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IT Project: Lesson Plan Template: Poll Everywhere

Endorsement Subject Class Unit Lesson Resources Standard Elementary Education Math 3rd Grade Math Basic Multiplication and Division Learning How to Multiply and Divide Textbook, Computer and Smartboard
MA 3.1.2 Operations: Students demonstrate the meaning of multiplication with whole numbers.
MA 3.1.2.a Represent multiplication as repeated addition using objects, drawings, words, and symbols (e.g., 3 x 4 = 4 + 4 + 4) MA 3.1.2.b Use objects, drawings, words and symbols to explain the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., if 3 x 4 = 12 then 12 3 = 4.) MA 3.1.2.c Use drawings, words, and symbols to explain the meaning of the factors and product in a multiplication sentence (e.g., in 3 x 4 = 12, 3 and 4 are factors and 12 is the total or product. The first factor (3) tells how many sets while the second factor tells how many are in each set. Another way to say this is that 3 groups of 4 equals 12 total.) MA 3.1.2.d Use drawings, words, and symbols to explain the meaning of multiplication using an array (e.g., an array with 3 rows and 4 columns represents the multiplication sentence 3 x 4 = 12

Introduction Technology Uses/Materials Needed Objectives

Preparing the Student Assessment of Student Learning

Lesson Sequence

Students should know how to multiply and divide whole numbers using numbers, symbols, words and drawings to show relationships and knowledge. A SmartBoard will be used to explain and show examples of the lesson. Students can practice examples on the SmartBoard. At the end of the lesson, a PollEverywhere quiz will be completed by the students via computer. Objective 1-Students will understand how to multiply whole numbers. Objective 2-Students will understand how to divide whole numbers. Objective 3-Students will understand the relationship between multiplication and division. Objective 4-Students will have a deeper understanding of the meaning and reasoning of multiplication and division. Objective 5-Students will be able to use symbols, words and objects as well as numbers to complete multiplication and division problems. The introductory lesson of multiplication and division is necessary. Students will need an access link to the PollEverywhere quiz for completion of the quiz. Students will use Knowledge to observe and recognize the differences between multiplication and division. Students will also be able to Understand by identifying sets within the problems. Students will Apply by solving the multiplication and division problems. Students will Analyze by calculating, explaining, comparing and differentiating the multiplication and division problems. Students will Evaluate their own and a peers work to ensure they have the right answer. Students will Create by designing their own problems using pictures and objects. The teacher will explain that they are going to be learning multiplication and division. This will begin with examples of numbers only problems. After explaining, allow the students to do practice problems. After teacher feels the students are sufficient in numbers only problems, move on to story problems and problems using pictures and objects. Once taught, have the students do more example problems until teacher again feels students are masters. At the completion of the lesson, have the students log on and take the quiz on multiplication and division problems using PollEverywhere. Teacher will then evaluate

the quizzes to ensure students have properly learned the objectives listed above. POLL QUIZ QUESTIONS 1. 2x2=? a. 4 b.7 c.2 d.1 2. 7x0=? a.7 b.1 c.0 d.10 3. 10/5=? a.4 b.50 c.2 d.5 4. 6/3=? a.9 b.3 c.2 d.18 5. 4x(?)=4 a.1 b.4 c.0 d.8 6. 50/(?)=5 a.20 b.10 c.0 d.1 7. Sally has 2 sets of apples. All together she has 6 apples. How many apples are in each set? a.2 b.1 c.4 d.3 8. Johnny has completed 3 good deeds. He has received 6 gold stars. How many gold stars does Johnny receive for 1 good deed? a.3 b.1 c.2 d.4 The teacher will grade the quiz on PollEverywhere involving multiplication and division


of Success

problems in order to properly asses the students learning.