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Carmarthenshire Time Credits

.......the journey!

December 2012
On a very cold and icy day in December 2012 Time Credits in Carmarthenshire was born!!

January 2013
Mostly mapping and getting lost!
Attending Taf Myrddin TARA Meeting Hos Meeting C1st team Meeting Dr Mz Youth Club Manager Meetings with Sheltered Scheme staff 1st Community Listening Event held 21/01/13 low numbers attending Meeting Family Centre Mapping Taf Myrddin Base Line Feeling very excited and overwhelmed, so much to take in!

February 2013
Mapping continues.....
Meetings held with Ty Ni family Centre, Youth Service, CAVs, DALP group. Community listening event held in Pantyfynnon and Felinfoel (C1st areas) Family focused community listening event held in Feb half term 1st training session held for housing staff

March 2013
Launch Week Taf Myrddin
First groups signed up to trade Training session held for Housing staff Regular contact and updates for groups trading Facebook being utilised as a way into the community Earn and spend starting 376 hours

115 members signed up

20 groups/orgs trading

First 3 months of trading

2692 hours

194 members signed up Momentum growing Big Lunch event held at Pembrey supported by community members Sign Language classes started

33 groups/orgs trading

After 6 months of trading

7272 hours

274 members signed up

45 groups/orgs trading

After 9 months of trading

11485 hours

417 members signed up

50 groups/orgs trading

Carmarthenshire Time Credits - Growing the network

Host Organisations
Community pride/clean ups Asset mapping Intergenerational projects

Communities First
Carmarthenshire Cluster

Signing up orgs and groups across the locality Currency design

Mapping the community

Community listening events Carmarthenshire

Housing Services

Developing the menu

Training and visioning days for CCC staff

Social Media set up

Network events

After 12 months of trading

17205 hours

570 members signed up

60 groups/orgs trading

Carmarthenshire - key stakeholders

Time Credit Network
Housing diversifying tenant engagement Communities First and Community Regeneration Children and young Peoples Provision Flying Start, Plant Dewi, Youth Service, Duke of Edinburgh, Education Schools, preengagement, NEETs provision, Community Education Leisure Services Leisure Centres, country parks, theatres and heritage 3rd Sector Health and Social Care


Member Voices