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PAOCC Nets 100 Caloocan Gang leaders in a New Life Campaign

Around 100 youth gang leaders (aged 18 to 30) of Bagong Barrio and Bagong Silang in Caloocan City were gathered last week in KABAYAN Hotel Monumento for a 1-day Motivational Seminar. They participated in the patented Word Approach Counseling, conducted by the Office of Commissioner Grepor Butch Belgica, of the Presidential Anti Organized Crime Commission. Lawyer Jeremiah Belgica, former Congressman Baby Asistio and PNP Caloocan Officers were among the seminar speakers. The activity was part of the YouthGuide Initiative launched late last year in close coordination Socio-Civic-Religious Organizations (SCRO) with the Reforma Pilipinas Movement (RPM) of the National Reform Association (Phils.). The Initiative is focused on the problem of organized youth crime or gangsterism such as street gangs, pseudo fraternities and violent “fraternities”. Around 150 pastors and church leaders led by Bishop Alima, Pastors Zaldy Estrera and Orly Perlawan are also involved in this New Life (Bagong Buhay) program. Similar activities are slated this month for Valenzuela and Makati cities. “We recognize that this problem is not a simple police matter but a social malady that needs a comprehensive multi-sectored approach” Belgica said. Commissioner Belgica also announced the start of the 100 days Bagong Buhay (New Life) Campaign in major cities of the country. The initial stage is a Journey to the 17 Cities and 4 Towns of Greater Manila Area. A Caravan of vehicles loaded with New Life Campaign and Reforma Pilipinas Booklets and Pamphlets, will be distributed to Jails, to the Academe, to the religious, to local governments, business and private sector. There will be stops in every designated city. YouthGuide, with civic organizations, is pursuing the implementation of the ThreePronged ‘SIP Program’ (Suppression, Intervention, Prevention) against criminal youth groups initiated by PAOCC Commissioner Belgica.


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