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Pulao Cooked the same as chawal, but either meat & stock, qorma, herbs, or a combinati on are blended

in before the baking process. This creates elaborate colors, flav ors, and aromas for which some rices are named after. Caramelized sugar is also sometimes used to give the rice a rich brown color. Examples include: Kabuli Pulao - The national dish of Afghanistan,[1] meat and stock added, toppe d with fried raisins, slivered carrots, and pistachios. Yakhni Pulao - Meat & stock added. Creates a brown rice. Zamarod Pulao - Spinach qorma mixed in before the baking process, hence 'zamaro d' or emerald. Qorma Pulao - Qorm'eh Albokhara wa Dalnakhod mixed in before the baking process Bore Pulao - Qorm'eh Lawand added. Creates a yellow rice. Bonjan-e-Roomi Pulao - Qorm'eh Bonjan-e-Roomi (tomato qorma) added during bakin g process. Creates a red beans and rice. Serkah Pulao - Similar to yakhni palao, but with vinegar and other spices. Shebet Pulao - Fresh dill, raisins added at baking process. Narenj Pulao - A sweet and elaborate rice dish made with saffron, orange peel, pistachios, almonds and chicken. Maash Pulao - A sweet and sour palao baked with mung beans, apricots, and Bulgu r (a kind of wheat). Exclusively vegetarian. Alou Balou Pulao - Sweet rice dish with cherries and chicken.