information provided during that lecture. Final – 30% COURSE POLICIES ACADEMIC HONESTY: All work in this course must be completed in a manner consistent with NDSU University Senate Policy. I will choose the better of the following two grading schemes: SCHEME 1. Students eligible for special accommodations are strongly encouraged to share their concerns or requests with me at the beginning of the semester. Exam 1 – 20%. Final – 40% SCHEME 2.GRADING: For each student individually. Exam 2 – 20%. or as soon as possible. HWK – 30%. If you cannot attend a particular lecture. any collaboration is prohibited. Exam 2 – 15%.ndsu.edu/policy/335/htm). The student is required to inform me at least one week in advance if makeup is necessary. Section 335: Code of Academic Responsibility and Conduct (http://www. CLASS ATTENDANCE: Class attendance is generally expected. Makeup tests for midterm exams will be given only in case of a legitimate (documented) excuse. There will be no makeup Final Exam. HWK – 30%.nodak. I will be happy to make appropriate arrangements. . SPECIAL ACCOMODATIONS: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with disabilities or other special needs. EXAMS: The three midterm exams and the final exam are to be written individually. Exam 1 – 15%.

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