LIFE'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK 1. . #. (. *. +. .. /. 1. 12. 11. 1 . 1#. 1(. 1*. 1+. 1.. 1/. 11. 2. 1. . #. (. *. +. .. /. 1. #2. #1. # . ##. #(. #*. #+. #.. #/. #1. (2. Compliment three people every day. !ave a do".

$at%h a &'nri&e at lea&t on%e a year. Remem)er other people'& )irthday&. Never mention )ein" on a diet. !ave a ,irm hand&ha-e. Loo- people in the eye. Say 0than- yo'0 a lot. Say 0plea&e0 a lot. Learn to play a m'&i%al in&tr'ment. Sin" in the &ho3er. U&e the "ood &ilver. Learn a %ard tri%-. 4lant ,lo3er& every &prin". O3n a "reat &tereo &y&tem. Be the ,ir&t to &ay5 0!ello.0 Live )eneath yo'r mean&. 6rive ine7pen&ive %ar&5 )'t o3n the )e&t ho'&e yo' %an a,,ord. B'y "reat )oo-& even i, yo' never read them. Be ,or"ivin" o, yo'r&el, and other&. Learn three %lean 8o-e&. $ear poli&hed &hoe&. Flo&& yo'r teeth. 6rin- %hampa"ne ,or no rea&on at all. 9&- ,or a rai&e 3hen yo' ,eel yo''ve earned it. I, in a ,i"ht5 hit ,ir&t and hit hard. Ret'rn all thin"& yo' )orro3. Tea%h &ome -ind o, %la&&. Be a &t'dent in &ome -ind o, %la&&. Never )'y a ho'&e 3itho't a ,irepla%e. B'y 3hatever -id& are &ellin" on %ard ta)le& in their ,ront yard&. On%e in yo'r li,e o3n a %onverti)le. Treat everyone yo' meet li-e yo' 3ant to )e treated. Learn to identi,y the m'&i% o, Chopin5 :o;art5 and Beethoven. 4lant a tree on yo'r )irthday. 6onate t3o pint& o, )lood every year. :a-e ne3 ,riend& )'t %heri&h the old one&. Keep &e%ret&. Ta-e lot& o, &nap&hot&. Ta-e a -id to the ;oo.
4a"e 1 o, (*


Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.

(1. ( . (#. ((. (*. (+. (.. (/. (1. *2. *1. * . *#. *(. **. *+. *.. */. *1. +2. +1. + . +#. +(. +*. ++. +.. +/. +1. .2. .1. . . .#. .(. .*.

6on't po&tpone 8oy. $rite 0than- yo'0 note& promptly. Never "ive 'p on any)ody. :ira%le& happen every day. Sho3 re&pe%t ,or tea%her&. Sho3 re&pe%t ,or poli%e o,,i%er& and ,ire,i"hter&. >ive than-& )e,ore every meal. 6on't 3a&te time learnin" the 0tri%-& o, the trade.0 In&tead5 learn the trade. Keep a ti"ht rein on yo'r temper. B'y ve"eta)le& ,rom tr'%- ,armer& 3ho adverti&e 3ith hand?lettered &i"n&. 4't the %ap )a%- on the toothpa&te. Ta-e o't the "ar)a"e 3itho't )ein" told. 9void overe7po&'re to the &'n. @ote. S'rpri&e loved one& 3ith little 'ne7pe%ted "i,t&. Stop )lamin" other&. Ta-e re&pon&i)ility ,or every area o, yo'r li,e. Save ten per%ent o, 3hat yo' earn. :a-e the )e&t o, )ad &it'ation&. 9l3ay& a%%ept an o't&tret%hed hand. Live &o that 3hen yo'r %hildren thin- o, ,airne&&5 %arin"5 and inte"rity5 they thin- o, yo'. 9dmit yo'r mi&ta-e&. 9&- &omeone to pi%- 'p yo'r mail and daily paper 3hen yo''re o't o, to3n. Tho&e are the ,ir&t t3o thin"& potential )'r"lar& loo- ,or. U&e yo'r 3it to am'&e5 not a)'&e. Remem)er that all ne3& i& )ia&ed. Ta-e a photo"raphy %o'r&e. Let people p'll in ,ront o, yo' 3hen yo''re &topped in tra,,i%. 6on't ma-e the &ame mi&ta-e t3i%e. 6emand e7%ellen%e and )e 3illin" to pay ,or it. Be )rave. Even i, yo''re not5 pretend to )e. No one %an tell the di,,eren%e. $hi&tle. !'" %hildren a,ter yo' di&%ipline them. Learn to ma-e &omethin" )ea'ti,'l 3ith yo'r hand&. >ive to %harity all the %lothe& yo' haven't 3orn d'rin" the pa&t three year&. Never ,or"et yo'r anniver&ary. Eat pr'ne&. Ride a )i-e.


Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.

4a"e o, (*

.+. ... ./. .1. /2. /1. / . /#. /(. /*. /+. /.. //. /1. 12. 11. 1 . 1#. 1(. 1*. 1+. 1.. 1/. 11. 122. 121. 12 . 12#. 12(. 12*. 12+. 12.. 12/.

Choo&e a %harity in yo'r %omm'nity and &'pport it "enero'&ly 3ith yo'r time and money. 6on't ta-e "ood health ,or "ranted. $hen &omeone 3ant& to hire yo'5 even i, it'& ,or a 8o) yo' have little intere&t in5 talto them. Never %lo&e the door on an opport'nity 'ntil yo''ve had a %han%e to hear the o,,er in per&on. 6on't me&& 3ith dr'"&5 and don't a&&o%iate 3ith tho&e 3ho do. Slo3 dan%e. 9void &ar%a&ti% remar-&. Steer %lear o, re&ta'rant& 3ith &trollin" m'&i%ian&. In )'&ine&& and in ,amily relation&hip&5 remem)er that the mo&t important thin" i& tr'&t. For"et the =one&e&. Never en%o'ra"e anyone to )e%ome a la3yer. 6on't &mo-e. Even i, yo''re ,inan%ially 3ell?to?do5 have yo'r %hildren earn and pay part o, their %olle"e t'ition. Even i, yo''re ,inan%ially 3ell?to?do5 have yo'r %hildren earn and pay ,or all their a'tomo)ile in&'ran%e. Re%y%le old ne3&paper&5 )ottle&5 and %an&. Re,ill i%e %')e tray&. 6on't let anyone ever &ee yo' tip&y. Never inve&t more in the &to%- mar-et than yo' %an a,,ord to lo&e. Choo&e yo'r li,e'& mate %are,'lly. From thi& one de%i&ion 3ill %ome ninety per%ent o, all yo'r happine&& or mi&ery. :a-e it a ha)it to do ni%e thin"& ,or people 3ho'll never ,ind o't. 9ttend %la&& re'nion&. Lend only tho&e )oo-& yo' never %are to &ee a"ain. 9l3ay& have &omethin" )ea'ti,'l in &i"ht5 even i, it'& 8'&t a dai&y in a 8elly "la&&. Kno3 ho3 to type. Thin- )i" tho'"ht&5 )'t reli&h &mall plea&'re&. Never )'y a )ei"e %ar. Learn ho3 to read a ,inan%ial report. Tell yo'r -id& o,ten ho3 terri,i% they are and that yo' tr'&t them. U&e %redit %ard& only ,or %onvenien%e5 never ,or %redit. Ta-e a )ri&- thirty?min'te 3al- every day. Treat yo'r&el, to a ma&&a"e on yo'r )irthday. Never %heat. Smile a lot. It %o&t& nothin" and i& )eyond pri%e. $hen dinin" 3ith %lient& or )'&ine&& a&&o%iate&5 never order more than one %o%-tail or one "la&& o, 3ine. I, no one el&e i& drin-in"5 don't drin- at all.
4a"e # o, (*


Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.

121. 112. 111. 11 . 11#. 11(. 11*. 11+. 11.. 11/. 111. 1 2. 1 1. 1 . 1 #. 1 1 1 1 (. *. +. ..

Kno3 ho3 to drive a &ti%- &hi,t. 6e%ide to "et 'p thirty min'te& earlier. 6o thi& ,or a year5 and yo' 3ill add &even and one?hal, day& to yo'r 3a-in" 3orld. Never '&e pro,anity. 6on't e7pe%t other& to li&ten to yo'r advi%e and i"nore yo'r e7ample. Learn to identi,y lo%al 3ild,lo3er&5 )ird&5 and tree&. Keep ,ire e7tin"'i&her& in yo'r -it%hen and %ar. >ive yo'r&el, a year and read the Bi)le %over to %over. Con&ider 3ritin" a livin" 3ill. In&tall dead )olt lo%-& on o't&ide door&. 6on't )'y e7pen&ive 3ine5 l'""a"e5 or 3at%he&. 4't a lot o, little mar&hmallo3& in yo'r hot %ho%olate. Learn C4R. Re&i&t the temptation to )'y a )oat. Stop and read hi&tori%al road&ide mar-er&. Learn to li&ten. Opport'nity &ometime& -no%-& very &o,tly. Kno3 ho3 to %han"e a tire. Kno3 ho3 to tie a )o3 tie. Re&pe%t yo'r %hildren'& priva%y. Kno%- )e,ore enterin" their room&. $ear a'da%io'& 'nder3ear 'nder the mo&t &olemn )'&ine&& attire. Remem)er people'& name&. Introd'%e yo'r&el, to the mana"er 3here yo' )an-. It'& important that heA&he -no3& yo' per&onally. Leave the toilet &eat in the do3n po&ition. 6on't )'y %heap tool&. Cheri&h yo'r %hildren ,or 3hat they are5 not ,or 3hat yo''d li-e them to )e. $hen &omeone i& relatin" an important event that'& happened to them5 don't try to top them 3ith a &tory o, yo'r o3n. Let them have the &ta"e. Keep an e7tra -ey hidden &ome3here on yo'r %ar in %a&e yo' lo%- yo'r&el, o't. !ave %roo-ed teeth &trai"htened. !ave d'll?%olored teeth 3hitened. Keep yo'r 3at%h ,ive min'te& ,a&t. $hen ne"otiatin" yo'r &alary5 thin- o, 3hat yo' 3antB then a&- ,or ten per%ent more. Never deprive &omeone o, hopeB it mi"ht )e all they have. $hen &tartin" o't5 don't 3orry a)o't not havin" eno'"h money. Limited ,'nd& are a )le&&in"5 not a %'r&e. Nothin" en%o'ra"e& %reative thin-in" in C'ite the &ame 3ay. >ive yo'r&el, an ho'r to %ool o,, )e,ore re&pondin" to &omeone 3ho ha& provo-ed yo'. I, it involve& &omethin" really important5 "ive yo'r&el, overni"ht. 4ay yo'r )ill& on time. =oin a &lo3?pit%h &o,t)all lea"'e.
4a"e ( o, (*

1 /. 1 1. 1#2. 1#1. 1# . 1##. 1#(. 1#*. 1#+. 1#.. 1#/. 1#1. 1(2. 1(1. 1( . 1(#.


Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.

the do')t..1. 1.'lly anythin" that reC'ire& yo'r &i"nat're. Re&i&t the temptation to p't a %'te me&&a"e on yo'r an&3erin" ma%hine. 1*(.and 3or. Never ta-e a%tion 3hen yo''re an"ry. 6on't 3a&te time re&pondin" to yo'r %riti%&.riend.1((. the televi&ion at dinner time. 1(1. 1.2. 1+. Stand at attention and p't yo'r hand over yo'r heart 3hen &in"in" the national anthem. En%o'ra"e yo'r %hildren to have a part?time 8o) a. 1*. 1*+. Ta-e time to &mell the ro&e&.ten &'rpri&e yo' 3ith %reative &ol'tion&. 1(. 1**. all politi%ian&. >ive people the )ene. 1+(. 1. 1. 4a"e * o. 1(/. They 3ill o. 1*#.or thin"&5 )'t . .. :a-e &omeone'& day )y payin" the toll . 1+*. Sin" in a %hoir. 1. T'rn o. 1+ . Steer %lear"ht and e7tra )atterie& 'nder the )ed and in the "love )o7 o. In&tead5 tell them 3hat need& to )e done. Remem)er the )i" print "iveth and the &mall print ta-eth a3ay. Keep a . 4ray not . Learn to re%o"ni. 1. Strive . Be neat. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. .a%t&.ter the a"e o. o. Read %are. yo'r %ar. 1/2. 1(*. >ive people a &e%ond %han%e5 )'t not a third.. 1.or the per&on in the %ar )ehind yo'.and "ive 3hat yo' 3o'ld have &pent to a &treet per&on..'l than one 3ith all the .ind it. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. U&e &eat )elt&. 1+#. 1+1. S-ip one meal a 3ee. Be &'&pi%io'& o. Be -inder than ne%e&&ary.e'& )e&t . >et a%C'ainted 3ith a "ood la3yer5 a%%o'ntant5 and pl'm)er. 1+2. 1+/. Never "ive 'p on 3hat yo' really 3ant to do.(.*.or e7%ellen%e5 not per. 1+1. 1. 1* .#. !ave a 3ill and tell yo'r ne7t?o. 6o )attle a"ain&t pre8'di%e and di&%rimination 3herever yo' . 1*1. The per&on 3ith )i" dream& i& more po3er. !ave re"'lar medi%al and dental %he%-'p&.e%tion. $hen playin" "ame& 3ith %hildren5 let them 3in. 1*2.?-in 3here it i&. Ta-e &omeone )o3lin". Be to'"h minded )'t tenderhearted. 1./. 1*/.e the in%on&eC'ential5 then i"nore it.or 3i&dom and %o'ra"e. 1(+. &i7teen. re&ta'rant& that rotate. 1*1. 6on't &%rimp in order to leave money to yo'r %hildren. Be ori"inal. Be p'n%t'al and in&i&t on it in other&.. Keep yo'r de&. 1.+..area neat. Be yo'r 3i. Re&i&t tellin" people ho3 &omethin" &ho'ld )e done. 9void ne"ative people.

o.e o. (* . Set &hort?term and lon"?term "oal&. the )e&t inve&tment& yo' %an ma-e. Be%ome the mo&t po&itive and enth'&ia&ti% per&on yo' -no3. 12. >ive yo'r )e&t to yo'r employer.1/1. 2/. Be in&atia)ly %'rio'&. $ear o't5 don't r'&t o't.'ll. 4a"e + o. Learn ho3 to . 11 . 9ttend hi"h &%hool art &ho3&5 and al3ay& )'y &omethin". 1/#. 1/ . 6on't .lo3 . Be romanti%. It'& one o. Ta-e yo'r do" to o)edien%e &%hool.that i& in harmony 3ith yo'r val'e&. S'rpri&e a ne3 nei"h)or 3ith one o.or yo'r %onvenien%e5 not the %aller'&. the people livin" there. Let people -no3 3hat yo' &tand . The 3al. :ea&'re people )y the &i. 2*.i& "ood e7er%i&e. 11(. 6on't allo3 the phone to interr'pt important moment&.rom them and move on.03hy0 a lot. 4ar.avorite homemade di&he& Dand in%l'de the re%ipe. 6rin. 11#.. 6etermine the C'ality o. 1/*..eel appre%iated. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.e o. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Choo&e 3or. 6on't 3at%h violent televi&ion &ho3&5 and don't )'y the prod'%t& that &pon&or them. Eo''ll )oth learn a lot. 11. 21. 1 . 1//.at the ) &eem&.e the per&on 3ho &i"n& yo'r pay%he%-. 112. Loo&en 'p.orDand 3hat yo' 3on't &tand . I. 9&. 1/+. 111. 6on't 3a&te time "rievin" over pa&t mi&ta-e&. 11. 6on't 3orry that yo' %an't "ive yo'r -id& the )e&t o. the lot at &hoppin" %enter&.a'%et and toilet.i7 a lea-y .a%%o'nt&.or all livin" thin"&.at mil-. 2 . Rela7. 11/.. 1/. Eat le&& red meat. 2(. !ave "ood po&t're. It'& there . 2+. to %on&tant &el. Never %riti%i. O)&erve the &peed limit. 1#. 1/1. 2#.or. 22. everythin". 21. 2. >ive them yo'r very )e&t. Learn . yo'r . yo' are 'nhappy 3ith yo'r 8o)5 re&i"n. 11*. their )an.?improvement.or"et5 a per&on'& "reate&t emotional need i& to . a nei"h)orhood )y the manner& o. Commit yo'r&el. Sho3 re&pe%t . their heart&5 not the &i. E7%ept . Feed a &tran"er'& e7pired par-in" meter. 1/(. 11+. 6on't %arry a "r'd"e. Enter a room 3ith p'rpo&e and %on.e?and?death matter&5 nothin" i& a& important a& it .iden%e. U&e le&& &alt. 111. Ret'rn )orro3ed vehi%le& 3ith the "a& tan. 6on't C'it a 8o) 'ntil yo''ve lined 'p another.or rare li..

