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Quick-Study Card

Have you seen those laminated review guides published by Quick Study? These quick study cards review the entire content of a course on two pages four sides!" #ou can buy them in most college bookstores for microbiology$ chemistry$ calculus$ biology$ etc" The purpose of this activity is for you to review the content of this course while you create your own Quick%Study card for &nvironmental Science" #ou may work by yourself or with a partner" The Quick%Study card should cover four sides of '"( by )) inch si*ed paper" +ake your card look nice by pasting your information onto a colored folder" ,se one of the two formats presented on the ne-t page" The first follows the sequence of our te-tbook +iller!" The second follows the percentages of content mandated by the .ollege /oard for our sub0ect" 1 detailed outline of topics from the .ollege /oard can be printed from their website at www"collegeboard"com 2ue 2ate3 Grading Rubric for Quick-Study Card A or B grade = excellent or good job CONTENT %complete coverage of topics %lists of info w4 emphasis on mnemonics %diagrams %some sentences okay5 fragments are better %four sides of '"( by ))$ any sequence %legible$ easy to read$ clear$ hand written is okay %eye-catching, colorful, distinct borders & titles %paste%up is fine but if pasted use sleeves 7 would buy your Quick%Study card because it is appealing and 7 see that it would help me to pass the 18 e-am"

C grade = average %incomplete 64or unbalanced coverage of topics %all prose %less than four sides of '"( by )) %legible %plain %maybe you ran out of time 7 can see you spent some time on this"

F or D grade = really pitiful or didnt turn it in



7t was your choice to ignore this assignment"

Two different formats for the content are described on the ne-t page for the quick%study card" .H99S& 9:&;;

2,&3 TH,<S21#$ +1# =$ =>)?

Miller Format Front page +atter$ &nergy @low$ System Structure .h ?$A .ommunity &cology ($ '$ B"? to B"' Sustaining 2iversity .h ==$ =A Inside page 1ir$ .limate .hange .h B")$ B"=$ )C$ )' 8opulation .h D$ )>$ )= Inside page Eeology and Soil .h )>$ )?$ )(")% )("A @ood <esources and ,rban Fand ,se .h =?$ =( <isk$ To-icology$ 8esticides .h ))$ => #se t$e College Board %ebsite for details&&& Inside page Pollution =(%?>H! %Types of pollution %7mpacts of pollution %&conomic impacts Back page Energy (10-15%) %&nergy concepts %&nergy consumption %@ossil @uels %:uclear energy %Hydroelectric power %&nergy conservation %<enewable energy lo!al "hange )>%)(H! %Stratospheric 9*one %Elobal Garming %Foss of biodiversity Back page Gater .h C$ )A$ )D &nergy .h )("(%)("D$ )B Solid Gaste .h =)

College Board Format: Front page Earth Systems )>%)(H! %&arth Science .oncepts %The 1tmosphere %Gater %Soil Biota (10-15%) %&cosystems %&nergy flow %&cosystem diversity %:atural ecosystem changes %/iogeochemical cycles

n!ironmental Science content distribution" Inside page Populations (10-15%! %demographics %carrying capacity %cultural 6 economic %human population issues Land & water use )>%)(H! %1griculture %@orestry %<angelands %9ther land use %+ining %@ishing %Elobal &conomics

2,&3 TH,<S21#$ +1# =$ =>)?