MEETING INFORMATION Objective: Date: [01/01/2000] Time: 6:00 AM Meeting Type: Call-In Number: [List number] Called By: [N!me] Time eeper: [N!me] !ttendee": [List N!mes] PREPARATION FOR MEETING #lea"e $ead: #lea"e Bring: ACTION ITEMS FROM PREVIOUS MEETING "tem/Responsib#e/$ue $!te 1% ["tem $escription] / [Responsib#e]/[$ue $!te] 2% AGENDA ITEMS "tem/&resenter/Time A##otte 1% [Agen ! "tem] / [&resenter N!me]/[Time A##otte ] 2% '% NEW ACTION ITEMS "tem/Responsib#e/$ue $!te 1% [Ne( "tem] / [Responsib#e]/[$ue $!te] 2% OTHER NOTES OR INFORMATION Location: [Enter Room Number] [Type of Meeting] Call-In Code: [Enter co e] Facilitator: [N!me] Note Ta er: [N!me]

Meeting Agen ! Temp#!te ) 2011 *erte+,2%com

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