6on't )e de%eived )y .. Never di&%'&& money 3ith people 3ho have m'%h more or m'%h le&& than yo'.tired or depre&&ed. #*. 4a"e .riend 3ith a &e%ret. 6rin. # . 9void any %h'r%h that ha& %'&hion& on the pe3& and i& %on&iderin" )'ildin" a "ymna&i'm. Spend le&& time 3orryin" 3ho'& ri"ht5 and more time de%idin" 3hat'& ri"ht. !ave impe%%a)le manner&.. ##.eeder and han" it &o that yo' %an &ee it . 1. thin"& don't 3oro't5 )oth o. (2. $hen %omplimented5 a &in%ere 0than. 1. ((. marria"e. &avin".inan%e&5 or hair &tyle&. 6on't ma8or in minor thin"&. ( .yo'0 i& the only re&pon&e reC'ired. . (*. Never tell anyone they loo. Never )'y &omethin" yo' don't need 8'&t )e%a'&e it'& on &ale.rom yo'r -it%hen 3indo3. 9 l'n%h date i& per. Keep yo'r promi&e&.or an appointment. (#.t3i%e )e. Re&i&t "ivin" advi%e %on%ernin" matrimony5 . 6on't plan a lon" evenin" on a )lind date. (. (1.. yo' have only 3a&ted an ho'r.. I. Re&pe%t tradition. $hen &omeone h'"& yo'5 let them )e the .ei"ht "la&&e& o. (/. *. ho3 they met and their .or other&' year& o. #1. (+. 4rai&e in p')li%. 11. 6on't di&%'&& )'&ine&& in elevator&. $ave at %hildren on &%hool )'&e&. o. B'y a )ird .or 3or.o't the "ood in people.1(. #(. #1. (. Eo' never -no3 3ho may overhear yo'. Be 3illin" to lo&e a )attle in order to 3in the 3ar. Never pay .e in private. See. Keep a daily 8o'rnal.riend&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 1+.)e. Never %'t 3hat %an )e 'ntied.ore it'& %ompleted. #+. Criti%i. Be %a'tio'& a)o't lendin" money to . Be a "ood impre&&ion&. (* .ir&t to let "o. 2. #2. 3ater every day. Tape re%ord yo'r parent&' memorie& o. #/. /. +. 1*. Tea%h yo'r %hildren the val'e o. Never 3a&te an opport'nity to tell "ood employee& ho3 m'%h they mean to the %ompany.ore )'rdenin" a . Sho3 re&pe%t . Thin. Eo''ll )'y too m'%h. 1. . Never "o "ro%ery &hoppin" 3hen yo''re h'n"ry. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. 1/. money and the importan%e o. #. Call 3henever yo''re "oin" to )e more than ten min'te& late . Eo' mi"ht lo&e )oth.e%t. #. Be a "ood lo&er. Keep "ood %ompany.

6on't na".in"er& to "et &omeone'& attention. tho&e yo' love. Never a&.i%'lt ta&-5 a%t a& tho'"h it i& impo&&i)le to . + .or a livin". 4atroni.*. *1. Ta-e . +1. /1.. Be mode&t. *2. . .ilter& every three month&.1.1. Leave everythin" a little )etter than yo' .or )'&ine&& advi%e. $hen . 9 lot 3a& a%%ompli&hed ) the &tar&..or the . 6on't 3hine. En8oy their %ompany 3itho't atta%hin" any la)el&.ir&t time5 re&i&t a&-in" 3hat they do .a la3yer or a%%o'ntant . . +*.e lo%al mer%hant& even i. Be3are o. Every day &ho3 yo'r . . Ta-e "ood %are o.+.teen year&.amily va%ation& 3hether yo' %an a. 6on't e7pe%t money to )rin" yo' happine&&. /2.ter :o)y 6i%-5 ta-e alon" the tartar &a'%e. %on"rat'lation&. *1. +2.or a di&%o'nt. . 9void li-e the pla"'e any la3&'it. +. . the per&on 3ho ha& nothin" to lo&e. $hen meetin" &omeone . +/. *#.eel li-e it.ail. *+.a%in" a di.'lne&&5 even 3hen yo' don't .. .. 6on't 8ay3al-. 4a"e / o. !ire people &marter than yo'. The memorie& 3ill )e pri%ele&&. It'& r'de.all& )elo3 one?C'arter . 6on't di&%'&& &alarie&.and loo. Learn to &ho3 enth'&ia&m5 even 3hen yo' don't . .i. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Fill yo'r "a& tan. +#. +(.eel li-e it..(. Learn to &ho3 %heer. No matter ho3 dire the &it'ation5 -eep yo'r %ool. Keep it &imple. 6on't "am)le. 6on't "o&&ip. . *. Never &nap yo'r . */.amily ho3 m'%h yo' love them 3ith yo'r 3ord&5 3ith yo'r to'%h5 and 3ith yo'r tho'"ht. I. $hen payin" %a&h5 a&.. C't o't %omplimentary ne3&paper arti%le& a)o't people yo' -no3 and mail the arti%le& to them 3ith note& o. .#. *(. ++.ord them or not. They are trained to . it %o&t& more.'ll. yo''re "oin" a.3hen it .o'nd it. Ne7t 3inter 3hen it'& &i7 de"ree& and yo'r %ar 3on't &tart5 yo''ll )e "lad they -no3 yo'. 9rrive at 3or. . 4'r%ha&e "a& .2. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.. 6on't leave %ar -ey& in the i"nition. +1. **.early and &tay )eyond C'ittin" time.ore yo' 3ere )orn. Remem)er that overni"ht &'%%e&& '&'ally ta-e& a)o't . * .ind pro)lem&5 not &ol'tion&.'lne&&. Lie on yo'r )a%. (* ./. it %o&t& a )it more.(1. Chan"e air %onditioner .rom the nei"h)orhood "a& &tation even i.

/1. #21.air. Never "o to )ed 3ith dirty di&he& in the &in-. Never 'ndere&timate the po3er o. #1 .e to )e . Never overe&timate yo'r po3er to %han"e other&. 1. 6on't )'rn )rid"e&.ternoon&. Learn to &ay no politely and C'i%-ly. #1*. 11. 9%%ept pain and di&appointment a& part o. Lo%. #1(. Ta-e a nap on S'nday a.. 6on't )ore people 3ith yo'r pro)lem&.en&ele&& animal& and )ird&. Be ta%t. >et and &tay in & p')li%. Eo''ll )e &'rpri&ed ho3 many time& yo' have to %ro&& the &ame river.i%5 never )etter. 6on't '&e a toothpi%. Never 'ndere&timate the po3er o. #12. Remem)er that a &'%%e&&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.or "ro3th and &el. #2(. yo'r in%ome to %harity. ='d"e yo'r &'%%e&& )y the de"ree that yo''re en8oyin" pea%e5 health5 and love. (* #1+.0 Learn to di&a"ree 3itho't )ein" di&a"reea)le. love. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. .ive per%ent o. 12. Never alienate anyone on p'rpo&e. Be%ome an e7pert in time mana"ement.ha& %leared the )an-. #22. .yo'r %ar even i. #2+. 4romi&e )i". 11. too thin. 1(. #1#.eel D &ay5 0Terri. $hen &omeone a&-& yo' ho3 yo' .indin" the ri"ht per&on and G H )ein" the ri"ht per&on. 1#. 6eliver )i"..or"ivene&&. 1*. /. 6on't )elieve people 3hen they a&. It'& e&&ential to &'%%e&&. 6on't leave a rin" in the )atht'). #2 .'l. Never 'ndere&timate yo'r po3er to %han"e yo'r&el. #2/. 6i&%ipline yo'r&el. 6on't e7pe%t li. Contri)'te . vie3. to &ave money. Remem)er the deal'& not done 'ntil the %he%. 6on't 3a&te time playin" %ard&. Learn to handle a hand&a3 and a hammer.e yo'r parent&5 &po'&e5 or %hildren5 )ite yo'r ton"'e. 1/.'l marria"e depend& on t3o thin"&F G1H . 4ra%ti%e empathy.?ma&tery.. provin" yo'r manhood than )y &hootin" de. :a-e the )ed 3hen yo''re an overni"ht vi&itor in &omeone'& home. Try to &ee thin"& . /#. #11. #2. #2*. /+.e. Find &ome other 3ay o. See pro)lem& a& opport'nitie& . //.rom other people'& point& o. 6on't &pread yo'r&el./ .yo' to )e hone&t 3ith them. /(. 1 . #1. li.0 $hen they a&-5 0!o3'& )'&ine&&I0 reply5 0E7%ellent5 and "ettin" )etter every day. Keep overhead lo3. it'& par-ed in yo'r o3n drive3ay... Find a "ood tailor. #2#. Keep e7pe%tation& hi"h. 4a"e 1 o. Compliment the meal 3hen yo''re a "'e&t in &omeone'& home. /*. 1+. #21. $hen tempted to %riti%i.

Eo' have e7a%tly the &ame n'm)er o. ##. #(*. I. ##2.avorite )oo-. $hen yo' arrive at yo'r 8o) in the mornin"5 let the . #(+. 6on't delay a%tin" on a "ood thin" yo' &ay )ri"hten everyone'& day.ormation5 pl'& the phone n'm)er o. #11.0 Never 3al. # 1.a hi"her pri%e al3ay& mean& hi"her C'ality.ooled. See. 6on't &ay yo' don't have eno'"h time.ten p'&h yo'r l'%-. #((.on yo'r li. Be open to ne3 idea&. # (. ##/. people 3ho tell yo' ho3 hone&t they are. # #. Live yo'r li. # . 6on't interr'pt. # /.#1/.. #(. ##1. # *. $ave to %ro&&3al. Be %o'rteo'& to everyone.rain . ## .. the hotel or motel 3here yo''re &tayin". 6on't thin.e5 )'t in time it& )ottom 3ill rot o't. #(1. # +. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. (* .o't on a C'arrel 3ith yo'r 3i. $hen there'& no time ..e. Never 3a&te an opport'nity to tell &omeone yo' love them. yo' thin. In&tead o. # .ord. #(#.ered )y &'permar-et . In&tead o. #(2.or a .ore 8'd"in". $hen travelin"5 p't a %ard in yo'r 3allet 3ith yo'r name5 home phone5 the phone n'm)er o.'ll 3or-?o't5 do p'&h?'p&. &omethin" &o'nd& too "ood to )e tr'e5 it pro)a)ly i&.e &o that yo'r epitaph %o'ld read5 0No re"ret&.rom envy. # 2.e a& an e7%lamation5 not an e7planation. # 1. m'%h 'nhappine&&. Be 3ary o. Be )old and %o'ra"eo'&. ho'r& per day that 3ere "iven to !elen Keller5 4a&te'r5 :i%haelan"elo5 :other Tere&a5 Leonardo da @in%i5 Thoma& =e. !ear )oth &ide& )e.'rnit're and %lothe&F i. Live yo'r li. Try everythin" o. $hen yo' loo.riend or %lo&e relative5 important medi%al in. ##1. ##+.ive year& or lon"er5 )'y the )e&t yo' %an a. '&in" the 3ord&5 Ji. Chan%e& are &omeone el&e ha& 8'&t tho'"ht o. it5 too. Re"ardin" .patrol mother&.opport'nity5 not &e%'rity. Remem)er that 3inner& do 3hat lo&er& don't 3ant to do. Re-indle old .er&on5 and 9l)ert Ein&tein. '&in" the 3ord Jpro)lemK5 try &')&tit'tin" the 3ord Jopport'nityK. Ever &o o.yo''ll )e '&in" them .. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. $hen tal-in" to the pre&&5 remem)er they al3ay& have the la&t 3ord. Re. ##(.ood demon&trator&.riend&hip&. 9 )oat in a har)or i& &a. 6on't )e .. In&tall &mo-e dete%tor& in yo'r home. It'& the &o'r%e o.)a%. ###. Reread yo'r .. ##*.e5 yo''ll re"ret the thin"& yo' didn't do more than the one& yo' did. onlyK5 try &')&tit'tin" the 3ord&5 Jne7t S'%%e&& %ome& to the one 3ho a%t& . 4a"e 12 o. a . #( .

#*1. 4eople 3ill 'nder&tand i. $or. Can I "et )a%. Ne35 no)le5 3orld?%han"in" idea& al3ay& %ome .o%'&in" on 3hat'& to %ome. Remem)er no one ma-e& it alone. #**.a&hioned 3ayF Save . yo'r attit'de. Be prepared to lo&e on%e in a 3hile. the moment )y . >o the di&tan%e. it mean& yo''ll &ometime& )e 3ron".hard to %reate in yo'r %hildren a "ood &el. #.a'lt. #. Every day loo. Let yo'r %hildren overhear yo' &ayin" %omplimentary thin"& a)o't them to other ad'lt&.'l heart and )e C'i%. #*+.(. For"et %ommittee&. >ive yo'r %lient& yo'r enth'&ia&ti% )e&t. >et all repair e&timate& in 3ritin"./. Ta-e %har"e o. #. #+1. (* . 6on't mi&& the ma"i% o. #*.rom %riti%i. #*(. #+2.eel&5 . #+(.or 8'&t yo' and yo'r 3i. #. Chan"e them every thirty day&. To e7plain a romanti% )rea-?'p5 &imply &ay5 0It 3a& all my . yo' &ay5 0I'd li-e a little more time to thin. 4a"e 11 o.?ima"e. Remem)er the three mo&t important thin"& 3hen )'yin" a homeF lo%ation5 lo%ation5 lo%ation. #++. #+.#.1.or &ome &mall 3ay to improve yo'r marria"e. #+#.. 6on't )e r'&hed into ma-in" an important de%i&ion. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. >o thro'"h all yo'r old photo"raph&. 6on't let &omeone el&e %hoo&e it .*. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.l'&h 'rinal& 3ith yo'r handD'&e yo'r el)o3.rom one per&on 3or-in" alone. It'& the mo&t important thin" yo' %an do to in&'re their &'%%e&&. 9%C'ire thin"& the old?. Sele%t ten and tape them to yo'r -it%hen %a)inet&. 6on't . #. #(1. O3n a "ood di%tionary. ='&t to &ee ho3 it . Kno3 3hen to &" any)ody or anythin".1.'p. $hen yo' a%%ept a ta&-5 . #*2. #. #+1. Every day loo.or the ne7t t3enty?.. Be there 3hen people need yo'. Save an evenin" a 3ee.or yo'.rain . #. 6on't rain on other people'& parade&. yo' tomorro3I0 Be de%i&ive even i.or them and pay %a& a%-no3led"e tho&e 3ho help yo'.it over.. Keep val'a)le paper& in a )an.0 Eval'ate yo'r&el. #.2.. #*#.or &ome &mall 3ay to improve the 3ay yo' do yo'r 8o).lo%-)o7. #*1.. #+/..yo' o't o. #+ .e.o'r ho'r& re. #+*. #*/. 6on't let anyone tal. !ave a "rate.ini&h it. #* . #. Kno3 3hen to -eep &ilent. )y yo'r o3n &tandard&5 not &omeone el&e'&.+.. p'r&'in" 3hat yo' -no3 to )e a "reat idea. . Carry 8'mper %a)le& in yo'r %ar.#(/. 6o )'&ine&& 3ith tho&e 3ho do )'&ine&& 3ith yo'. O3n a "ood the&a'r'&.

