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Mylyn Economics


) Become the de facto framework for task management ) Grow the adoption of the task-focused interface


> Increase adoption: add features that grow the install base > Improve platform: extend quality and reach of framework


> Paid committers: work within project goals

) Integrator contributors: driven by framework requirements ) User contributors: driven by feature requirements


) Must add long-term value and pay for themselves


Slide 8, Symbian Exchange & Expa. Capyright 2009, Tasktap Technalagies Inc.

~ Package Explo ~ Project Explor n = El 0 Search results - Dev III AhstractTa.skEditorPa. • 284155: support over n "n


________ ---=IB=---~'---'--'I5j=.·='-----'7 ~ Bug 2841 55 Eclipse 'b 10' ~ 0 I LeJ ~ I in ~ubmit I



GEl Desktop ~ Dashboard.xls

;M:i crq.ecfipse.mylyn.tasks.ui ldev.ecfipse.crql 11! src

Jaa arg'. ec I'i pse. mylyn. intern a I .tasks, u i, edit Qd Ab.stra ctl.oc a I Edito-P a rt.j ava

J!d Plarminql'

1m PlanningPart

Qd Taskliditornttributel' ~ T ""kEdItorAttributePart

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~ Abstractrasktcntorpart.javs

<iii Abstract T ""kEditorPart

o setS ectlonfjorm T oolklt, 5

support overlay of product and component on attributes section I Status: RESOLVED FIXED Opened: 21-Jul-2009 Modified: 7-0ct-200911:00 PM


Mylyn / UI &J


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o Web

~ http.:!/wiki.eelip"

= Mylyn/Contributor Reference - Eclipse 7= API Basel! n e

= Naviqetion Canceled 7= Breaking: chanqes [ill httpi/ [ill Google Docs

(0) http.:!/ (0) Stat,

\V/ httpi/yen.wikipedie.orq

\"(/ Rea cti on ti m e - Wi ki pedi a" th e free en-


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Attachm ents m

..... Description

When the attributes section is collapsed there is still several pieces of information that it would be helpful to. have visible. Chief among these are the product and component. It would be great to. see the value of these attributes (only) when the section is collapsed. It would also be nice for other sections to. be able to. contribute summary information to. the section headers in a generic way.

1 ~ Com m ents (8}

I NewComment

&,0 ~ [all 1:, ~ .!} if IB I J' "0 lID. ~~

~ T ask List n

I Find I ~ Mylyn ~ support overla ..

ICiJ @Email -Tasktcp.ccm Tnutlock Email]

{\IQ] Chance to Talk at Ecfipsecon 1 Scott , IQ] J avescri pt DSL" TD Dan d D b C, SOA ( IQ] open Coli a b N et N ewsl etter 0 ctober 21 IQ] Your copy of IBM Inside the Midmar]

~ [Q] rea d Death by Inform ati on Over! oa d I

ICiJ @Triaged- Mylyn [Eclipse]

1 ~ 163120: 103.51 set a uth enti cati on cred {\~ 148841: [connector] HP Quality Cent' !\~ 144620: [workflow] settinq task a.' act !\ ~ 212108: 1 activity 1 su p port ,yn c h ron izi

4@ 1/31313U: l a ctrvrty J ~yn c h ron rze est ICiJ All Mine - MyIyn [Eclipse]

~ 289366: Please add eclipsophy.bloqsp (> • ! ~ 272089: [theme] improve the usabilif il ,,~ 264155: support overlay of product ICiJ Products - Eclipse [Eclipse]

tCcr Products - Eclipse Architecture [Eclipse]

Ch a n g e Sets for CVS [W crkspac e)

flI Searc h &,0 Syn c h ro n

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support overlay of prod u ct and com p ...... ~ crq.ecfipse.mylyn.tasks.ui [dev .. ec~ b m/org/eelip"e/mylyn/taskw' 1I'il; Abstra cffeskliditorf'e v

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