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Getting Over Toxic Relationships

Getting Over Toxic Relationships

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Published by Candice Garcia
Getting over a relationship can be very difficult and heartbreaking. If you are in one, sort things out if you can, if not, deal with it and move on.
Getting over a relationship can be very difficult and heartbreaking. If you are in one, sort things out if you can, if not, deal with it and move on.

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Published by: Candice Garcia on Nov 05, 2009
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Getting Over Toxic Relationships

by Candice Garcia of http://getexbackmagic.com
Moving on after a toxic relationship is not an easy task to do, especially for us women. More often than not, when we are trying to end a toxic relationship, a big dilemma sets in. The dilemma is: one side of your brain tells you to stay with him and the other side tells you to stay away from him. Trying to figure out which side is good for you can really be hard, but it really possible.

Often we feel that we need to let go of our emotions really quick. The quick solution? Get revenge where you can rant and rave about your toxic relationship. But they are just quick solutions and may not make you feel better at all. Here's a list of the right things to do when you are up to end your toxic relationship.

by saying bad things about your boyfriend on your favorite social networking site or on your blog

Get those tears out. Crying alone in your room could help, but you can surely do better than that. Get those tears out in a movie! Ask a friend or two to watch a movie with you and when the mushy part sets in, cry it all out. Your friends probably wouldn't care if you cry even by just seeing two polar bears snuggling up, it is a mushy moment after all. Never call him. Keep in mind that, this relationship was toxic. As much as you may yearn to hear his voice, think of the phone as a transmitter for those poisonous relationship toxins to seep back into your system. The longer you can go without dialing him up or seeing him face-to-face, the stronger you will grow. Have a list of the good and the bad. Making a list helps you put the true nature of your relationship with your boyfriend into a more realistic standpoint. When you can actually point out all those bad and crazy things he did to you, you'll realize that it's far more reasonable to end your relationship and move on with your life without him. Score for the other half of your heart that tells you to stay away from your ex. Find an outlet for your pent-up energy. If you have a favorite hobby like photography or writing, channel your emotions into that activity. Not only can investing your time in what you love help your mind wander elsewhere, but it can help you see your feelings in a physical light through what you create. If you don't have a hobby, consider trying a new one or taking a new class to learn how to do something creative, something that you can call your own.

Talk it out. Good friends or family members who care about you are almost always willing to lend an ear, even if you just want to babble to them about what the relationship used to be like. Note: You may want to rotate listeners if you talk a lot, however, to avoid overkill!

Breakup happen to all of us, but they are optional. If you think you can patch the things up with your boyfriend then do something to work the relationship out. Compromise, but do not sell yourself short. Remember, it's normal to feel bad, annoyed, and even angry when ending toxic relationships... but beating yourself up is too much. If you feel that it won't really work out, then all. move on and deal with spending your life without your ex. You can always keep on dating, after

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