Start meetin"& on time re"ardle&& o. (2+. 6on't let yo'r po&&e&&ion& po&&e&& yo'. Stay o't o.#/2.le7i)le5 %'rio'&.or a .. (2(. Even 3hen yo''re in the ho&pital5 it'& &till yo'r )ody. (2/. . (2#.r'it%a-e. Learn ho3 to operate a :a%into&h %omp'ter.'n and no more tro')le. Under&tand that happine&& i& not )a&ed on po&&e&&ion&5 po3er5 or pre&ti"e5 )'t on relation&hip& 3ith people yo' love and re&pe%t. #1*. #11. #/1. Fo%'& on ma-in" thin"& )etter5 not )i""er. #1 . Send a lot o.avor o. Eo' never -no3 3hen yo''ll di&%over the per.e . Street m'&i%ian& are a trea&'re. #/. (11. (21. It'& reported that /1L %ontain error& ? in . S'pport eC'al pay .or eC'al 3or-.ront. T'rn o.. (2*.or"ive meI0 The&e are healin"5 ma"i%al 3ord&. 6on't .. Say5 0I'm &orry I 'p&et yo'.e. Be loyal. T3o are a lot more .ire3ood.. (1#. Si"n them5 0Someone 3ho thin-& yo''re terri. #1/. (2 . #/*. Every on%e in a 3hile5 ta-e the &%eni% ro'te.i%.ore leavin" to meet a .e%t %ard . Compliment even &mall improvement&. Stop . #/ . (22. (1 . #1#. $hen . #11.avorite m'&i%. #/"ht5 %all the airline .or a moment and li&tenB then leave a &mall donation. (21. 4ay attention to the detail&. $ear e7pen&ive &hoe&5 )elt&5 and tie&5 )'t )'y them on &ale.riend or loved one. Never "ive a loved one a "i. #1.or it either. $hen attendin" meetin"&5 &it do3n . #//. 3ho'& mi&&in". #1+. 3ho'& 3ron"5 apolo"i. (12. #/#. #12. 6on't ever 3at%h hot do"& or &a'&a"e )ein" made. Remain open5 . Read ho&pital )ill& %are. Be. Never a%C'ire 8'&t one to )e &'re it'& on time. 4a"e 1 o. Never "ive anyone a . 6on't )e intimidated )y do%tor& and n'r&e&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. #/(. Be"in ea%h day 3ith yo'r . ni"ht%l')&.t that &'""e&t& they need improvement.'lly.air &hare. $hen yo' and yo'r 3i. #1(.?&tarter. Be a &el. 4ay yo'r . Carry &tamp& in yo'r 3allet. @alentine %ard&.0 C't yo'r o3n . (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.la'nt yo'r &'%%e&&5 )'t don't apolo"i.a%ed 3ith a &erio'& health pro)lem5 "et at lea&t three medi%al opinion&. $hen 'nde%ided a)o't 3hat %olor to paint a room5 %hoo&e antiC'e 3hite.e have a di&a"reement5 re"ardle&& o. #/1. the ho&pital. $o'ld yo' . the tap 3hen )r'&hin" yo'r teeth. (2. $a"e 3ar a"ain&t litterin".

rom them.ort'nate than yo'. ( ( ( ( +. U&e %l') &oda a& an emer"en%y &pot remover. ((2. Read to yo'r to it o.ter e7perien%in" in. 6on't pro%ra&tinate. ((1. 6on't tail" time. 6o 3hat need& doin" 3hen it need& to )e done.riend 3ho o3n& a tr'%-. Sele%t a do%tor yo'r o3n a"e &o that yo' %an "ro3 old to"ether. M'e&tion yo'r "oal& )y a&-in"5 0$ill thi& help me )e%ome my very )e&tI0 :a-e a li&t o.ten.orman%e )y improvin" yo'r attit'de. 3hat the o3ner'& man'al re%ommend&. (##. ((*. (* . Share the %redit. ( 2. three reli"ion& other than yo'r o3n. ( . (#*. T'rn on yo'r headli"ht& 3hen it )e"in& to rain. 1. >et yo'r prioritie& &trai"ht. t3enty?. other&. the per&on in %har"e. (#(. 6on't a%%ept 0"ood eno'"h0 a& "ood eno'"h. (#+. Eo' never "et a &e%ond %han%e to ma-e a "ood . li.0 Ta-e %are o.or &omeone le&& .ilter every three tho'&and mile& re"ardle&& o.. ((#. La'"h a lot. Tape re%ord yo'r parent&' la'"hter. (#1. Si"n and %arry yo'r or"an donor %ard. 9. Never a&&'me they remem)er yo' even i. (#1. Every per&on that yo' meet -no3& &omethin" yo' don'tB learn . ((+.ood i& )adB he didn't %oo. (#/. !ave a . ( 1. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. yo''ve met them )e.?pity. >ood mana"er& 3ill appre%iate -no3in".. a -ind 3ord or deed. .ood5 or prod'%t&5 )rin" it to the attention o.e'& ill&. (( . Never 'ndere&timate the po3er o. 6o more than i& e7pe%ted. h'mor %'re& almo&t all o. 6o it ri"ht the . B'y %ar& that have air )a"&. I'd only &pent more time at the o. 9n&3er the phone 3ith enth'&ia&m and ener"y in yo'r voi%e. /. ( ( (..ive thin"& yo' 3ant to e7perien%e )e.erior &ervi%e5 . (#2.ore. $hen meetin" &omeone yo' don't -no3 3ell5 e7tend yo'r hand and "ive them yo'r name. (1*. ( #. 6on't allo3 &el. Carry it in yo'r 3allet and re. yo'r rep'tation. It'& yo'r mo&t val'a)le a&&et. Chan"e yo'r %ar'& oil and . (((. Li&ten to yo'r %hildren. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. (1.(1(. ( *. Be enth'&ia&ti% a)o't the &'%%e&& o. (#. (1+. 6on't 'ndertip the 3aiter 8'&t )e%a'&e the .ore yo' die. Be prepared. Improve yo'r per. 4a"e 1# o. (# . (1/.ir&t impre&&ion. No one ever &aid on hi& death )ed5 0>ee5 i. The moment thi& emotion &tri-e&5 do &omethin" ni%e . 9 "ood &en&e o. !ave &ome -no3led"e o.i%e. Sin" to yo'r %hildren.

(+.. (* .0 6on't )e a. to &ay5 0I made a mi&ta-e. 4a"e 1( o. a rea&on later. $hen plannin" a trip a)road5 read a)o't the pla%e& yo''ll vi&it )e. (**. 9ttend yo'r %hildren'& athleti% %onte&t&5 play&5 and re%ital&. (+ .raid to &ay5 0I'm &orry. there'& a phone n'm)er5 %allB i. :a-e it a po&itive and %on&tr'%tive one.0 Never %ompromi&e yo'r inte"rity.1. Be%ome &omeone'& hero. 6on't in&i&t on r'nnin" &omeone el&e'& li.0 6on't )e to &ay5 0I need help. Loo. (. (++. (*. (*+. .ind a 8o) that'& ideal5 ta-e it re"ardle&& o. Be alert . ho3 trivial their 8o).or a livin"5 re"ardle&& o.ire drill&. I. Sho3 re&pe%t .+. (*1. (+*.. (.or love. Thin. $hen yo' .0 6on't )e a. Be &'re everyone -no3& 3hat to do in %a&e the ho'&e %at%he& . (*#.e. (. Be a leaderF Remem)er the lead &led do" i& the only one 3ith a de%ent vie3. :illion?dollar idea& &ometime& &tri-e at # 9. (*1. (. :arry only . yo''ve "ot 3hat it ta-e&5 yo'r &alary 3ill &oon re. (*2. $hen a %hild . 3ord& to heal and re%on%ile relation&hip&.. 6on't )e a.eel important.lo3er&. (. JLi. not5 3rite a note. They di&"'i&e )i" opport'nitie&.i%e.ire. 9. ((1. the pay. Send yo'r loved one .le%t yo'r val'e to the %ompany.((. (*/. (.*. (+(.:..o. Never 'ndere&timate the po3er o. (.or )i" pro)lem&.ore yo' "o or5 )etter yet5 rent a travel video.2. (* .that yo''re tired5 an"ry5 or )ored..e'& Little In&tr'%tion Boo-KO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Call yo'r mother. (+1.. (*(. Keep a note pad and pen%il on yo'r )ed&ide ta)le.#.or opport'nitie& to &ho3 prai&e and appre%iation. ((/. Cond'%t . Re&pond promptly to RS@4 invitation&. Co'nt yo'r )le&&in"&.ire. Eo'r mind %an only hold one tho'"ht at a time. (+/. Commit yo'r& to &ay5 0I don't -no3. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.amily . (+1. Neither %an )e retrieved.. to C'ality. 6on't '&e time or 3ord& %arele&&ly. Keep &everal iron& in the . NEnd o. (+#.(.or opport'nitie& to ma-e people . (+2. Stand 3hen "reetin" a vi&itor to yo'r o.all& and &-in& a -nee or el)o35 al3ay& &ho3 %on%ernB then ta-e the time to 0-i&& it and ma-e it 3ell.ter yo''ve 3or-ed hard to "et 3hat yo' 3ant5 ta-e the time to en8oy it. $at%h .0 Never admit at 3or. (.or everyone 3ho 3or-& .

eel terri. Believe in love at ..e %ompletely. 9%%ept a )reath mint i. (1#. hot %o. It i& yo'r %ivi% re&pon&i)ility5 and yo''ll learn a lot. (/*. . (1. &omeone o. 6i&%ipline 3ith a "entle hand. *2(. Sometime& the 8o)& no one 3ant& %on%eal )i" opport'nitie&.. Open the %ar door . Remem)er the advi%e o. It %o&t& no more and &ave& time and e.e -no3& &o that yo' %an &ho3 her yo' love her a%ro&& a %ro3ded room. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.amily tradition. (/#. the %han%e o.or an appointment. )et3een yo'r -nee&.. $hen yo' "o to )orro3 money5 dre&& a& i.e&&ional photo o.i"ht . Never drive 3hile holdin" a %'p o. the room. Never mi&& an opport'nity to &leep on a &%reened?in por%h. (1+. (1 . (/+. =a%-&on Bro3n5 'p. !ave a pro.e and al3ay& help her 3ith her %oat. (/(.ort. *2 .erent part o.or a rai&e5 yo''ll have the in.i%5 noti. $hen re%onvenin" a. Create a little &i"nal only yo'r 3i. (12. (/2.all and 8'mp in it 3ith &omeone yo' love.riend Ken Be%-F $hen yo' &ee a )o7 t'rtle %ro&&in" the road5 &top and p't it &a. (/ . (1/. *22.airly. (/. Overpay "ood )a)y &itter&. Never )e the . yo'r&el. 4a"e 1* o.1. In di&a"reement&5 . *2#.e . yo'r a%%ompli&hment& at 3or-. o'r . U&e a travel a"ent. *2. @ol'nteer. *21. "ettin" dented. Never &i"n %ontra%t& 3ith )lan. U&e yo'r pa&t &'%%e&&e& a& a trampoline5 not an ea&y %hair. *2/.a)o't a &tore'& ret'rn poli%y 3hen yo' p'r%ha&e an item that %o&t& more than P*2..eren%e )rea-5 %hoo&e a %hair in a di. (1*. Ra-e a )i" pile o.a%e. Love deeply and pa&&ionately. Update it every three year&.. Never re.. Then 3hen yo' a&.ely on the other &ide. Never la'"h at anyone'& dream&. Carry !andi?$ipe& in yo'r "love %ompartment.or yo'r 3i. Eo' mi"ht "et h'rt5 )'t it'& the only 3ay to live li. 4ar. Never &peed or drive re%-le&&ly 3ith %hildren in the &i"ht. (//. Never mi&& an opport'nity to have &omeone r') yo'r )a%-. 9&.LIFE'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK @ol'me II (. (* .y yo'r .er& yo' one.. Si"n all 3arranty %ard& and mail them in promptly.or )ein" early . (11.. Eo'r %ar door& 3ill have hal. *12. *2*.a . $hen yo' . Never mi&& an opport'nity to ride a roller %oa&ter. *2+.ter a %on. Keep a diary o.&pa%e&. *21. (11.ried %hi%-en. (1(.ir&t to )rea. (/1.ne7t to the end %'r) in par-in" lot&. leave& every .ormation yo' need to )a%. (/1.'&e 8'ry d'ty./. No name %allin". it. Never apolo"i. yo' have plenty o. (. 6rive a& yo' 3i&h yo'r -id& 3o'ld. Never ta-e the la&t pie%e o.

*1(. 4't on old %lothe& )e. *1. %ho%olate to %'re )ad )reath . Remem)er that everyone i& in.i%. 4a"e 1+ o.?%olor 8o-e 3hen ladie& are pre&ent. En%o'ra"e anyone 3ho i& tryin" to improve mentally5 phy&i%ally5 or &pirit'ally. Che%. Never )e a&hamed o. * .avor and then . a -indne&& or a%t o. *#/. Remem)er that /2L o. Remem)er that hal. *#+. yo' 3o'ld )e -ind eno'"h to help meI0 * 1. hone&t tear&. a%hievement i& in the anti%ipation. $hen yo' -no3 &omeone ha& "one to a lot o. *#(..i& . * 2.l'en%ed )y -indne&&. Remem)er that the )e&t relation&hip i& one 3here yo'r love . . Fool &omeone on 9pril 1&t. *(#. Remem)er that everyone yo' meet i& a.or money5 po3er5 or . 4't yo'r addre&& in&ide yo'r l'""a"e a& 3ell a& on the o't&ide. the &'%%e&& in any 8o) i& )a&ed on yo'r a)ility to deal 3ith people. *#. *(2. Never "ive yo'r %redit %ard n'm)er over the phone i. yo'r patrioti&m..hotel )ill& %are.or"et it. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. *#1. *1/.airI0 * . * 1. Never remind &omeone o. Never )e a&hamed o. * /. the 8oy o. 6on't tr'&t yo'r memoryB 3rite it do3n.thi& 3ayF 0I've "ot a pro)lem. *( . *" >ra%e0 on the piano. yo' didn't pla%e the %all. Learn the r'le&.terri. * (.0 *#2. * +. *##. $hen &omeone ha& rendered a &ervi%e . Then )rea. Never &3ap yo'r inte"rity . 4't love note& in yo'r %hild'& l'n%h )o7. Never )e a&hamed o. $hen yo' need a&&i&tan%e5 a&. la'"hter that'& too lo'd or &in"in" that'& too 8oy. 9& &omeone &aid5 04oliti%& i& too important to )e o.t to the politi%ian&.'l.or yo' and doe&n't -no3 3hat to %har"e5 a&. !elp yo'r %hildren &et 'p their o3n &avin"& and %he%-in" a%%o'nt& )y a"e 1+. 9l3ay& try the ho'&e dre&&in".rom onion& or "arli%. >et involved 3ith yo'r lo%al "overnment. *11. *#*. >o to rodeo&. Be&to3 a . *1+..0 *1 .or ea%h other. No matter ho3 old yo' "et5 h'" and -i&& yo'r mother 3henever yo' "reet her. Never tell an o. * #. *(1. * *. Eat a pie%e o. Sei. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. I 3onder i..ame. tro')le to "et really dre&&ed 'p5 al3ay& tell them 0Eo' loo. *1#. &hort.&ome.'lly5 e&pe%ially the %har"e& . &omethin"5 love& &omethin"5 and ha& lo&t &omethin". $hen travellin"5 leave the "ood 8e3ellery at home.0$hat do yo' thin.*11.or additional trainin" in yo'r 8o). "enero&ity yo' have &ho3n him or her.ore yo' "et o't the paint )r'&he&. Learn to play 09ma. Never &ell yo'r&el.e every opport'nity .or lo%al and lon"?di&tan%e %all&.or ea%h other i& "reater than yo'r need . *1*. *# .

