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Book Reviewed ______________________________________

Author ______________________________________________

Critic ______________Date: ____________Genre*___________
*(Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Biography, Autobiography, Fairy Tale, Folklore or Legend, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Poetry,
Informational, Horror, Comedy)

If I were to tell my best friend about this book, I would say…

Examples of figurative language I found in this book include: (hyperbole, simile, metaphor,
personification, idiom, alliteration, onomatopoeia)

One of the best leads the author used was:

The author’s purpose in writing this book was to___________________, and I know
this because: inform (state, teach); persuade (convince, argue); entertain (narrate a story, comic, jokes);
describe, (create a picture)

One connection I made with this book was: (Describe the part of the book and the connection
made— (Text/Text) (Text/Self) (Text/World))

The theme or underlying message of this book is:

Overall Rating