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INVENTION: For project 1 instructions I used invention to brainstorm on how it would be easier for the audience to secure a wireless router. There are several ways to accomplish a similar goal in Information Technology I had to brainstorm of how the steps as easy to follow no matter whom the users were. Through peer and instructional review I gained some knowledge of some aspects I had overlooked for instance audience. For project 2 I used invention in order to find out more about the problem of methamphetamine in Bernalillo County in order to provide proof of how serious the problem is. With help of peer and instructional review it helped to receive feedback of how the paper could be improved and structured. In project 3 I learned from the previous projects. When writing project 2 the proposal I was brainstorming on hot to address the issue that I was writing about. Consciously I started brainstorm about possible solution as I was breaking the problem. Cost on this project was a bit tricky as there is not a wealth of information on how much the solution implementations are. After finding multiple sources I decided to take average on the numbers I found in order to come up with my numbers. ARRANGEMENT: In designing a layout for the instructions project I used a linear process. I only numbered the steps that required action and began each step with a command word. I also added screenshots to visually describe the steps for the written portion; furthermore, I added a voice over video to walk the audience and they can visually see the steps. By strategically placing screenshots to directly support the text. I also had to bold and underline the numbered steps to help the In project 2 I used arrangement in a different way instead of using numbered steps like in the instructions I used headings for each aspect like history, abuse, crime, health and economic impact to serve as a blue print where the audience can easily skin through the document easily. Project 3 arrangements were different than in the second project, I structured both similarly however I found out that I was wrong peer. Both instructional and peer review raised concerns about my lay out. The feedback given was very and I had to make different structural changes in order to have the arrangement of document implement properly. STYLE: For project 1 I used different types of text characteristics along with picture and graphs of the instructions. I also used screenshots and a voice over video and attached it as a hyperlink in order to style my document. In the style I added warnings on why the reader should encrypt their network and avoid the dangers associated it with appealing to the audiences pathos. I am the Internet Operations Manager of an ISP and I have seen the subpoenas first hand and we all have heard the horror stories through various media channels this adds credibility and appeals to ethos. Combining of the two previous appeals builds on logos by showing reasoning.

For Project 2 I used style in a different way I did not use screenshots or voice over videos, I used graphs, maps and statistics to form how the document would be read. This type of style helps the audience understand the document faster by looking at the graphs and statistics and makes easy for them to skim through it. The style I used for project 3 I was different than the style I used for project because now I was addressing a problem instead of breaking down the problem. I had to show evidence to support and to be persuasive on project 3 in order to have the target audience understand the severity of the problem so they can take the initiative and adopt the solutions mentioned in order to address the problem. I see the problem and I gathered my thoughts on what could be done to fix the issue. I am not an expert on the topic of methamphetamine or drugs for that matter; however, I collected enough evidence and possible solutions in other to make an attempt to fix the problem

DELIVERY: The delivery for project 1 was organized in a reference to the style. The delivery I used for this project was multimodal on a Weebly web page, which I used text and edited screenshots to deliver the message. I also added a voice over video attached as a hyperlink to a screencast in order to make the delivery well rounded. I believe the instruction laid out along with the screen shots to directly support the text made the instruction very easy to follow and accomplish the instruction set. Again in project 2 I used an electronic method for the delivery this is how the audience will interact with the document. I used a URL to my weebly page for delivery. In this media I used text, graphs and statistics for the audience to use when going through the document. It was important to add visuals that directly support the data so the audience can make the connection of how bad the problem is. By adding the graph that shows the Bernalillo county high school student have a higher abuse of methamphetamine than the state and the nation makes the audience quite aware of the problems severity. The delivery for project 3 was similar to that of project 2 in the fact that it was multimodal. However for project 2 I added images that might represent the possible solution to the problem and how it may look. In project 3 persuasions is key when writing this type of document because you want the audience to take your solutions and make them happen.

MEMORY: Although memory is completely different now that when it was first used as a cannon. Memory was used simply to remember and regurgitate the information it the form of a speech. It is important to be able to recall the aspects learned in project 1 that I applied the project 1 because this will help me build future projects. Moving forward throughout the remainder or our university experience and then entering the professional l world we need to be able to recall these skills because we will be addressing professionals and not teachers. These cannons will be necessary along with ethos, logos, and pathos to provide a well-rounded document that I can be proud of.

In project 2 memory was used in a way that will the author and the audience will remember the problem that methamphetamine has, is and will continue to be if it is not addressed properly. I applied memory in a different way by the use of statistic and graph this will help remember just how much of a problem methamphetamine really is. The graphs and pictures allow for the audience to remember the information easily and substantial amount of information in memory without having to read the document again. Memory for project 3 was similar to that of project 2. The use of stats, graphs and pictures will help the audience remember the possible solution. It helps the solution by having reputable people included in the document to increase the credibility of the solution. Again I am not a drug expert; however, the people included in the documents I read have plenty of years of experience to show that the solutions presented are legitimate.