*( -it in yo'r %ar and at home. Remem)er that 8'&t the moment yo' &ay5 0I "ive 'p50 &omeone el&e &eein" the &ame &it'ation i& &ayin"5 0:y5 3hat a "reat opport'nity.*. yo' lend &omeone money5 ma-e &'re hi& %hara%ter e7%eed& the %ollateral. the C'e&tion5 JI.or the )i" one&. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. **1. For ea&ier readin" in motel room&5 pa%. *+#. **. :any 3ill re&ent it. $hen yo' "et really an"ry5 &ti%. Never )etray a %on. Carry yo'r o3n alarm %lo%. **/.iden%e. 9 )oo.ond'e &et or anythin" painted avo%ado "reen. 9%%ept the . *(/.or all yo'r a%tion&. $hen yo' lo&e5 don't lo&e the le&& :a-e the p'ni&hment . 6on't overloo. Keep a 3ell?&to%-ed . Ta-e alon" t3o )i" &a. !an" 'p i. *+1.'%%hini only i. I. *.1. *+2. Never leave the -it%hen 3hen &omethin"'& )oilin" on the &tove.#. Keep the por%h li"ht on 'ntil all the .yo'r o3n 122?3att li"ht )'l).ety pin& 3hen yo' travel &o that yo' %an pin the drape& &h't in yo'r motel room.*((.2.t . ho3 many time& yo' are ri"ht5 yo' 3ill &ometime& )e 3ron". "ood tea%her&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. *(1. . *.a%t that re"ardle&& o.yo'r hand& in yo'r po%-et&.B Re&pe%t . *+/. *+ . *+. money 3eren't a %on&ideration5 3hat 3o'ld I li-e to )e doin"IK **(. Never )e photo"raphed 3ith a %o%-tail "la&& in yo'r hand.amily i& in . Every on%e in a 3hile a&.'l red hair. *(.yo'r&el. o. *. Remem)er the three R&F Re&pe%t . 6on't let yo'r .or the %reative and "enero'& 3ay& they p't it to '&e. $hen &omeone a&-& yo' a C'e&tion yo' don't 3ant to an&3er5 &mile and a&-5 0$hy do yo' 3ant to -no3I0 **+. !otel 3a-e?'p %all& are &ometime& 'nrelia)le. *..or the ho&t or ho&te&& 3hen yo''re a dinner "'e&t.or the ni"ht.. Be %a'tio'& tellin" people ho3 %ontented and happy yo' are. 4lant . *+1. *. Ta-e alon" a &mall "i.amily "et &o )'&y that yo' don't &it do3n to at lea&t one meal a day to"ether. . 4a"e 1. **#.&lo3 )'t thin. **1.0 ** .or their 3ealth )'t . *++.e.e'& &mall 8oy& 3hile &ear%hin" . &omeone p't& yo' on hold to ta-e a 0%all 3aitin".it the %rime. yo' have lot& o. *(*. **2. For emer"en%ie&5 al3ay& have %han"e in yo'r po%-et and a ten dollar note hidden in yo'r 3allet. Say 0)le&& yo'0 3hen yo' hear &omeone &nee. ***. Tal..e or a hor&e that thro3& yo'5 "et ri"ht )a%.C'i%-.0 *+(. $hether it'& li.or &el. 6on't admire people . .i& a "ood %hoi%e.on. *+*. 6o all yo' %an to in%rea&e the &alarie& o. Never %laim a vi%tory premat'rely.3hen travellin". 9t lea&t on%e5 date a 3oman 3ith )ea'ti.riend&.or other&B Re&pon&i)ility .(. Never "ive any)ody a . *.

mind5 ma-e de%i&ion& in %on%ert 3ith yo'r val'e&.. ne3&paper and let them dry nat'rally. */1. *. the driver ha& )een drin-in"."ood. +21. For pea%e o.t3i%e )e. +21.ramed )la%-?and?3hite photo )y 9n&el 9dam&.e. *1. 9void approa%hin" hor&e& and re&ta'rant& . 4a"e 1/ o.. *1 . $rite the pre&ident5 then . (* .ered )y %ar rental %ompanie& i& e7pen&ive. 6on't let a little di&p'te in8're a "reat . 6on't e7pe%t yo'r love alone to ma-e a neat per&on o't o. */#. */1..ood. I. Never mi&& a %han%e to dan%e 3ith yo'r 3i. *.. *1/. $hen yo' have the %hoi%e o.or 3ay& to ma-e yo'r )o&& loo. +2*.. Thin.ten5 invite the per&on in line )ehind yo' to "o ahead o. Che%.e.1. There are people 3ho 3ill al3ay& %ome 'p 3ith rea&on& 3hy yo' %an't do 3hat yo' 3ant to do. Remem)er that the per&on 3ho &teal& an e"" 3ill &teal a %hi%-en.. *11. */. 6on't marry a 3oman 3ho pi%-& at her .. *. 6on't )e &'rpri&ed to di&%over that l'%. $hen in do')t a)o't 3hat art to p't on a 3all5 %hoo&e a .ore a%%eptin" the lo3e&t )id. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.*. *1*. +2.rom the to . */*. Every &o o./.erent vie3& than yo'.tie5 i& almo&t al3ay& appropriate. 6on't "o loo-in" .to &ee i. */2. +22. Ta-e o. a me&&y one. I"nore them. *1+.. *//. Carry a &mall po%-et -ni.er5 3orn 3ith "ray 3ool &la%-&5 a 3hite &hirt5 and a red?and?)l'e &triped &il. Never &ay anythin" 'n%omplimentary a)o't another per&on'& do". Read a )oo. Loo. 6on't )'y &omeone el&e'& tro')le. I. 9pproa%h love and %oo-in" 3ith re%-le&& a)andon. *1#.or a 8'&t %a'&e. *1(.. the %onvention )ad"e a& &oon a& yo' leave the %onvention hall. $hen lo&t or in di&tre&&5 &i"nal in 0three&0Dthree &ho't&5 three "'n&hot&5 or three horn )la&t&. Be the .or tro')le. yo' need to )rin" in a )'&ine&& partner5 ma-e &'re yo'r partner )rin"& alon" &ome money.i"ht . To dry 3et &hoe&5 &t'.riend&..+. 6on't ride in a %ar i. */(. Remem)er that no time i& ever 3a&ted that ma-e& t3o people )etter .riend&hip.ineK. +12. +2(. yo' have tro')le 3ith a %ompany'& prod'%t& or &ervi%e&5 "o to the top. t3o e7%itin" thin"&5 %hoo&e the one yo' haven't tried. *11. :eet re"'larly 3ith &omeone 3ho hold& va&tly di. S')&%ri)e to JChoi%e :a"a. yo'r re"'lar %ar in&'ran%e %over& yo' 3hen yo' rent a %ar. +2/. */ . Remem)er that no time &pent 3ith yo'r %hildren i& ever 3a&ted.. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. them . +2+. The in&'ran%e o. +2#. *12. +2 .avor& tho&e 3ho are prepared.'ll o. yo'. 6on't tell the end o.ollo3 'p 3ith a phone %all. $hen 'n%ertain 3hat to 3ear5 a )l'e )la. movie& and "ood )oo-&. */+.a)o't )ee-eepin". $hen a&-ed to play the piano5 do it 3itho't %omplainin" or ma-in" e7%'&e&.

+. Learn to &ay 0I love yo'0 in Fren%h5 Italian5 and S3edi&h. Steer %lear o.or yo'r employee& and help them attain them.'lly 3rapped.. + 1. + 1. 6on't 3a&te time tryin" to appre%iate m'&i%. Ta-e the &tair& 3hen it'& .rom the ta)le 'ntil yo' do. yo' 3o'ld .yo'0 3hen yo' "et o.o.anyone "ivin" yo' dire%tion& to repeat them at lea&t t3i%e. +1#.t. +1*.and -no3 yo'r . +( . Never 3a&h a %ar5 mo3 a yard5 or &ele%t a Chri&tma& tree a. + + + + #. +#1..orta)le "ivin" yo'r t3o )e&t . +##. +(2. Eo' 3ill .a& a "i.o'r . talent or pra%ti%e.inan%e&. Li. any pla%e 3ith a 0Ladie& $el%ome0 &i"n in the 3indo3. not5 loo. i. $hen yo' reali. 4ay yo'r )ill& on time. yo' di&li-e.or yo'r %hildren %lear5 . $ear a &hirt and tie to 3or-5 even . Read a ma"a.avorite love poem. Be r'thle&&ly reali&ti% 3hen it %ome& to yo'r .a%t&5 )'t remem)er it'& pa&&ion that per&'ade&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.ter dar-.riend&. Set a&ide yo'r dream& . Spend the time 3ith m'&i% yo' love.or yo'r o3n.. 3hat other& thin-.eel %om.that ha& nothin" to do 3ith yo'r ho))ie& or 3or-.t that'& not )ea'ti. yo'r . Set hi"h "oal& . +1 .rom 3here they &tand5 not .0 6on't move . $hen %on%l'din" a )'&ine&& deal and the other per&on &'""e&t& 3or-in" o't the detail& later5 &ay5 0I 'nder&tand5 )'t I 3o'ld li-e to &ettle the entire matter ri"ht no3. Never threaten"ht& or le&&. +#+.or yo'r %hildren and help them attain their o3n dream&.or la%.e yo'r . 6on't thin. Say 0than.e7pen&ive eC'ipment 3ill ma-e 'p . +(#. + .riend& a -ey to yo'r ho'&e. + 2. $rite a &hort note in&ide the . +((. (.ive dollar&. 4a"e 11 o.. $hen &ha-in" a 3oman'& hand5 &C'ee. +1. + /. + . Be open and a%%e&&i)le. Never "ive a "i.yo'r&el. I. +(1.e%tion& a& readily a& yo' do . Smile 3hen pi%-in" 'p the phone. 6o yo'r home3or.or a 8o) 'nloadin" tr'%-&.. I.ine every 3ee.or &ome ne3 )e&t . Savor it.e it no harder than &he &C'ee. yo' don't intend to )a%. 9&.e 3ill &ometime& hand yo' a ma"i%al moment. +1/. $hen )oardin" a )'&5 &ay 0hello0 to the driver. ='d"e people . +1+. +# . $hen yo' are totally e7ha'&ted )'t have to -eep "oin"5 3a&h yo'r . 9l3ay& p't &omethin" in the %olle%tion plate. *.riend. +#(.eel remar-a)ly re.rom 3here yo' &tand. +#*.it 'p.e& yo'r&. Learn ho3 to ma-e tapio%a p'ddin" and pean't )rittle in the mi%ro3ave.e yo''ve made a mi&ta-e5 ta-e immediate &tep& to %orre%t it. +#. 9&.a%e and hand& and p't on %lean &o%-& and a %lean &hirt. The %aller 3ill hear it in yo'r voi%e. :a-e allo3an%e& . +#1.ront %over 3hen "ivin" a )oo.. 6re&& a little )etter than yo'r %lient& )'t not a& 3ell a& yo'r )o&&. it'& only . +1(.riend&' imper. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Send them &omethin" every month5 even i. +#/. :emori. :a-e the r'le& . . +11. The ne7t per&on yo' meet %o'ld )e%ome yo'r )e&t . yo' %an't5 3rite yo'r %reditor& a letter de&%ri)in" yo'r &it'ation.+11.air5 and %on&i&tent. 6o the ri"ht thin"5 re"ardle&& o.

Open yo'r arm& to %han"e5 )'t don't let "o to . +. (* . +*1. $hen hirin"5 "ive &pe%ial %on&ideration to anyone 3ho'& )een an Ea"le S%o't. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. ++1.(.or 3ay& to "ive it to them..'&e 3ealth 3ith &'%%e&&. Learn to )a-e )read. ++/. +(+.lea mar-et.. $hen it %ome& to 3orryin" or paintin" a pi%t're5 -no3 3hen to &top.or an or"ani. +(.or toilet paper before &ittin" do3n. 6on't %on. +++.1.. +. I. Never )'y anythin" ele%tri%al at a . +(/.2. +. +*. yo' 3ant to do &omethin" and yo' . that mean& )ein" a little e%%entri%5 &o )e it. ++1. 4a"e 2 o.+(*.'p a %oin. :arry a 3oman yo' love to tal. Everyone love& prai&e.riend& )y doin" &omethin" ni%e . ++.or do')le print& 3hen yo' have . Che%.or Chri&tma& i. 9& yo' "et older5 her %onver&ational &-ill& 3ill )e a& important a& any other.+.'l 8'&t )e.ation that ma-e& it& de%i&ion& )y %ommittee5 ma-e damn &'re yo''re on the %ommittee.a%tion.'&e %om.or an e7%han"e or re.riendly to the 8anitor a& yo' are to the %hairman o./.ooli&h 3ith money i& . ++#.ore ta-in" a lon" trip5 . B'y the )i" )ottle o.ooli&h in other 3ay& too. +. T'rn enemie& into . the )oard.#. Remem)er that a per&on 3ho i& . Spend &ome time alone. yo'r val'e&... ..ten a& important a& the . B'y a '&ed %ar 3ith the &ame %a'tion a na-ed man '&e& to %lim) a )ar)ed?3ire . Live 3ith yo'r ne3 pet &everal day& )e. +. Be the . "oin" to &leep. Be. +*/. . yo' 3or. +*1.ore yo' name it. It'& yo'r )ody and yo'r money. 4ay a& m'%h attention to the thin"& that are 3or-in" po&itively in yo'r li. Never %ele)rate a )irthday 3itho't one. Be a& . I.en%e. +(1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. +.inan%ial &'%%e&&.a%t&. Send the e7tra& to the people in the photo&. yo' don't tell them. Every)ody de&erve& a )irthday %a-e.ort 3ith happine&&. to the hi"he&t &tandard&.eel in yo'r )one& that it'& the ri"ht thin" to do5 do it.'nd5 3ear a %oat and tie.or them. Int'ition i& o. I. +*(.hard . Stay 'ntil all yo'r C'e&tion& are an&3ered to yo'r &ati&.to. Be an ori"inal. ++ . ++2. 6on't %on. +. +. +*#. ++*. +*+.*. +* . 6on't %'t %omer&. +.ill yo'r tan.. :a-e a ha)it o. Learn to &ave on even the mo&t mode&t &alary.ore yo' leave.e a& yo' do to tho&e that are "ivin" yo' tro')le.and empty yo'r )ladder.ore. Ta)a&%o.ilm pro%e&&ed.ely in&ide her ho'&e )e. The ri"ht name 3ill %ome to yo'. 6on't &top the parade to pi%. yo' do5 yo''re almo&t a&&'red o. !old yo'r&el. I. $hen tal-in" to yo'r do%tor5 don't let him or her interr'pt or end the &e&&ion early. $hen ta-in" a 3oman home5 ma-e &'re &he'& &a. +*2.or"ive. +**. $henever yo' ta-e &omethin" )a%. ++(. Loo... 6on't e7pe%t anyone to -no3 3hat yo' 3ant . 9&. readin" &omethin" in&pirin" and %heer.

+/ .or in&piration.2.ire5 aim. Lo&e 3itho't e7%'&e&.&omeone yo''d li-e to -no3 )etter to li&t .one&. in &'%h a 3ay that yo'r hi"h &%hool 3o'ld 3ant yo' to addre&& the "rad'atin" &enior&. 4a%.e&&ional advi%e5 "et it . 9llo3 yo'r %hildren to .yo' %an rela7 yo'r 3ay to happine&&.a%e the %on&eC'en%e& date.'l m'&i%. +/2.involve& &omethin" that enri%he& yo'r &pirit a& 3ell a& yo'r )an. 6eadline& are important. Remem)er that &ilen%e i& &ometime& the )e&t an&3er. Remem)er that a "ood pri%e i& not ne%e&&arily 3hat an o)8e%t i& mar-ed5 )'t 3hat it i& 3orth to yo'. 6on't )elieve all yo' hear5 &pend all yo' have5 or &leep all yo' 3ant. . their a%tion&. +1#.1 .to ta-e advanta"e o. an advanta"e. +1.2+. . +/1.rom yo'r . Choo&e the apartment on the top .. 6on't )'y a %heap mattre&&. +1*.2/. Choo&e a %h'r%h that &in"& 8oy.ort'nate and ma-e a lot o. (* .. .e&&ional&5 not . +1/. $hen a "ood man or 3oman r'n& . Read more )oo-&. Eo' may )e .rom pro. Be"in5 and in&piration 3ill .'lly. .riend&. .2 . doin".2(.0 .. Ta-e yo'r pillo35 too. $in 3itho't )oa&tin".2#.loor. $hen yo' . +12. +/.12. 6on't di&mi&& a "ood idea &imply )e%a'&e yo' don't li-e the &o'r%e. 9&. +/1.2*. Every year %ele)rate the day yo' and yo'r 3i. $hen yo' need pro.e had yo'r . B't )e &'re yo'r 3or. Be C'i%. . +1+.21.1#. +//. $hen yo' &ay5 0I'm &orry50 loo. Treat yo'r employee& 3ith the &ame re&pe%t yo' "ive yo'r %lient&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 thin" people noti%e a)o't yo'. 6on't e7pe%t the )e&t "i. +1 . Be en"a"ed at lea&t &i7 month& )e.a li"ht )athro)e on overni"ht trip&.22. Slo3 do3n. .a%%o'nt. ..i%e5 &'pport him or her 3ith yo'r time and money. +/*. It'& the .ore yo' "et married.t& to %ome 3rapped in pretty paper. . .21.ind yo'. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.11. 4a"e 1 o. $hen yo' &ay5 0I love yo'50 mean it.0 .the per&on in the eye. Cond'%t yo'r&el. money.1. It 3ill tell yo' a lot a)o't him. 6on't )e a per&on 3ho &ay&5 0Ready5 . . :eet them. 6on't )e a per&on 3ho &ay&5 0Ready5 aim5 aim5 aim. +1(. !appine&& %ome& a& a re&'lt o. Send a poor %hild to &'mmer %amp.or politi%al o. +/#. +11. $at%h le&& T@. )i""er thin"&. $hat yo' m'&t do5 do %heer.ind &omeone doin" &mall thin"& 3ell5 p't him or her in %har"e o.ive people he 3o'ld mo&t li-e to meet. +/+. +11. 6on't thin. $at%h yo'r attit'de. 6on't 3a&te time 3aitin" . +/(. I mean really &lo3 do3n in &%hool .+. .

