Industry Starter The following companies are all taken from the top 100 companies list.

1) Group together industries that you think are similar, clearly stating what the companies in each group have in common in your jotter 2) We will discuss how you have classified these groups. After discussion, complete the following activities:a) Using a Glasgow map, suggest a grid reference for a possible location of each company (I have suggested the possible functions of any company premises below) b) Using map evidence, give reasons for the locations you have chosen Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratory? Intel Processors Production Plant? JP Morgan Financial Services Motorola Exxon Mobile AIG Insurance GM Vauxhall Car manufacturer McDonalds Franchise Restaurants ASDA-Walmart Retailers Wholesalers? Warehouse? Boeing Airplane manaufacturer American Express Credit Card Call Centre?

Coca Cola Drinks company

Telecommunications Oil and Gas Semi conductor Petrochemicals? manufacturer? News Corp Mass Media Film/television production Newspapers and Book publishing United Parcel Service Delivery Depot?

Dell Computer Hardware (Sales all via internet)

Caterpillar Industrial and Farm equipment Production Plant?