Linde Acknowledgment and Follow Up Process (1)

Reminder on Purchase Order (PO) Requirement • Valid and active email address will be the main mode of communication when

sending PO copy, acknowledgment request, delivery reminder and follow up. Email address provided to Linde should be checked on a regular basis Please allow Linde Domain in your firewall/server (“”) so all our communication can be sent successfully to your email address Please check the spam or junk folder of your email to verify communication coming from Linde . If found under spam or junk folder, please unmark our email as junk/spam. Provide valid telephone number and contact person where LGSM-Procurement may contact in case of request for PO Acknowledgment, Delivery Reminder and Follow up. PO copy upon receipt should be acknowledged to within 2 working days. Vendor has to confirm or provide feedback if the contents of the Purchase Order is accepted in terms of the following : *(a) Product/Service will be delivered as per PO Delivery Date *(b) Unit Cost/Total Amount *(c) Quantity (d) Description of the Material/Service (e) Commercial Terms (f) Shipping Date for Foreign vendors *marked as critical check point on the Purchase Order details Any noted issue or concern especially on the critical fields above should be advised immediately to your contact with Linde XXXXX Do not provide acknowledgment if there are noted issues or concerns on the PO details. Providing confirmation is an indication that all terms and condition stated on the PO are accepted (especially on the delivery date, price and quantity) If no acknowledgment will be provided to LGSM within 2 days after sending the PO, acknowledgment escalation process will be imposed where email and call follow ups will be received to request for acknowledgment. Vendors who do not acknowledge will be reported to country Procurement Team. On top of PO Acknowledgment, LGSM will also send Delivery Reminder/Follow up email to make sure delivery will be done on or before the delivery date on the PO. Normally LGSM will send Delivery Reminder 7 days before the PO delivery date and in case LGSM will receive confirmation that goods/service are not yet delivered yet the PO delivery date is already past due then LGSM will send Delivery Follow Up email.

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