. *.#2. 2. .1*. ori"inal art ea%h year5 even i.0 .(1.ind &omethin" yo' really 3ant5 don't let a . Eo' made o'r meal a &pe%ial e7perien%e. ..ore. $hen yo' .. . . 6on't thin.e3 dollar& -eep yo' .#*.riend or loved one )e%ome& ill5 remem)er that hope and po&itive thin-in" are &tron" medi%ine&.in"ernail&.people at the top o. their pro. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. . .val'a)le& or important paper& in yo'r &'it%a&e..yo''ll need. 1. . On%e every %o'ple o.#(. Read them and then "ive them to a yo'n"&ter.. $hen a 3aitre&& or 3aiter provide& e7%eptional &ervi%e5 leave a "enero'& tip5 pl'& a &hort note li-e5 0Than-& . . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. . $hen opport'nity -no%-&5 invite it to &tay . month& en8oy a . $hen travellin" )y plane5 don't pa%.erent re&ta'rant. 6on't %on.'l &ervi%e.on the &hel. .(#. it'& 8'&t a &mall oil paintin" )y a hi"h &%hool &t'dent.( .e3 ho'r& a month 3or-in" in a &o'p -it%hen. . (.e.or dinner. Live a "ood5 honora)le li. . B'y three )e&t?&ellin" %hildren'& )oo-&.#. The time 3ill %ome all too &oon 3hen he or &he 3on't let yo'.# . 6on't %arry e7pen&ive l'""a"e.#+. the &ti%-y honey 8ar )e. Remove yo'r &'n"la&&e& 3hen yo' tal. . Carry them on )oard 3ith yo' &omeone. to thieve& that e7pen&ive item& may )e in&ide.(2. @ol'nteer to help a .rom "ettin" it. Be yo'r %hildren'& )e&t tea%her and %oa%h. 4't yo'r 8a%-et aro'nd yo'r "irl. Keep yo'r private tho'"ht& private. . . $hen a . +. . /..or the 3onder.#/. to yo'r nei"h)o'r& a& &oon a& yo' move into a ne3 nei"h)o'rhood.'&e mere in%onvenien%e& 3ith real pro)lem&.((. .. Learn to 8'""le. Ta-e yo'r 3allet 3ith yo' 3hen tryin" on ne3 tro'&er&. .##.ore p'ttin" it )a%. B'y ladder&5 e7ten&ion %ord&5 and "arden ho&e& lon"er than yo' thin. . Remem)er that the more yo' -no35 the le&& yo' . Introd'%e yo'r&el. .)a%-5 yo''ll "et to en8oy it a &e%ond time. They don't. (* . 1. Sho3 e7tra re&pe%t . .11. Eo'r mother'& re%ipe i& the )e&t.#1. . Then 3hen yo' "et older and thin. Learn to ma-e "reat &pa"hetti &a'%e. 4'r%ha&e one pie%e o. . >et a %ar 3ith a &'n roo. .ear.1/.riend on a %hilly evenin".a)o't pie%e to the per&on 3ho prepared it. Some 8'&t need doin". Other& don't need doin" at all. !old yo'r %hild'& hand every %han%e yo' "et.1+.or people 3ho&e 8o)& p't dirt 'nder their . It'& a tip?o. Kno3 3hi%h i& 3hi%h. . $hen a&-ed to pray in p')li%5 )e C'i%. #.1(. . .o'r?%o'r&e meal ? only eat ea%h %o'r&e at a di. 4a"e o. Some thin"& need doin" )etter than they've ever )een done )e. .. . . $ipe o.1.e&&ion& have all the an&3er&. $hen yo' %arve the Than-&"ivin" t'r-ey5 "ive the .#1. Remem)er that a "ood e7ample i& the )e&t &ermon.

ten let yo'r &pirit o. .riend 3ith a phone %all. ..ered5 )'t never a third.e immediately 3hen yo' lo&e yo'r temper5 e&pe%ially to %hildren. Be advi&ed that 3hen ne"otiatin"5 i.%opy o.. .(. 4't the &trap aro'nd yo'r ne%. . other&.i&hin" or hi-in". Every &o o. thi%. . &'in" people./. $hen eatin" at a re&ta'rant that .. . .*+.ord.e'& )irthday. yo'r 3i.)e.'re& .yo'r %ar. yo' don't "et it in 3ritin"5 yo' pro)a)ly 3on't "et it..+#. 6on't e7pe%t )an-er& to %ome to yo'r aid in a %r'n%h.**. 6on't a%%ept 'na%%epta)le )ehavior.rom them.*#.e or %hildren in the pre&en%e o. advent're tri'mph over yo'r "ood &en&e... . the %la&&i%& every )irthday. . :ind the &tore. Be. U&e a .+(.. Never &ay anythin" 'n%omplimentary a)o't yo'r 3i.amily and &in" 0Silent Ni"ht..+. 9polo"i.avorite a'thor a note o. B'y yo'r . Champion yo'r 3i.#. 6o 122 p'&h?'p& every dayF *2 in the mornin" and *2 in the evenin". Tr'&t in >od )'t lo%.1. S'rpri&e an old .ore loo-in" thro'"h )ino%'lar&. $hen "ivin" a &pee%h5 %on%entrate on 3hat yo' %an "ive the a'dien%e5 not 3hat yo' %an "et .e. 9dd to yo'r %hildren'& private li)rary )y "ivin" them a hard)a%. meetin" yo'.. . . Never lo&e yo'r nerve5 yo'r' temper5 or yo'r %ar -ey&.0 . Send yo'r mother?in?la3 . 6on't &ay JnoK 'ntil yo''ve heard the 3hole &tory.ood5 don't order anythin" yo' %an . I haven't had the plea&'re o. . .ian%Qe the ni%e&t diamond en"a"ement rin" yo' %an a. $rap a %o'ple o. $hen yo' are a dinner "'e&t5 ta-e a &e%ond helpin" i.+.rom &lippin" o't o. it'& o.+2. Be her )e&t . .(1. . .lo3er& on yo'r 3i.. . . to &omeone yo' 3o'ld li-e to meet )y &milin" and &ayin"5 0:y name i& 9dam Bro3n.or"et yo'r manner&. .. . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.*.r'))er )and& aro'nd yo'r 3allet 3hen yo''re .. Carry a li&t o. . .+1. >et involved at yo'r %hild'& &%hool. yo'r po%-et. . .e& in yo'r 3allet. a loved one a& a )oo-mar-.. . Be"in 3ith their . Never p't the %ar in 0drive0 'ntil all pa&&en"er& have )'%-led 'p. Be h'm)le and polite5 )'t don't let anyone p'&h yo' aro'nd.orei"n .(.. No one %are& a)o't yo'r )'&ine&& the 3ay yo' do.++.(/. . 4a"e # o. 6on't )e &o %on%erned 3ith yo'r ri"ht& that yo' .e'& important &*.* .. $ear "o""le& 3hen operatin" a $eed Eater or po3er &a3. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. .+*. . Thi& 3ill prevent it .0 . Introd'%e yo'r& )irthday.avorite pi%t're o. . $rite yo'r . 6on't do )'&ine&& 3ith anyone 3ho ha& a hi&tory o.*2. (* .ore "oin" to )ed on Chri&tma& Eve5 8oin hand& 3ith yo'r . one o.*(. . .*/.*.+/.i7 at home.2. 6on't open %redit %ard )ill& on the 3ee-end.riend and )i""e&t .+ ..*1. $rite yo'r pa&tor a note and tell him ho3 m'%h he mean& to yo'.(+. .*1.

endin" yo'r val'e&5 yo'r health5 or yo'r . their "ro'p to"ether. .ield. .1#.&a. yo'r )o&&. Remem)er that the &horte&t 3ay to "et any3here i& to have "ood %ompany travellin" 3ith yo'./2. /2*.ill an emptine&& in yo'r heart 3ith money. >et t3o.:.1+. The "ood &t'. /2#.ter a "ood ni"ht'& &leep... 6on't . >et or"ani&ed. Kno3 3here yo' are headed.1. /2+.riend&5 "ood health5 or a "ood marria"e . i& '&'ally "one )y /F22 9. Remem)er that ho3 yo' &ay &omethin" i& a& important a& 3hat yo' &ay. 6on't thin.//. a %ar ille"ally par-ed in a handi%apped &pa%e.ilm5 or one 8ar o./(./1. In di&a"reement& 3ith loved one&5 deal 3ith the %'rrent &it'ation. .11. (* . /2 . B't i. . 4la%e a note readin" 0Eo'r li%en&e n'm)er ha& )een reported to the poli%e0 on the 3ind&hield o. ./1.amo'& . yo'r home .ety.1 .1. . $hen yo' tell a %hild to do &omethin"5 don't . ea%h other5 o. Stop and 3at%h &tonema&on& at 3or-. Keep it . . . the . a %a).ollo3 it 3ith5 0O-ayI0 9&. /21. .ini&hin" important5 di.ind it. B'y a ne3 tie to 3ear to yo'r 3eddin" rehear&al dinner.or . Never pi%./+.or t3o people to &hare 3itho't "ettin" 3et. /2./ .ollo3 it.1/. $ear it only on%e. Stop and 3at%h a .. Never apolo"i.loor o.or "ranted.0 Read )et3een the line&.or"et %lo&et& and dra3er&. . Leave %han"e 3here a %hild %an . 6on't ta-e "ood . >et to "ara"e &ale& early.or dire%tion&.e?depo&it )o7. .or travellin".in&tead5 06o yo' 'nder&tandI0 .e .1(. .'p anythin" o. . Remem)er that almo&t everythin" loo-& )etter a.12.. Keep a &eparate &havin" -it pa%-ed . . $hen yo' &ee vi&itor& ta-in" pi%t're& o.1*.yo' %an . ./#. /21. Remem)er that nothin" really important ever happen& 'ntil &omeone ta-e& a %han%e. 6o a "ood 8o) )e%a'&e yo' 3ant to5 not )e%a'&e yo' have to. . . 9 lovin" atmo&phere in yo'r home i& &o important.orever. U&e a %am%order to videotape the %ontent& o. pean't )'tter.. /22.. Be%ome . toilet paper5 one roll o.11./*.armer plo3in" a . Never ride in an elevator or -i&& a 3oman 3hile 3earin" a hat. Every &o o. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. Never )'y 8'&t one roll o. . . /2/.. 6on't let 3eed& "ro3 aro'nd yo'r dream&.ten 3at%h 0Se&ame Street.i%'lt ta&-&.. 4a"e ( o. 6on't )rin" 'p the pa&t.le7i)le eno'"h to . . &omethin" 3onder. 9void '&in" the 3ord Jimpa%tedK 'nle&& yo' are de&%ri)in" 3i&dom teeth. /2(. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !./.amily'& &a. $hen yo''re lo&t5 admit it5 and a&..'l and 'ne7pe%ted %ome& alon"5 )e .or e7treme mea&'re& 3hen to ta-e a pi%t're o.or in&'ran%e p'rpo&e&. 6o all yo' %an to %reate a tranC'il5 harmonio'& home. O3n an 'm)rella )i" eno'"h . Thi& p't& yo' in %har"e in&tead o.. Keep the tape in yo'r )an.

9%t 3ith %o'rte&y and .. Never type a love letter.rontation5 lo3er yo'r voi%e to the de"ree that the other per&on rai&e& hi& or her&.8o-e& &o yo' 3ill al3ay& )e ready to entertain &ittin" on it . Clean o't a di. $hen travelin" the )a%. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. / 1. Later5 the&e photo& 3ill tri""er 3onder. 4a"e * o. U&e a . / 2. /11.ire. 6on't leave hair in the &ho3er drain. to the prin%ipal.'l memorie&.road&5 &top 3henever yo' &ee a &i"n that read& 0!oney For Sale. 9&. 6on't allo3 %hildren to ride in the )a%..or &everal min'te&. Ta-e %riti%i&m a& 3ell a& prai&e 3ith eC'al "ra%e.or3ard ? not .. intere&tin" thin"& there.or a %ompany led )y &omeone o. /11. / . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.e that let& them -no3 ho3 m'%h yo' love and trea&'re her. /1 . / *. Thin.o'ntain pen. In a ver)al to pay yo' no3 or later5 %hoo&e no3. Ta-e photo"raph& o..t3i%e )e. (* . Never eat liver at a re&ta'rant. yo' %an &it in on a %o'ple o. They %an tea%h yo' a pain. /#(. Learn three -no%-?-no%. $hen 3or-in" 3ith %ontra%tor&5 in%l'de a penalty %la'&e in yo'r %ontra%t .or later. / 1. 6on't let them determine yo'r re&pon&e. Never )'y a %hair or &o.ini&hin" on time. / .'l le&&on very .erent dra3er in yo'r ho'&e every 3ee-. /1#.o. /1(.. /# . /#1.i"hter5 or paramedi%5 tell them that yo' appre%iate 3hat they do . / #. Keep impe%%a)le ta7 re%ord&. / (. one'& home.ten don't val'e 3hat they don't pay . It'& a 3ay to a%hieve immortality. 4eople o. /1+.or yo'r 3i.or their not . ho3 other& treat yo'. every %ar yo' o3n. 6on't )e thin?&-inned. %la&&e&.airne&& re"ardle&& o. Re&pe%t &ail)oat&5 &no3mo)ile&5 and motor%y%le&. $hen yo' are a dinner "'e&t at a re&ta'rant5 don't order anythin" more e7pen&ive than yo'r ho&t doe&.ind all &ort& o. Eo' 3ill . Spend yo'r time and ener"y %reatin"5 not %riti%i.i%er5 .0 /#+. yo'r day&5 )e leanin" . Let yo'r %hildren &ee yo' do thin"& . Be "entle 3ith the Earth.a 3itho't . /#2. Some thin"& &ho'ld )e done only in the priva%y o.or yo'r 3or-. @i&it yo'r old hi"h &%hool and introd'%e yo'r&el. Save the le&& important ta&-& ..allin" )a%-3ard&.. /1*. 9t the end o.or the %omm'nity. /##. 6on't 3or. Share yo'r -no3led"".a&t. a pi%-'p tr'%-.i.. $hen &omeone o. C'e&tiona)le %hara%ter. The ne7t time yo''re &tandin" ne7t to a poli%e o.or. / +. /1/. Start every day 3ith the mo&t important thin" yo' have to do. /1./12. /#. / /. /#*. Read )'lletin )oard& at the "ro%ery &tore5 %olle"e )oo-&tore5 and %oin la'ndry.ore de%idin" not to %har"e .

