QUIZ – Normalization

1) Break up the dependency diagram to create a collection of new dependency diagrams that are in 3NF/2NF and/or BCNF

%he &nitial "ependency "iagram

ANSWER 1) identify the partial dependencies and normalize it into 2NF ! " 3NF and BCNF







2) identify the transiti'e dependencies and normalize it into 3NF ! " 3NF and BCNF # 3NF and BCNF $ ! B C # F 3NF 3) switch the non(key attri)ute that determines part of the primary key with the primary key ! " 3NF and BCNF # 3NF and BCNF $ .

! C 3NF and BCNF C B # F 3NF and BCNF 2) #*plain the term +second normal form+ ANSWER : ! ta)le is in second normal form when it is in 1NF and it includes no partial dependencies. one or more attri)utes may )e functionally dependent on nonkey attri)utes . and no attri)ute is dependent on only a portion of the primary key %he ta)le can )e in 2NF and still e*hi)it transiti'e dependency.that is.

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