The Range of the Flying Truck

Dr. Linda Jones, with pretty stuff by Dr. Jeff Wragg April 30, 2014

Knowing the distance x a projectile goes when launched with a speed of vo at an angle of θ and landing at a lower height h than it was launched from allows us to solve the two equations of motion for the time of flight, t and the initial velocity, vo . We are ignoring air resistance, which is pretty valid in this case. 0 = h + vo sin θ t − 4.9t2 x = vo cos θ t Using the values we have for our Flying Truck, a 5% grade, which is an angle of 2.86o , and the gap distance of 5.3 meters, and the landing spot is 0.6 meters below the launch spot, we can solve the equations above to find the speed the truck must go to clear the gap This gives us 12.8 m/s which is 29 miles per hour.


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