/#/.on yo'r door and &ay5 0I 8'&t happened to )e in the nei"h)orhood. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.ore yo'r 3eddin".do3n on tho&e 3ho don't. all important -ey&. Remem)er that 3hat'& ri"ht i&n't al3ay& pop'lar5 and 3hat'& pop'lar i&n't al3ay& ri"ht. /(1. Read a lot 3hen yo''re on va%ation5 )'t nothin" that ha& to do 3ith yo'r )'&ine&&. To p't thin"& in per&pe%tive5 %on&ider 3hat 3o'ld happen to the p')li% "ood i. non?.or #2 day&. 6on't ride a )i%y%le or motor%y%le )are. /+.a%in" 3e&t. Never "ra) at a .ore p'mpin" "a&.ormation 'nle&& yo' .. Never ta-e 3hat yo' %annot '&e. /(+. Overe&timate travel time )y 1* per%ent. 6on't p'r%ha&e anythin" in a pa%-a"e that appear& to have )een opened. $hen there i& a hill to %lim)5 don't thin. /*.0 /*/. /+1.ine a& &oon a& yo' )rea. 6on't ta-e 11 item& to the 12 Item& E7pre&& Che%-?O't Lane. /+ . /(*.amily mem)er& on the )a%-& o..e. yo' didn't do yo'r 8o) . /*(. all photo& a& &oon a& yo' "et them )a%. . /((. Sele%t &omeone 3ho'& &tron" 3here yo' are 3ea-. $rite the date and the name& o. /+*. 4't the -ni.a'%et& and the &ho3er and then .ittin" &hoe& &ho'ld .ooted. )'t yo'r m'm'&. 6on't o'tlive yo'r money.0 9t meetin"&5 re&i&t t'rnin" aro'nd to &ee 3ho ha& 8'&t arrived late. >et a hair%'t a 3ee..them in. /(#.the 3ater pre&&'re )y t'rnin" on the . (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.or #2 day&. 4ray. /+(. Send them a %ard &everal time& a year. Never )'y a ho'&e in a nei"h)orhood 3here yo' have to pay )e. No35 3ho&e 8o) i& more importantI /*#.tin" people 'p5 not p'ttin" people do3n. $hen a "arment la)el 3arn& 06ry Clean Only50 )elieve it. /(1. /#1.eel "ood a& &oon a& yo' try them on.0 /*+. /(.le a 0"'n50 or a &hip a 0)oat.e li. /(/.e in the 8elly before p'ttin" it in the pean't )'tter 3hen yo' ma-e a &and3i%h. $hen yo'r do" die&5 .l'&hin" the toilet.. :a-e d'pli%ate& o.rom the developer.i&hin" rod a 0pole50 a line a 0rope50 a ri. /**. 4roperly .inan%ial in. /*1. /*1.eel it i& a)&ol'tely e&&ential. There i& immea&'ra)le po3er in it.allin" -ni.that 3aitin" 3ill ma-e it &maller.ore the )i" intervie3. 6on't %all a . /* . Ne7t5 %on&ider the %on&eC'en%e& i.0 /++. 6on't )elieve the &ale&per&on 3ho &ay&5 0They'll )e . the re&ident& 3ho &eldom "et mail or vi&itor&.or a li&t o. Si"n it5 0Someone 3ho thin-& yo' are very &pe%ial. /+2.'&e to &hare per&onal and . Choo&e a )'&ine&& partner the 3ay yo' %hoo&e a tenni& partner. &anitation 3or-er& didn't do their 8o)& . !elp a %hild plant a &mall "arden. ='&t )e%a'&e yo' earn a de%ent 3a"e5 don't loo.. Be. /*2. /+#. /(2.ore )'yin" a ho'&e or rentin" an apartment5 %he%.)e. Spend yo'r li. 6on't eat any meat loa. 4a"e + o. Re.rame it& %ollar and p't it a)ove a 3indo3 . /( . S%hed'le yo'r )a%helor party at lea&t t3o day& )e. 6on't do )'&ine&& 3ith people 3ho -no%. /+/. Call a n'r&in" home or retirement %enter and a&.

Never order %hi%-en?. That'& the )e&t 8o) &e%'rity I -no3. In )'&ine&& or in li./+1.. Never tell a per&on 3ho'& e7perien%in" deep &orro35 0I -no3 ho3 yo' .orm yo'r 8o) )etter than anyone el&e %an.ail're. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.i%e 3ith no 3indo3&. //1. :a-e me . Remem)er that 3hat yo' "ive 3ill a. 12#. It read&5 0Noti%e me. money5 p't it to '&e helpin" other& 3hile yo' are livin". 12*. "ood -it%hen -nive&. Br'&h yo'r teeth )e. 6on't allo3 yo'r do" to )ar. O3n a %om. /12. /.'lly 3hen attendin" %h'r%h.ried &tea.o%'&ed and a pla%e that doe&n't have a 8'-e)o7. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.3hat yo' %an't a. 121.. $hen de%larin" yo'r ri"ht&5 don't . Never tell a man he'& lo&in" hi& hair. //1.1. de)t5 o't o. 6on't 8'd"e a man'& 3ealth )y ho3 3ell he'& dre&&ed5 )'t )y ho3 3ell hi& 3i. /..0 12 .. /.1.ore a%%eptin" a 8o) that reC'ire& yo' to 3or.ollo3 the 3a"on tra%-& too %lo&ely..ind yo'.'p a. /1/. dan"er. the re%ord0 &eldom are. //(. o. 4er. Keep %andle& and mat%he& in the -it%hen and )edroom in %a&e o.ter yo'r %hildren. Never &ay5 0:y %hild 3o'ld never do that. O3n a &et o. Remem)er that "reat love and "reat a%hievement& involve "reat ri&-. yo'r lo%al paper. /.ront pa"e o.. . Never hire &omeone yo' 3o'ldn't invite home to dinner. Never &ay anythin" to a ne3& reporter that yo' don't 3ant to &ee on the . 4a"e . //+. Learn to '&e a needle and thread5 a &team iron5 and an e&pre&&o ma%hine.(. 6i&play yo'r &treet n'm)er prominently on yo'r mail)o7 or ho'&e in %a&e emer"en%y vehi%le& need to . /1(. //2. 122.e i& dre&&ed. // .and di&t'r) the nei"h)or&. Repla%e the )atterie& in &mo-e alarm& every =an'ary 1&t. 6on't tr'&t a 3oman 3ho doe&n't %lo&e her eye& 3hen yo' -i&& her. //*. ///. $hen %ampin" or hi-in"5 never leave eviden%e that yo' 3ere there. Remem)er the old prover)5 0O't o. /11.*. Remem)er that not "ettin" 3hat yo' 3ant i& &ometime& a &tro-e o. //#.e5 don't .2.+. /11.a%tion. :ind yo'r o3n )'&ine&&. Li&ten to yo'r %riti%&. Never ri&.or"et yo'r re&pon&i)ilitie&.ore p'ttin" on yo'r tie.t3i%e )e. "ood l'%-. 12(. /.0 On%e a year5 "o &omepla%e yo''ve never )een )e. !e already -no3&.eel important.ord yo' more plea&'re than 3hat yo' "et.ore.. Remem)er that the 0&'""e&ted retail pri%e0 &eldom i&. That i& 3ealth'& "reate&t &ati&.lattered. /. . Remem)er that everyone yo' meet 3ean an invi&i)le &i"n. Never interr'pt 3hen yo' are )ein" . /.eel. yo' ma-e a lot o.0 Eo' don't.0 /1+. 6re&& re&pe%t. Thin.or readin".#. I.orta)le %hair . That'& their 8o). /1*. /. Comment& made an o. /. /1. /. Remem)er that i"noran%e i& e7pen&ive. They 3ill -eep yo' ./.ord to lo&e. O3n a %o3)oy hat.. /1#. po3er . 6on't pi%. /1 . //.

1#1.0 1##. 1#(.ort that &eparate& the 3inner . 1(1. Remem)er thi& &tatement )y Coa%h Lo' !olt.lo3er& &')&tit'te& . 1#+. dollar& more. Never i"nore evil. yo''ve learned that a "ood . 8e3ellery that %o&t& more than P122 3itho't doin" a little ha""lin".o.him a)o't it.riend& and relative& 3hen they are in the ho&" other&5 remem)er that a little "oe& a lon" 3ay. Never )'y a pie%e o.a&ter than another hor&e i& 3orth million& o. Never "et a tattoo.e on the &C'are. Every no3 and then5 )ite yo'r 3or-pla%e. 12..riend i& ill5 don't a&.5 0Li.12+. &omeone 3ho love& yo'. 1 +. 1#/. $hen . Ta-e a to'r. $hen &omeone ha& provided yo' 3ith e7%eptional &ervi%e5 3rite a note to hi& or her )o&&. Never a&.t5 no matter ho3 & a%%o'ntant5 la3yer5 or do%tor pro. 11 . 121. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.or 3ea-ne&&. $hen yo' are a3ay . $at%h the movie J:r. . Be 3illin" to "ive that e7tra e. 112. 4a"e / o.amily. $hen %riti%i.. 111. 1 .rom home and hear %h'r%h )ell&5 thin. ='d"e yo'r &'%%e&& )y 3hat yo' had to "ive 'p in order to "et it. Let &ome thin"& remain my&terio'&. . 1 2. 111.e3 min'te&. Let him tell yo' . 11/. 11*. 11+. day See the &i"ht&. Be%ome a to'ri&t . 6on't 8'd"e people )y their relative&..a )ar)er i. 1# ..t or . 1#2.that &endin" a "i. 6on't %on. Smith >oe& to $a&hin"tonK.ore droppin" in on .er to help5 let them. Never leave a yo'n"&ter in the %ar 3itho't ta-in" the %ar -ey&. 1#1.&'it. 6o 3hat yo' %an. Never de%ide to do nothin" 8'&t )e%a'&e yo' %an only do a little. #. 9tta%h a &mall Chri&tma& 3reath to yo'r %ar'& "rill on the . Never eat a &'"ared do'"hn't 3hen 3earin" a dar.e&&ional C'e&tion& in a &o%ial &ettin".or yo'r pre&en%e. @i&it . 1#. 11. yo' need a hair%'t. 6on't thin. 1 1. $hen vi&itin" a &mall to3n at l'n%h time5 %hoo&e the %a. 12/. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. Call )e. 9%-no3led"e a "i. Never 0)orro30 &o m'%h a& a pen%il . 11(.e i& 12 per%ent 3hat happen& to me and 12 per%ent ho3 I rea%t to it.riend& and .or a day in yo'r o3n hometo3n. 1(2.ooli&hne&& 3ith )ravery. *. (.. I. 6on't mi&ta-e -indne&& . 11#.. $hen yo'r %hildren are learnin" to play m'&i%al in&tr'ment&5 )'y them "ood one&. 9 ra%ehor&e that %on&i&tently r'n& 8'&t a &e%ond .rom the one in &e%ond pla%e. Tr'th i& &erio'& )'&ine&&. 1#*. 6on't di&%'&& dome&ti% pro)lem& at 3or-. Be e&pe%ially %o'rteo'& and patient 3ith older people. Never a&.'&e .riend& o.. 1 1 1 1 1 1. 6e%em)er. 1 /. 9n&3er the ea&y C'e&tion& . Eo' only need to &tay a . more than yo' %an %he3. $at%h the movie JRe"ardin" !enryK. See ne3 pla%e&5 )'t remem)er to ta-e alon" an open mind.

ten5 "o 3here yo' %an hear a 3ooden &%reen door &lam &h't. 1*#.ore. >ive %hildren toy& that are po3ered )y their ima"ination5 not )y )atterie&. $hen yo''re )'yin" &omethin" that yo' only need to. >ive hando't material& a. 1+#.ore "ivin" a &pee%h. 1+ . 1+2. 1. Never open a re&ta'rant.(. B'y and '&e yo'r %'&tomer&' prod'%t&. 1((.1( .rom a r'de &ale&per&on5 no matter ho3 m'%h yo' 3ant it. 1+1. Eo' 3ill "et more le" room. 1(#. 4a"e 1 o. Eat more pan%a-e& and . 1+*. $hen &omethin"'& tro')lin" yo'5 )e. 1.ind amon" all the )la%. Remem)er that yo'r %hara%ter i& yo'r de&tiny. am)ition&. Choo&e a &eat in the ro3 ne7t to the emer"en%y e7it 3hen .3rite a &hort poem.#. S'pport the Red Cro&&.or the )e&t &eat& at a play or %on%ert. Never )'y anythin" . 1+(. Let yo'r hand&ha-e )e a& )indin" a& a &i"ned %ontra%t. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !..yo' 3ill need to )e. $orry ma-e& ..ord.. Love &omeone 3ho doe&n't de&erve and it add& a little %olor to rainy day&. 1*2. Ta-e it 3ith yo' every3here.l' &hot. 1*1.or a hard pillo3.ter yo'r pre&entation5 never )e. Eo' may dre&& 'n%onventionally5 )'t remem)er that the more &tran"ely yo' dre&&5 the )etter yo' have to )e. . $hen yo' mean JnoK5 &ay it in a 3ay that'& not am)i"'o'&. 1. 1(/. 1*(. 1*1. 1. 1**. 1* .. Be )etter prepared than yo' thin.. Never "et in a %ar 3hen the driver ha& )een drin-in". Keep and . It'& ea&ier to . 1(.e3er ri%e %a-e&.ore "oin" to &leep5 8ot do3n three thin"& yo' %an do the ne7t day to help &olve the pro)lem. 6on't eat a meal 8'&t )e. 1(1.the %ompetition. 1+/. 6on't 8'd"e 3hat yo' don't 'nder&tand. Every 3ee. 1*. 1+1. 6on't -no%.. B'y a red 'm)rella. 1. Li. Be3are the li.e empty o. 1(*.or their 8'd"ment than . B'y a &mall5 ine7pen&ive %amera. 9im hi"h. Remem)er the 9BC'& o.or their talent&. 1. 1(+. 9& &oon a& yo' "et married5 &tart &avin" .+.2.or yo'r %hildren'& ed'%ation. Every &o o. !ire people more . "reater val'e.1.lyin". =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. . 1*+. >rind it o't. >et a .ile the )e&t )'&ine&& letter& yo' re%eive. 4ay the e7tra P12 . Remem)er that yo'r %hild'& %hara%ter i& li-e "ood &o'p. &'%%e&&F 9)ility5 Brea-&5 Co'ra"e. 1++.. )'y on%e5 )'y the )e&t yo' %an a. 1+.*. Both are homemade. 1. !an"in" on 8'&t one &e%ond lon"er than yo'r %ompetition ma-e& yo' the 3inner. 1*/. 1. Re8e%t and %ondemn pre8'di%e )a&ed on ra%e5 "ender5 reli"ion5 or a"e. Challen"e yo'r&el. Be 3illin" to lo3er yo'r pri%e in order to "et &omethin" el&e o.e i& &hort.

11/. 11*.or the &tool.le ti%-et&5 %andy )ar&5 and )a-ed "ood& . p'ppie& .'l year5 yo' m'&t )e"in on =an'ary 1. the &it'ation5 rea%t 3ith %la&&. 1//. 6on't over. 1. IIO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. ho3 to )ehave. NEnd o. 6on't "et too )i" . 6on't let them do3n. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. (* . >o on )lind date&. 1/. 111. 11 . Re"ardle&& o. $illiam =ame& that the deepe&t prin%iple in h'man nat're i& the %ravin" to )e appre%iated.rom &t'dent& 3ho are rai&in" money . Be &'&pi%io'& o. 11+. Stand )a%.0 1/1. Remem)er the one& 3ho love yo'. 112. >o home .eed hor&e& or )rother&?in?la3..ree?thro3 line. per&on 3ho )ri"hten& a room 8'&t )y enterin" it. Carry three )'&ine&& %ard& in yo'r 3allet. 1/+.e'& Little In&tr'%tion Boo. Cheer . Call yo'r dad. Be%ome the -ind o.1.ive at the . Be more %on%erned 3ith livin" 3ide than livin" lon".ternoon and ta-e them to vi&it the re&ident& o.and 3at%h the &mile&. Remem)er5 that'& ho3 I met yo'r mother. a retirement home. Be 3ary o. Li..or &%hool pro8e%t&. 11(. 11#.@ol.o'r o't o. 1/(. 11. the man 3ho'& 0all hat and no %attle. B'y ra. .or the home team. 4a"e #2 o. 1/*./.or an a. Remem)er the o)&ervation o. Reread Thorea''& J$aldenK. ma-in" de%i&ion&. Be a)le to hit %on&i&tently . 1/2. $hen there'& a piano to )e moved5 don't rea%h . Borro3 a )o7 o. 111. Follo3 yo'r o3n &tar..1. Someone 3ill al3ay& )e loo-in" at yo' a& an e7ample o. 1/1. To in&'re a &'%%e&&. a )o&& 3ho &%hed'le& meetin"& in&tead o. 1/#. 1/ .or the holiday&.or yo'r )rit%he&.

