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‫רפי רותם – להיאבק בשחיתות‬ Rafi Rotem – Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower

Index of records // ‫רשימת הכתבים וקישורים‬ !!"#$%!/

2014-04-29 State Ombudsman letter to Rotem's attorney // ‫ "!ו ך דינו‬#‫דינ‬$# %&$ &'($ )'‫*" ו‬
Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower Rafi Rotem exposed organized crime in government: Huge tax breaks to tycoons and crime figure related businesses sex bribes and murder of a !source!" Rotem has been sub#ected to harassment intimidation and retaliation over the past $% years" He lost his #ob his home his possessions" Recently his case has become a cause of the Israeli &rotest movement as a key case in fighting government corruption" The April $' %($) letter in the pic is from the Israeli *tate +mbudsman,s office" -or the first time after $% years they agree to take Rafi Rotem,s evidence and testimony"

Translation of the below letter: &tate 'mbudsman(s 'ffice April %' %($) Attorney Hai .arel /ear *ir: R): *ro+idin, information to the &tate 'mbudsman – Rafi Rotem $" Rafi Rotem demans to provide additional information on top of information previously provided" %" Already a few months ago 0r Rotem was informed that the *tate +mbudsman is willing to accept additional information and documents in writing but 0r Rotem refuses to provide the information in writing and demands to provide it in person" 1" -ollowing our meeting in this matter last week and 0r Rotem,s repeat re2uests the *tate +mbudsman decided to grant 0r Rotem,s re2uest to provide the information in person verbally with the corresponding documents" )" The division of the *tate +mbudsman,s office which handles the Tax Authority is the /ivision for 3conomic 0inistries" Therefore on behalf of the *tate +mbudsman I re2uest that contact 0r 4vi 5ertikovsky /ivision 0anager so that he would identify the person who would accept the information on behalf of our office and coordinate the time of the meeting" 6" I wish to note that we expect that you as his attorney will also participate in the meeting" Respectfully Attorney /avid 7ahir *enior 8onsultant to the *tate +mbudsman 88: *tate +mbudsman 9osef *hapira /ivision for 3conomic 0inistries 0anager 4vi 5ertikovsky