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Dominique Riley Career Report

December 16, 2009

Nursing 1. Have excellent social skills 2. Have good science skills 3. Being able to use logic 4. Have patience with others 5. Be sensitive toward others and to have a passion for the care of patients 6. Like to research and learn more about science The talents that I have will fit into this career field because I am sensitive towards others. I will make sure that they feel comfortable in when they feel doubtful about a certain situation. Since I have a strong love for science, I would enjoy doing research on scientific topics, especially the human body. The education requirements for this career are: - Human Anatomy and Physiology - Life Science - Health and Nutrition - Studying the History of Other Cultures - Survey of Mathematics and Statistics - Chemistry - Cultural Anthropology - Writing Some colleges that offer nursing majors are: - University of Phoenix - Walden University - Everest College - West Coast University - South College Through the study of nursing, this career contributes to society by helping improve the medical field. Finding new solutions to various illnesses and doing major studies to find a cure for that specific illness. In the Kingdom of God, we are putting the needs of others before ourselves because we are

constantly researching so that they will become healthy. For example, if we find a suitable cure for cancer, this will help out the world tremendously. The demand for the nursing careering is growing. The main reason for this is because as the “baby-boomer” generation starts to grow old, there will be more of them that will need medical attention. There are not too many nurses and by going into this profession, it will appeal to the person that you are helping, showing them that you care about their well-being. The average salary range for a nurse will vary upon what kind of nurse you choose to become. The average salary for a nurse out of college will be between thirty-eight to fifty-five thousand a year. The average salary for a nurse that has worked for five to ten years is between forty to sixty thousand a year. The average salary for a nurse that has worked for more than twenty years is between fifty to seventy thousand a year. Engineering 1. Have good math and science skills 2. Be able to use logic 3. Having a Bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level engineering jobs 4. Constantly be thinking of ideas or ways for improvement, whether it be for the daily lives of people or just improving the environment 5. Having good writing skills 6. Should have some experience in art in order to draw out sketches The talents that I have will fit into this career field because I have a strong love for math and science. I use logic to try and solve problems and I like to analyze situations that challenge my mind to figure out a solution to that particular problem. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve and make easier the lives of people. I do have a background in art and I am able to sketch out drawings of inventions that I think would make life easier. The education requirements for this career are: - Math - Life and Physical Science - A Design Course - Social Science or Humanities - Courses in General Engineering Some colleges that offer engineering majors are: - Purdue University


Texas A&M University Ohio State University Georgia Institute of Technology Duke University

Engineering is an excellent career field to major in because it keeps a person thinking. Through engineering, a person will be contributing to society by designing a better way of life. For example, there are fields of engineering that require specialties in making and designing prosthetic body parts for those who are in need of a specific body part. Also through engineering, a person is contributing to the Kingdom of God by putting others first. The person is trying to help others to live in a more positive environment and life-style. The rate of engineers in the world is miniscule. The world is looking for people to have ideas and plans to help the development of various issues in the world, especially for the environment. Environmental engineers are generally in high demand because of the issues of conserving fuel, new methods of conducting fuel and the use of energy. The average starting salary for engineers coming out of college is about forty thousand. The average and engineer will receive after working for about a year to four years they will receive about sixty thousand a year. The average salary for between ten to nineteen years is on average between sixty-five thousand and ninety thousand a year. If you work for twenty years or more than the average salary is between seventy-five thousand to one hundred and five thousand dollars a year. The action that I will take in high school is to improve my grades in my math and science classes. Writing letters to engineering colleges or even applying to engineering colleges will help begin the process of understanding my major. Junior year is a perfect year to start visiting colleges that specialize in your major. Also in high school, in order to get into a school of your choice, having a 3.0 or higher will help to get into college. After high school, in order to be successful, I will try to find an engineering job, while in college, that will help give me a better understanding of what it is like to be an engineer. I will also go back to school to attain my Master’s degree. I would be doing research on the needs of the world and possibly be able to develop resolutions for these necessities. After completing my education, I would like to be working as an executive at an engineering corporation. I would also see myself as a CEO of my own

company. By this time, I will also have my idea, which I came up with about three or four years ago, become a global success.

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