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( OVER 1.6 MILLION COPIES IN PRINT! THE CLASSIC # ] HEALTH BESTSELLER THAT EXPLODED THE SUGAR MYTH—AND INSPIRED A HEALTH REVOLUTION! William Duity IF YOU ARE AT ALL INTERESTED : s The mind truly boggles when one | ee re power fer mee j .. Through the centuries, 3 ‘souls have been barbecued 8 for bettchmen, exorced fer fpessesion, locked up insanity, tortured for masturbatory madness, 4 psychiatrized for psychoses, __ lobotomized fer catoparenic. How many patients would have listened if the local healer had told them that the only thing ailing them was sugar blues? ee ¢ “Superb and scary.” —Detroit Free Press ee ¢ “Readers who want to feel better, look better, and enjoy life more— to say nothing of those just looking for a good book—will certainly be attracted to Sugar Blues.” —Publishers Weekly ees “Rarely has scientific information been made so entertaining. William Dufty has gloriously performed a service for us . .. a fascinating story that even skeptics can enjoy. Sugar Blues is bound ‘to become a health classic.” —Health Food Retailing [ATTENTION CORPORATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS. Most Hacuterrs Book GnovP USA books are available at quantity discounts with bulk purchase for educational busines, of sales promotional use. For information, Special Markets Department, Hachette Book Group USA 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017 ‘Telephone: -800222°6747 Fax 1-800-477-5925 William Dufty SG Cc GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING NEWYORK BOSTON