Be %harita)le in yo'r &pee%h5 a%tion&5 and 8'd" ta)le yo' %an't p't yo'r . 12 1.or re%o"nition5 )'t do 3or. 12##. Say &omethin" po&itive a& early a& po&&i)le every day. 6on't . 121*. 121(.rom yo'r trip.'l that yo' 3ere )orn in thi& "reat %o'ntry. 122/. 12#*. 4a%. 4o&t?it note& 3hen yo' travel. 122. (* 12 /.ri"erator 3hen yo''re )ored. O3n at lea&t one arti%le o.lo3er "arden& and ne3 )a)ie&. yo' are involved in an a'tomo)ile a%%ident5 don't admit .riend5 tell him &o. 12# . yo'r %hildren. 122(. 12#1. 1221. %lothin" 3ith :i%-ey :o'&e on it. Never re.?&%hool photo"raph o. 121..ore ta-in" &omeone'& photo"raph. Be enth'&ia&ti% in yo'r e7pre&&ion& o. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. . 12#2..a %o'ple o. Never allo3 anyone to intimidate yo'. $O$R0 G@anta"e5 111(H. 12 12 12 12 (. 6on't allo3 yo'r %hildren or "rand%hildren to %all yo' )y yo'r . III 1222. yo' are hi"h. 122 . 122*.Li. any &port yo'r %hildren play. *. Learn the r'le& o. $at%h yo'r .. 12 #. Believe in mira%le& )'t don't depend on them. 121+. Fill o't e7pen&e report& the day yo' ret'rn . Never )'y a %o. Re"ardle&& o. $hen readin" &el. 1211. Remem)er that a -ind 3ord "oe& a lon" 3ay. I. . 12 . Siplo% )a"& and a pad o. 121#. $hen yo' hear a -ind 3ord &po-en a)o't a .inan%e& li-e a ha3-. 12 1.rom doin" the little thin"& 3ell.or a %ompany 3here the e7pe%tation& o. the &it'ation5 remem)er that nothin" i& ever lo&t )y %o'rte&y.'&e a holiday de&& name.3orthy o.or"et that 3e are 'ltimately 8'd"e )y 3hat 3e "ive5 not )y 3hat 3e "et. 121/. $or. 122#. 9l3ay& %ompliment . Be than-. 1221.. 6on't 3or. En8oy the &ati&. Share yo'r -no3led"e and e7perien%e&.a%tion that %ome& . Remem)er that it'& )etter to )e %heated in pri%e than in C'ality. Never he&itate to do 3hat yo' -no3 i& ri"ht.?help )oo-&5 in%l'de the Bi)le. 1212. $hen &tayin" at a hotel or motel5 don't a%%ept a room ne7t to the i%e or vendin" ma%hine&.. Never open the re. 9&..permi&&ion )e. Never %omplain a)o't the m'&i% in &omeone el&e'& %ar 3hen yo''re a pa&&en"er. Ea%h year5 ta-e a . 6on't %ompare yo'r %hildren 3ith their &i)lin"& or %la&&mate&.eet on. +. 121 . "ratit'de and appre%iation. re%o"nition. Never "o near a -id that'& holdin" a 3ater ho&e 'nle&& yo' 3ant to "et 3et. 12 2. 4a"e #1 o. 12#(.e'& Little In&tr'%tion Boo@ol.a'lt Gthere may )e e7ten'atin" %ir%'m&tan%e&H and don't di&%'&& the a%%ident 3ith anyone e7%ept the poli%e and yo'r in&'ran%e a"ent. En%o'ra"e yo'r %hildren to 8oin a %hoir. 122+. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. Read Tom 4eter'& 0The 4'r&'it o.

12(/. 12( .12#+. 12((.1. 4a"e # o. 12*/. 12(#.inan%ial re%ord&. 12*. 12. 12+#. Treat yo'r %ompany'& money a& yo' 3o'ld yo'r o3n. Believe.e ho3 terri. 12*1. 12(+. Never %omplain a)o't a . 3here yo' are5 not m'%h "ood happen& a. Learn the !eimli%h manoe'vre. 12* .. O3n yo'r o3n t'7edo. Tea%h yo'r %hildren never to 'ndere&timate &omeone 3ith a di&a)ility.t5 ma-e &'re it'& loaded 3ith . Keep "ood .rom their &'%%e&&e&.e'& )i" %han"e& rarely "ive advan%e 3arnin". 12+2. other&.t that ha& to )e pl'""ed in. 12#/. Never pa&& 'p the %han%e to )e in a parade.. 12+/. 12*#.riend in an in&tant photo )ooth. 12+. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 12*1. 12+ . Never &ay anythin" 'n%omplimentary a)o't yo'r 3i. Spend t3i%e a& m'%h time prai&in" a& yo' do %riti%i&in". Ta-e &ome &illy photo& o. 12(*. yo'r %hildren. $hen no "reat harm 3ill re&'lt5 let yo'r %hildren do it their 3ay5 even i. Ki&& yo'r %hildren "ood ni"ht5 even i. Never %omment on &omeone'& 3ei"ht 'nle&& yo' -no3 it'& 3hat they 3ant to hear. 12++. =oin the Rotary or other %ivi% %l').initely )etter than the alternative. 12**.ilm and ha& a )attery. Remem)er the three 'niver&al healer&F %alamine lotion5 3arm oatmeal5 and h'"&. 12(2. Ki&& &lo3ly. 12+1. Remem)er the %redo o.. $hat yo' have to do5 do 3holeheartedly. $hen yo' "ive &omeone a %amera a& a "i. Read 0The $all Street =o'rnal0 re"'larly. &%hool play&. .. 12#. $hen travellin"5 &leep 3ith yo'r 3allet5 %ar -ey&5 room -ey5 eye"la&&e&5 and &hoe& near)y. $aitin" on the "ro'nd i& in. 12*+. yo' -no3 they are 3ron". To'r yo'r &tate %apitol )'ildin". To . 6ream. 12(. and a . For"ive C'i%-ly. 12.ter midni"ht.e in the pre&en%e o. . Never "ive an anniver&ary "i. 12+1. 12*(. 12.i% &he loo-&. @ol'nteer to )e a Little Lea"'e 'mpire. 12+(. Find a 8o) yo' love and "ive it everythin" yo''ve "ot. 12(1. Earn yo'r &'%%e&& )a&ed on &ervi%e to other&5 not at the e7pen&e o. Remem)er that re"ardle&& o. 12#1. Start the &tandin" ovation at the end"ht delayed . They 3ill learn more . Compliment the parent 3hen yo' o)&erve a 3ell?)ehaved %hild. yo'r&el. 12+*. Remem)er that the 3ord 0di&%ipline0 mean& 0to tea%h. 12(1. 6are.2. Tell yo'r 3i. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.or me%hani%al repair&.i"ht the )l'e&5 try e7er%i&in". Never 3at%h a movie or video 3ith yo'r %hildren that involve& a%tivitie& and lan"'a"e that yo' don't 3ant them to imitate. 12*2. $hen &omeone let& yo' do3n5 don't "ive 'p on them. $alt 6i&neyF Thin-.rom their mi&ta-e& than . they are already a&leep. Remem)er that li.0 Remem)er that all &'%%e&& %ome& at a pri%e.

Try to add a ne3 name to yo'r Rolode7 every 3ee-. 12.riend&. 112#. 9meri%an hi&tory.. Tea%h yo'r &on& a& 3ell a& yo'r da'"hter& to %oo-. 12/2.or the opport'nity that i& hidden in every adver&ity. Never i"nore an old )ar-in" do". Loo. 12/(.#. 1121.or a %atalo"'e o. 1211. 12/. 121 .rom the e7perien%e. 121(. 1211.a&hion. 6on't &it 3hile ladie& are &tandin". 112 . 8o-e&5 arti%le&5 and %artoon& that ma-e yo' la'"h. $rite &ome poetry. yo'r 3i. %hampa"ne5 t3i&t the ne%-5 not the %or-. 4a"e ## o. yo' are not "oin" to '&e a di&%o'nt %o'pon5 leave it on the &hel. Improve even the )e&t &a'&a"e )i&%'it )y &preadin" on a little "rape 8elly. Be prompt 3hen pi%-in" 'p or droppin" o. On%e a month invite &omeone to dinner 3ho -no3& more a)o't yo'r )'&ine&& than yo' do. I.or &%hool or other a%tivitie&.i%e. O%%a&ionally let yo'r %hildren help yo' even i. 12. Ta-e yo' teena"er& 3ith yo' 3hen yo' )'y a %ar or e7pen&ive ho'&ehold item and let them learn . Never %riti%i. Ni"hin"ale?Conant tape& on per&onal development and a%hievement.e'& .. 9l3ay& ta-e yo'r va%ation time. 121/. 12/ . See.. 1122. 112*.(. Remem)er that 3hen yo'r :om &ay&5 0Eo''ll re"ret it50 yo' pro)a)ly 3ill. 112. 12. 121*.inement rather than . 12//.. 12/* rather than pop'larity.or"et that it ta-e& only one per&on or one idea to %han"e yo'r li. 1112. $hen yo' need a little advi%e5 %all yo'r "randparent&. Re&pe%t yo'r elder&.. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.e yo'r %o'ntry 3hen travelin" a)road. 12/#. :a-e a li&t o. 12. 4lay %at%h 3ith a -id.. See.riend& and %o?3or-er&. 121+. yo'r %hildren . travel ne%e&&itie&5 laminate it5 and -eep it in yo'r &'it%a&e. To open a )ottle o.. Start a Smile File o. Set limit& on the amo'nt and the %ontent 112(. Shoot a . Never . .*. See. $hen loved one& drive a3ay5 3at%h 'ntil yo' %an no lon"er &ee the %ar. 12. 112+.+.or a . To p't &omeone in yo'r de)t5 do &omethin" ni%e . Start a Read 9"ain File . it &lo3& yo' do3n.or arti%le& yo' mi"ht 3ant to en8oy a &e%ond time. televi&ion yo'r %hildren 3at%h.1.e . 112/.orever. 1212. 121#. 12/+. 1121.12.riend. Ri%e Kri&pie& &C'are&. On yo'r )irthday5 &end yo'r mom a than-?yo' %ard. 3ith the prod'%t ./. Report 'nethi%al )'&ine&& pra%ti%e& to yo'r %ity'& Better B'&ine&& B'rea'.or &omeone el&e to '&e. 12. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Ta-e them to the o. Call G/22H * *?1222 .or their %hild. 12/1. Thro3 a &'rpri&e )irthday party .e3 hoop&. :a-e a )i" )at%h o. 6on't )e %riti%al o.C'ality rather than l'7'ry. 12/1. 6on't hand o't yo'r tro')le& to yo'r . Be%ome a &erio'& &t'dent o. 121.

air. Let yo'r 3ord )e yo'r )ond. 111/.ind a %opy hope. Never loan yo'r %hain &a35 yo'r )all "love5 or yo'r ..avo'rite )oo-.ormation to %omment on that ri"ht no3. 11 +.1111. 3omen or %hildren. (* 11 2.ore they are d'e. 11#*. Spend a %o'ple o. Ta-e yo'r %hildren on a to'r o. Enter &omethin" in the &tate ..'&e to 3orry a)o't pro)lem& 'ntil the mornin". Be happy 3ith 3hat yo' have 3hile 3or-in" . 11# . 11 *.a %hildle&& %o'ple 3hen they are "oin" to have %hildren. Co'nt yo'r %han"e. 9ttend an Ea"le S%o't'& or a >irl S%o't'& >olden 93ard ind'%tion %eremony. 11#+.rom p'r&'in" 3hat yo' -no3 in yo'r heart yo' 3ere meant to do. Fini&h pro8e%t& )e. 11 1. $hen yo' need to apolo"i&e to &omeone5 do it in per&on. yo'r lo%al 'niver&ity. 11#1. Never tell an o.?%olo'r 8o-e in the pre&en%e o.readin" ma"a. to the &ame hi"h &tandard& that yo' reC'ire o. Learn the te%hniC'e& . 1111.H Eo' may have to order it.or the .0 In&tead5 &ay5 0I don't have eno'"h in.ine& that have nothin" to do 3ith yo'r 8o) or li. Cele)rate even &mall vi%torie&. 111. Ret'rn &hoppin" %art& to the de&i"nated area&.e&tyle. 111#. 11#/. the )oo.or a %on%ert5 e7hi)ition5 or &pee%h5 "et ti%-et& . ho'r& every 3ee. 6on't open anyone el&e'& mail. $hen the )e&t in the 3orld vi&it& yo'r to3n . yo' dial a 3ron" n'm)er5 don't 8'&t han" 'pB o. Type o't yo'r . 11 (.ormal pi%t're& and 3ill )e thrilled to re%eive the one& yo' too-. Remem)er that a la&tin" marria"e i& )a&ed on %ommitment5 not %onvenien%e. 4a"e #( o. Try to . They have a lon" time to 3ait . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. 111(. 11(2. O. 11((.riend. other&. $a"e 3ar a"ain&t pro%ra&tination. $hen playin" a &port 3ith a partner5 never %riti%i&e hi& or her per.. I.or a . 11#1.avo'rite C'otation and pla%e it 3here yo' %an &ee it every day.0 C't yo'r toenail& in private. 11 /. Never a&. 11#. Never let the odd& -eep yo' .orman%e. 11 . 11 1. Never an&3er a reporter'& C'e&tion& 3ith5 0No %omment. !old yo'r&el. 11#(. 111 .ter "oin" to )ed5 an apolo"y. 11##. 11 . 11(1. yo'r ho'&e5 never )'y anythin" &'ede. . 9. Until yo'r %hildren move o't o. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 11( . 11 #.. 11(#.0Under :y Elm0 )y 6avid >ray&on G6o')leday5 11( . yo' are a "'e&t at a 3eddin"5 ta-e lot& o. &nap&hot& and &end them alon" 3ith the ne"ative& to the )ride and "room a& C'i%-ly a& yo' %an. 111*.. 11#2.or )ein" a "ood intervie3er. Let yo'r %hildren o)&erve yo' )ein" "enero'& 3ith tho&e in need. Keep a pad and pen%il )y every phone.or 3hat yo' 3ant. I.. yo'r o3n. Li&ten to r'mo'r&5 )'t don't %ontri)'te any o. 111+.

(. 11. :a-e an e. Never pa&& 'p a %han%e to 8'mp on a trampoline. 11(/. Stay on yo'r toe&../.or the per&on in&ide. .t&. 6on't ta-e medi%ine& in the dar-..ore &pendin" it.t %erti.1. Lo%ate the emer"en%y e7it& a& &oon a& yo' %he%. Stay h'm)le. "ood thin"& in li. Remem)er yo' %an mi&& a lot o. 11+*. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. 11.'p 3hen anyone approa%he& yo'r de&-. 11+2.ood5 drin-5 or a%%ommodation&.*.o'r ho'r& 3ith a 3or-in" )athroom. Kno3 3here to . 11+1. $hen a "'e&t5 never %omplain a)o't the . 11*1. $rite a letter to the editor at lea&t on%e a year. 11**. 11+#.eren%e& and 4T9 meetin"&.e3 )'%-&. 11.air pro.'neral&. 9ttend parent?tea%her %on.ter3ard. 6on't . 11(1.inan%ial prod'%t over the telephone..ort to attend 3eddin"& and . 11*. $henever yo' hear an am)'lan%e &iren5 &ay a prayer . In&i&t that yo'r %hildren %omplete a driver'& ed'%ation %o'r&e at their &%hool. For )etter &e%'rity 3hile travellin"5 ta-e alon" a &mall 3ed"e o. Remem)er that a "rate. 11(. 11.+. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 11+.e5 not yo'r %hildren. rentin" lod"in" a%%omodation& de&%ri)ed in the ad or )ro%h're a& 0r'&ti%0. 11*/.e )y havin" the 3ron" attit'de. S'pport yo'r lo%al m'&e'm&. 6on't over?&%hed'le yo'r %hildren'& e7tra%'rri%'lar a%tivitie&.ind a "a& &tation that'& open t3enty?. 3ood and 8am it 'nder yo'r hotel room door. Be e&pe%ially %o'rteo'& to re%eptioni&t& and &e%retarie&B they are the "ate-eeper&.. 11*2. 11++. 4a"e #* on 3hat yo' p'r%ha&e. Spoil yo'r 3i.. (* . 11*+. prai&e or en%o'ra"ement %an ma-e &omeone'& day. 3ord& o. $orry a)o't the %on&eC'en%e& o. 11(+. Ta-e a %o'r&e in p')li% &pea-in". yo'r %hildren a &pe%ial Chri&tma& ornament every year. the %hoi%e& yo' ma-e )e. 11. Redeem "i.#. $hen they move into their o3n home&5 )o7 'p the ornament& and "ive them a& ho'&e?3armin" "i.or"et that a %o'ple o. S'pport yo'r %omm'nity %olle"e.ore yo' ma-e them ? not a. 11.into yo'r hotel room. !an" 'p on anyone yo' don't -no3 3ho'& tryin" to &ell yo' a .1. 11+(.i%ate& promptly. >et to -no3 yo'r %hildren'& tea%her&. 11+1.2. 11+/.. Be %a'tio'& o. Stop and loo. >et a pa&&port and -eep it %'rrent. Every year5 &end yo'r old alma mater a . 11* . Sear%h o't "ood val'e&5 )'t let the other "'y ma-e a . S'pport yo'r lo%al &ymphony. 11*1. Never tell a %ar &ale&man ho3 m'%h yo' 3ant to &pend. 11*#. 11.'l heart i& almo&t al3ay& a happy one. 11+ . 11*(. 11. B'y ea%h o. 11. 11. :a-e yo'r money )e.11(*.

