SYNOPSIS The story QWERTYUIOP tells of how a young secretary battles with ex-secretary who haunts the typewriter

. Lucy Beck is as determined as Miss Broome to hold on to the job for Ross and Bannister’s. Miss Broom haunts the typewriter and frightens anyone who uses it with the word QWERTYUIOP and others. Lucy manages to overcome the problem and sends Miss Broome away with a peaceful heart. THEMES  The will to succeed is the road to success  Letting go  Opportunity knocks but once MORAL VALUES If we want to be successful, we must work towards it.  We must make good use of opportunities that come our way.  We must know our limits and let go when the time is right. CHARACTERS  Main character : Lucy Beck  Minor characters : 1. Harry Darke 2. Miss Broome 3. Lucy’s mother and uncle 4. Miss Price and Mr Ross

PLOT  EXPOSITION – Lucy starts working in Ross and Bannister’s. Harry Darke gives her hints of the haunting of the typewriter by Miss Broome.

CONFLICT – Lucy types her letter but she is bewildered that her letter has extraordinary words that are not typed by her. CLIMAX – Lucy retypes her letter but is challenged by Miss Broome who asks her to leave and even threatens her. Lucy battles woth it by using correcting liquid to clean off words typed by Miss Broome. FALLING ACTION – Lucy learns about Miss Broome and her haunting of the typewriter. RESOLUTION – Lucy types and talks to Miss Broome and convinces her to leave this world peacefully and go to other world. Lucy keeps her job in Ross and Bannister’s.