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JD Senior Civil&Structure Engineer En

JD Senior Civil&Structure Engineer En

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presentation job
presentation job

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Published by: iapwla on Apr 30, 2014
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Job Description

I Job title:
(in accordance to Petrom´s organizational chart)

E&P / Development Business Unit / Facility Engineering Department / Civil Engineering Sub-Office

Direct reports of the position: (Positions)

Job title & code: Job holder: (Name) Reporting to: (Name/Position)

Senior Expert Civil Engineer

Team Leader Civil Engineering SubOffice

Date: II Relevant indicators for the position:
Number of direct subordinates: Number of indirect subordinates: Budget: Other 1-3 indicators:
______________________________ Signature of Job Holder/Date

Signature of Line Manager/Date

III Job Scope:
The Senior Expert Civil holds broad accountability for the field of civil engineering within E&P and for developing and establishing specific regulations (standards, philosophies, guidelines, and procedures), ensuring management objectives with a medium impact on surface facilities within all E&P. He/she ensures the compliance with the design standards for engineering activities (incl. quality standards) assists technology selection and acts as knowledge centre for the field, with a technical know-how at basic professional level. The Senior Expert acts like Discipline Authority Level 1 or 2 and participates when requested in TCCP (Technical Change Control Panel), CTE (Technical-Economic Council), and steering committees, comprising a homogenous management breadth for defining problems by objectives and imagination & original thinking in providing solutions. He/she ensures technical expertise and support for all the projects in HQ and Assets, and technical solutions & support for functions (Procurement, HSSE etc.), personal human relations skills being very important for accomplishing the duties and tasks of the department.

IV Main Accountabilities:
The Senior Expert will be Involved in different kind of projects such as roadways, foundations, buildings, utilities, water and wastewater infrastructure, oil/gas pipelines, compressors station, etc. Support the project teams as required: ensure compliance with Romanian laws & regulations, European standards and Company philosophies/standards/specifications in all projects; participate in project technical reviews, assessments and audits; scope of work definition and preparation of tender docs, perform bid reviews; develop/prepare key engineering documentation in his/her area of expertise for in-house studies and designs; provide engineering knowledge and expertise during all project phases from pre-feasibility to commissioning & start up; The job holder will act like Discipline Authority for his discipline and level; provide cost and schedule information for budget development and project management; data collection from Assets for projects; Participate in the team for approval engineering changes in a project, in accordance with Change Control Panel procedure, when requested by Department Manager. Perform technical studies and specific audits, reports and memos; Analyse existing facilities in Petrom E&P and propose improvements, de-bottlenecking, upgrades to efficiently decrease operations costs and enhance productivity/efficiency of plants/equipment; Continuously analyse opportunities for development projects and propose best solution; Economical evaluation of opportunities proposed; Review/revise and develop philosophies and specifications in the field of expertise for projects Approve key engineering documentation and philosophies, standards and specifications;

Annex A of „Job Description”

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Valid from: Edition: 1


in the field of expertise. according to the procedures established at the work place.. in case of occurrence of any imminent fire danger or other emergency situation. To communicate immediately to the employer and/or assigned employees any situation on which he/she have serious reasons to consider as a danger for the security and health of the employees. Coordinates data management for activities. reviewing and revision of procedures. standards. - Industry knowledge: The jobholder will prove deep knowledge and experience in his engineering discipline in Oil & Gas E&P industry. 7. Coordinate project activities with Assets and third parties as required. Elaborate course supports and share his knowledge and experience in organized actions (workshop. Reports on any urgent issues with respect to safety. To inform the line manager and/or the employer about the accidents suffered. Recommend solutions to technical queries and requested exceptions. Knowledge of latest developments and proactively introduce new technologies as appropriate to meet E&P objectives. To provide to assign persons all known data and information concerning occurred work accidents and/or fires. Knowledge sharing with team specialist in the field of expertise. Have a working knowledge of Romanian regulations and European standards. Coordinate supervision for all contractors’ works and guarantee QA/QC for the services/works performed.). Coordinate with Petrom projects managers and program directors. Basic knowledge of project management. - Organization: Keeps contact with industry. - Coordination: Liaise with other discipline engineers to ensure no delays as a result of poor interfacing. To act. not alter. 4. Assists Assets and coordinates technical issues in the field of expertise. Reports on a regular basis on activities. Prepares parts of a multidisciplinary team of audit reports etc. Assist and advice Department Manager. 3. Develop strategies and specifications for common surface engineering issues in Petrom E&P. assignments. Not affect the good functioning. Deep knowledge of relevant standards and good industry practices in the field of expertise. philosophies and guidelines and ensures the accomplishment of the approved plan Manages 3rd party specialist and engineering companies for specific projects 2. Reports on a regular basis on the overall activity. Works in a team of experienced discipline engineers to effectively manage contractors' activities and thereby ensure that Petrom's best interests are safeguarded. Keep contact with the Assets specialists.- Consider and approve / reject as appropriate any request made to deviate from the approved minimum standards. 1. as well as any malfunctioning of the protection system. Coordinate with OMV PETROM Group Leaders in assets and exchange experience. protection against fire and civil protection as long as their implementation measures. - HSE duties: To ascertain and respect the legislation’s provisions in the field of health and security at work. trainings etc. Provide resources for additional expertise where required. 5. 6. manages 3rd party specialist and engineering companies for Petrom projects. integrity. Provide feedback to Department Manager and project members. To use the equipment of the current and protection activity according to the technical instructions. tasks and projects to the line manager. To cooperate with the employer and/or the related authorities in order to allow a work environment and work conditions without risks for security and health. Have a working knowledge of all Petrom's standards and specifications. - Planning and forecasting duties: Ensures accomplishment of the tasks in due time and at the right technical and quality level Develops yearly schedule for preparing. change or arbitrary remove the security devices in the building where he/she is working. - Annex A of „Job Description” Page 2 of 3 Valid from: Edition: 1 2 . losses and HSEQ. To cooperate with the employer and/or assigned employees in order to make possible the implementation of any measures or requirements of the law or related authorities. - Reporting: Reports to line managers. - People development: Together with the his/her Line Manager plan and undertake self development. suppliers and relevant authorities.

a new Job Description will be prepared by the Line Manager. Experience in project management. V Delegation: The jobholder can delegate the personal duties to a senior expert or expert within the department and the same discipline. To the above mentioned responsibilities it is possible that some others (related to the job) will be added by your Line Manager. detailed design. VII Success criteria: - Annex A of „Job Description” Page 3 of 3 Valid from: Edition: 1 3 . Total discipline compliance to required standards. Experienced in conceptual design studies. construction management. norms and regulations. Focused work and deliver quick results. Networking and communication skills. HSSE and QA/QC compliance. Skilled discipline resource availability to meet work load. VI Job requirements: MSc and minimum of 8 years experience in engineering in Oil & Gas E&P industry.8. FEED. Deep knowledge of relevant standards. In case the changes in the job content are significant. Complies with the work program. Languages minimum requirement: English and Romanian intermediate. if business will require. Computer literate. Knowledge of the local environment and operations is an advantage. Leadership attributes. knowledge of Microsoft Office software. Commissioning and operations experience in upstream oil and gas is an advantage. Experience in cost estimation. Compliance with annual department goals and targets. Complies with the individual goals and targets set. Performing tasks accurately and in time. Knowledge in relevant engineering software applications.

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