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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Jazmine Edwards Grade and Topic: Grade 1, Mathematics Mentor Teacher: Professor Kris King Date: 04/24/2014 Length of Lesson: 35 min School: University of Memphis- IDT 3600

UNIT/CHAPTER OBJECTIVE/GENERALIZATION/BIG IDEA: This lesson plan is part of a unit plan on counting money. LESSON OBJECTIVE: Given a website students will demonstrate understanding of coins by answering questions on a given worksheet with 100% accuracy. STANDARDS ADDRESSED: List the State/District and/or Common Core standards addressed in the lesson. Also list an ISTE standard(s) if technology use is applicable. MATERIALS:
Worksheet Computer Website Earphones

Technology will be integrated by allowing students to navigate through a website and end by playing an interactive game.

BACKGROUND and RATIONALE: Students will be able to identify and know values of coins including the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Academic Language: Not addressed in IDT 3600. In a previous lesson students started recognition of coins. Students will review coins once a week until mastery is achieved.
For accelerated learners I will continue to move them along with more challenging activities and add dollars. For students who have disabilities or are struggling I will use different techniques such as manipulative (ex. Fake Money), and worksheets. In doing so, the lesson and technology used will be modified to meet the needs of diverse learners.

PROCEDURES AND TIMELINE: Introduction: To engage students with the lesson plan of the day I will pull out a piggy bank. I will then ask students how many of them own a piggy bank. I will ask more questions like how many of them like money. Procedures: Provide a sequential (step by step) description of the procedures and activities for the lesson. Teacher
1. After the Introduction, I will introduce the website to my students. 2. I will then tell the students our objective for the day. 3. Shoe the students how to navigate through the website and go over questions 1-3. Student

1. Student will plug in the earphones 2. Begin the interactive activity. 3. Answer the questions on the worksheet. 4. Play the interactive game at the end.

Closure: Ask the students to tell me one thing they learned during the interactive activity.

ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE: Provide the formative and /or summative assessments that are part of this lesson. Make sure there is a clear link between the Goals and Objectives and the Assessments. Criteria Worksheet Completion. 3 Students finished the worksheet and correctly drew the coins, knew its worth, and what President was on the face of the coin. 2 Students finished 6 out of questions on the worksheet and showed some knowledge of coin identity. 1 Student struggled to complete activity and only answer 3 out of 12 questions on the worksheet.

I am aware that modifications will be made for students who did not master the objectives and for those ready for enrichment. However, modifications are not covered in this course and are not part of this particular lesson