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Brittany Santos

3rd Grade Lesson Plan

Funga Alafia w/ Movement and Percussion Review of Orchestra Instruments, The Frogs (Round)

Materials: Instrument listening Examples, PowerPoint instrument game, 97ruu=p]upg;t Unpitched percussion, paper, pencils Musical Focus: concepts/skills to emphasize Playing instruments Singing Melody Rhythm Expressive Qualities Form Harmony Creating Movement

Objectives: STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO: Perform a steady beat by clapping and stepping to Funga Alafia with an accuracy of 80 percent. Recall the names of orchestra k instruments and families by performing a matching activity with an accuracy of 80 percent. Apply the steady beat of a song to unpitched percussion instruments. Encounter singing a round in 2-3 parts. Realize the relationship between instrument timbre and appearance.

LESSON Funga Alafia

20 min.

Anticipatory Set
Silently pantomime movement students simultaneously imitate.

NJ CCCS Standards Addressed: 1.1 The Creative Process: All students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles that govern the creation of works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. 1.2 History of the Arts and Culture: All students will understand the role, development, W and influence of the arts throughout history and across cultures. 1.3 Performance: All students will synthesize those skills, media, methods, and technologies appropriate to creating, performing, and/or presenting works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. 1.4 Aesthetic Responses & Critique Methodologies: All students will demonstrate and apply an understanding of arts philosophies, judgment, and analysis to works of art .in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. National Standard(s) Addressed: Singing, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music Performing on instruments, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music Improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments Composing & arranging music within specific guidelines Reading and notating music Listening to, analyzing, and describing music Evaluating music & music performances Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, & disciplines outside the arts Understanding music in relation to history and culture Assessment: Written Individual Group

1. Get up and walk to circle while doing movements students follow 2. Speak each word: Funga, Alafia, Ashay (Echo) 3. Teach notes by rote (Echo) 4. Switch to call and response: Teacher: Funga Alafia/Students: Ashay, ashay. 5. Switch roles: Students call, teacher responds. 6. All sing together, adding movements. 7. Add 8 measure walking pattern to interlude: clap, clap, step right, together. 8. Choose students to play unpitched percussion in center during interlude. Instrument Review 20 min.

Anticipatory Set
Play audio clip: Which instrument family is playing? Start with percussion (easiest), then brass, strings, woodwinds.

1. PPT Slide Game: Students raise their hands to guess the placement of each instrument in proper family. 2. Put five colored pieces of paper on the floor: Labeled brass, percussion, strings, woodwinds. 3. In groups of 3, students get 2 minutes to write down as much as they know. Continue to rotate. The Frogs (Round) 15 min.

Anticipatory Set
Play guiro. What instrument does that sound like?

1. Teach notes/lyrics by rote (Echo) 2. Divide class in half: Cue each group/Sing in round 3. Students take turns playing guiro on Brrrump! Consolidation/Review 5 min.

1. Perform clapping and stepping pattern for Funga Alafia. 2. What are the names of orchestra instrument families? Which instruments would we find in each? What do they sound like? 3. How do we know what an instrument sounds like without hearing it?

Informal Performance Other