4lant a tree the day yo'r %hild i& )orn.o'r to &i7 3ee-& in advan%e. Never )e too )'&y to meet &omeone ne3. :a-e a "enero'& %ontri)'tion to dia)ete& re&ear%h. 1 1 1 1 21. 1 1*. 2 . into a po&ition 3her yo' have to )a%. O3n a &alad &pinner.11/2. $hen a .ir&t day at &%hool. 11/+.a%tion5 and di"nity o. 1111. @ol'nteer to help at yo'r %ity'& Spe%ial Olympi%&. 111 . Keep an emer"en%y "a& %an in yo'r tr'n-.i. Overe&timate 3hen "'e&&in" &omeone'& &alary. :arry &omeone yo'r eC'al or a little )it )etter.riend& and nei"h)o'r& every La)o'r 6ay. O3n t3o %hampa"ne "la&&e&. 1 2+. 12. en%o'ra"ement to military per&onnel and %olle"e &t'dent&.. 1 22. $hen in do')t5 &mile. Keep a roll o. Never leave a loved one in an"er. Keep P12 in yo'r "love )o7 . Some)ody al3ay& %he%-&. 11/1. 2(. 1 1(.. 111*. 111/. Every ni"ht )e.rom the 4re&ident.. Choo&e a %lothin" &ale&per&on 3ho dre&&e& a& yo' 3i&h yo' did.or emer"en%ie&. 111#. Never 3hittle to3ard yo'r&el.riend i& in need5 help him 3itho't hi& havin" to a&-. Never %riti%i&e a "i. 1111. 1 2/. doin" any 8o) 3ell. 1 2. Frame anythin" yo'r %hild )rin"& home on hi& . marria"e 3ith a per&onal "reetin" .?&tate a little e7tra room on the road. 11//. 111(. Never "et yo'r&el. 111+.i%e5 and in yo'r %ar. Undere&timate 3hen "'e&&in" an ad'lt'& a"e or 3ei"ht.or yo'. !o&t a )a%-yard "et?to"ether . 11/ .'p a trailer. d'%t ta-e at home5 at the o. To&& in a %oin 3hen pa&&in" a 3i&hin" 3ell. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 11/1.. 9llo3 driver& . 1 . Overpay the nei"h)o'rhood -id 3ho doe& yard 3or.'l that yo' &a3 d'rin" the day. O%%a&ionally leave a C'arter in the %han"e ret'rn &lot o. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Keep a &pe%ial note)oo-.a 3oman 3hen the )a)y i& d'e 'nle&& yo' -no3 . 6on't &ay anythin" on a %ordle&& or %ell'lar telephone that yo' don't 3ant the 3orld to hear.or &'re that &he'& pre"nant. (* .. ReC'ire yo'r %hildren to do their &hare o. it'& not a )ea'ti. Send note& o..or . Remem)er that %r'el 3ord& deeply h'rt. 11/*. S'rpri&e &omeone 3ho'& more than ei"hty year& old or a %o'ple %ele)ratin" . 111.'l mornin"5 let yo'r %heer. ho'&ehold %hore&. $hen &ervin" ham)'r"er&5 al3ay& toa&t the )'n&. :ail detail& to the $hite !o'&e5 >reetin"& O. I. 2#. 11.ore "oin" to )ed5 3rite do3n &omethin" )ea'ti. 1112. 11/#.'lne&& ma-e it one. 1 2*. 11/.. 1 1#. Never a&. 1 1 1 1 21.t.i%e5 Room #15 $a&hin"ton 6C 2*225 .ty year& or more o. 11/(. a pay phone.rom o't?o. Tea%h yo'r %hildren the pride5 &ati&. 4a"e #+ o. Remem)er that lovin" 3ord& C'i%-ly heal.

#(. *.or it.or yo'.ree le%t're& on any &')8e%t in 3hi%h yo' are remotely intere&ted. Tell .'neral pro%e&&ion i& pa&&in". 11. !old a %hild'& hand 3hen %ro&&in" the &treet.or par-in" and toll& 3hen yo' ride 3ith &omeone. @i&it a pet &tore every on%e in a 3hile and 3at%h the %hildren 3at%h the animal&. (#.. Keep a )a%-'p %opy o.ore they "o a3ay .ety pro)lem5 p'll yo'r %ar over 3hen a .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1+. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ##. an"er denie& yo' &i7ty &e%ond& o. Be. U&e "ood &tationery 3hen yo' 3ant yo'r 3ritten %omment& to )e ta-en &erio'&ly. Never mi&& an opport'nity to "o . ((. ( .ir&t day& at 3or-. 2.ore %riti%i&in" a ne3 employee5 remem)er yo'r .ather.. 1 #2.. the len"th o. (* 1 1. Never "ive 'p on a dream 8'&t )e%a'&e o.amily mem)er& that yo' love them )e. $hen playin" "ol.yo'r "randparent& to tell yo' &torie& a)o't yo'r parent& 3hile they 3ere "ro3in" 'p. $el%ome the 'ne7pe%tedR Opport'nitie& rarely %ome in neat5 predi%ta)le pa%-a"e&. yo'r per&onal addre&& and telephone )oo-. $hen yo''re the . . #1.. 1/. Every &prin" &et o't a %o'ple o. /. #.i&hin" 3ith yo'r . Be the .'t're )e"in& ri"ht to pay . 1 (/.ir&t ad'lt to 8'mp into the pool or r'n into the o%ean 3ith the -id&.ear&. 4a"e #.e3 day&.ore &he had it %'t. 1 (. >ive yo'n" %hildren the opport'nity to parti%ipate in . 1 (*. 1 *1. (. . :ail in yo'r 4')li&her& Clearin" !o'&e &3eep&ta-e& noti%e. 1 (1. The time 3ill pa&& any3ay. 1. tomato plant&. $ho -no3&I 6on't ma-e eatin" everythin" on their plate an i&&'e 3ith %hildren. #. To help yo'r %hildren t'rn o't 3ell5 &pend t3i%e a& m'%h time 3ith them and hal. Unle&& it %reate& a &a. 1 # . 1 *2. They 3ill love yo' .. #+. #/. Be%ome a Bi" Brother or Bi" Si&ter. a& m'%h money. O. or tenni&5 o%%a&ionally play 3ith &omeone )etter than yo' are. +. Never tell a 3oman yo' li-ed her hair )etter ) one 'p5 )e C'iet a)o't it. 9&. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. Never mi&& an opport'nity to "o travellin" 3ith yo'r mother. $hen travellin"5 &top o%%a&ionally at lo%al %a. Remem)er that a min'te o. Remem)er that a &'%%e&&. 1 #1.'l . #*. 6on't minimi&e yo'r %hild'& 3orrie& and . yo'r &tate par-&.amily de%i&ion?ma-in"B their in&i"ht 3ill &'rpri&e yo'. (2. time it 3ill ta-e to a%%ompli&h it. Thi& year5 vi&it t3o or three o.or a .er to leave the tip 3hen &omeone invite& yo' o't to eat. Fill o't %'&tomer %omment %ard&. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. O.e& and diner&. Ta-e advanta"e o. o. 1 (+. 6'&t5 then va%''m. 6o &omethin" every day that maintain& yo'r "ood health. In%l'de a re%ent ..amily photo 3hen 3ritin" to loved one&. Never deny anyone the opport'nity to do &omethin" ni%e . . !old p'ppie&5 -itten&5 and )a)ie& any time yo' "et the %han%e. happine&&. . 1. (1.

$hen yo' )'ild a home5 ma-e &'re it ha& a &%reened?in por%h.ollo3 the money. //.ire alarm. 6on't play yo'r %ar &tereo &o lo'd that yo' %an't hear approa%hin" emer"en%y vehi%le&. . I. Be pa&&ionate. $hen travelin"5 pa%. Never . 1 them.. 4a"e #/ o. Keep a )lan-et in the tr' to apolo"i&e to a .#.e'& mo&t trea&'red moment& o. Call a radio tal.avo'rite in&pirational )oo-& )y yo'r )ed&ide. 6on't 3rite anythin" yo' don't 3ant &omeone el&e to read.. /2. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 *1. Ta-e Trivial 4'r&'it %ard& to read the driver on a lon" road trip. Never tell anyone they don't have a "ood &en&e o. $at%h yo'r lan"'a"e. / . $hi&per in yo'r &leepin" %hild'& ear5 0I love yo'. +2. Be %ommitted. . h'mo'r.. :emori&e the name& o./. +(. 1 1 1 1 /*. 1 *. Ta-e a ride in a hot?air )alloon. Keep a %o'ple o.more 'nder3ear and &o%-& than yo' thin. Never i"nore a rin"in" . +1. 1 .yo'r )o&& 3hat he e7pe%t& o. 9&.ea%h one to &ay &omethin" ni%e a)o't the other. .o. Be the . . 1 /(. 1 */.or3ard to meetin" yo'5 )e%a'&e yo'r parent& are al3ay& )ra""in" a)o't yo'.1 1 1 1 * . Never tell anyone they %an't &in". It ma-e& the time . *(.amily mem)er a.0 1 *+. Remem)er that anythin" %reative and innovative 3ill )e %opied. Be innovative.(.2. +. .ter %hildren ar"'e and have &aid their 0I'm &orry&50 a&. /. $at%h yo'r 3ei"ht.or the po&ition yo' 3ant5 not the one yo' have. 1 +/.0 9t lea&t on%e in yo'r li.or emer"en%ie& d'rin" the 3inter month&. the )oo-& o. Let yo'r %hildren -no3 that re"ardle&& Be%ome -no3led"ea)le a)o't antiC'e&5 oriental r'"&5 and %ontemporary art.o. $hen ta-in" a tr'e?.al&e te&t5 remem)er that any &tatement that in%l'de& the 3ord 0any05 0all05 0al3ay&05 0never05 or 0ever0 i& '&'ally . the 4re&ident&. the Bi)le. a hor&e.yo' 3ill need. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . yo' )orro3 &omethin" more than t3i%e5 )'y one . (* . /1. yo'r %ar .ore yo'. To . $at%h yo'r )a%-. +#. .ter a di&a"reement.. yo'. .ten %ome 'nanno'n%ed.1. +*. Remem)er that li. /#.&ho3 3ith an opinion. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.e5 &ee the >rand Teton :o'ntain& .ind o't 3ho i& )ehind an idea or a%tivity5 .or"et the de)t yo' o3e to all tho&e 3ho have %ome )e.+.*.. . /+. 9. + . *#. $hen parent& introd'%e yo' to their %hildren5 &ay5 0I have loo-ed . yo'r . =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. Ta-e a ride in a "lider.or yo'r&el. :emori&e the name& and order o.rom the )a%. **. 6re&& .1. 3hat happen&5 yo''ll al3ay& )e there . . ++. 6on't "et %a'"ht "lan%in" at yo'r 3at%h 3hen yo' are tal-in" to &omeone.

'l . O3n a "ood &et o. Remem)er that anythin" 3orth doin" i& "oin" to ta-e lon"er than yo' thin-.e&tival. 1#1. Never %all any)ody &t'pid5 even i. 9ttend .t5 &t'.an older per&on yo' re&pe%t to tell yo' hi& or her "reate&t re"ret. 9l3ay& order )read p'ddin" 3hen it'& on the men'.ore )'yin" that all?important en"a"ement rin"5 . Every on%e in a 3hile5 let yo'r -id& play in the rain. 1 12. 1# .anythin" )l'e. B'y a . $ear a tie 3ith %artoon %hara%ter& on it i.or lon"5 hand?holdin" 3al-& 3ith yo'r 3i. >o . 4lant a %o'ple o. 1+. 1#11. 6on't eat anythin" %overed in "ravy 'nle&& yo' -no3 3hat'& 'nder it.e.e3 ro'tine5 everyday &hot&.amily photo&5 in%l'de a . 1# 2. Kno3 yo'r %hildren'& . 1#1*. $hen a 3oman i& in the ho&pital5 "ive her a &o. yo'r %hildren on the -it%hen door8am). Be. Never a&. Eat li"htly or not at all )e. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 1#22. 1(. 1#2*. yo' 3or. Remem)er that every a"e )rin"& ne3 opport'nitie&. 6on't eat anythin" %overed in %ho%olate 'nle&& yo' -no3 3hat'& in&ide.ter '&in" it.ed animal in&tead o.e5 never &leep apart. Re%ord the )irthday hei"ht& o. Never marry &omeone in the hope that they'll %han"e later. en%y%lopaedia&.ore "ivin" a &pee%h or ma-in" a pre&entation. >ive a pint o.amily re'nion& and )e patient 3hen a'nt& and 'n%le& 3ant to ta-e yo'r pi%t're. That'& hi& or her )'&ine&&.yard.or ea%h per&on in yo'r . 1#2/. 1*. O3n a 3orld "lo)e. 1#2 . Tell "ardener& o.amily to -eep in their )edroom&.. 1. 1#11. 9&. (* . Create an maintain a pea%e. 1#1#. 1#2(.t. Every 6e%em)er5 "ive the 3orld a pre%io'& "i. yo'r C'e&tion&.anyone 3hy they 3ear a :edi% 9lert )ra%elet. . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.r'it tree& in yo'r )a%. 1/. 6on't drin. 1# #.ind o't all yo' %an a)o't diamond& )y %allin" the 9meri%an >em So%iety.'l home. Never paint it..lo3er&. 1#12. 1#2#.or 3indy &prin" day&. 4a"e #1 o. 1#2. 1#2+. Tea%h a S'nday S%hool %la&&.1 /1. 1#1+. 1#1(. 11. No matter ho3 an"ry yo' "et 3ith yo'r 3i. 1# 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 11. 6on't ar"'e 3ith yo'r mother. Clear the addin" ma%hine a.. 1#. $hen ta-in" .la&hli"ht . Be%ome the 3orld'& mo&t tho'"ht. Find &omethin" that'& important to yo'r %ompany and learn to do it )etter than any)ody el&e.. p')li% area& ho3 m'%h yo' appre%iate the )ea'ty they )rin" to yo'r %ity. Carry a -ite in the tr'n. @i&it the Biltmore e&tate in 9&heville5 North Carolina5 d'rin" the &prin" t'lip .. 1#21. 1#21.riend&.riend. They 3ill &end yo' a )oo-let that 3ill an&3er &ome o. yo''re -iddin". .3ith -id&. )lood. 1#1 . 1#1/.

avo'rite )ea%h. It 3ill reveal a lot a)o't them. Colle%t men'& .2*1.yo'r %hild to read a )edtime &tory to yo' .or "ood l'%. . 1##2. ea%h per&on yo' have dated.a&ter than yo' thin. 1##/. Treat yo'r&el.i%e5 !o'&ton5 TT . :a-e them &3eet and -ind. 1#(1. I. 9dd po&t&%ript& to yo'r letter&. $rite a letter 1#*/. 1#(/. 1#( . On lon"?di&tan%e road trip&5 ma-e &'re that &omeone )e&ide& the driver &tay& a3a-e. (* .. B'y an ine7pen&ive 4olaroid %amera. 9&.ind . =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.rom yo'r . 1## . 6on't )'y a %heap tenni& ra%C'et.ormation %entre 3hen enterin" a &tate . 1#(2. 1#**. 1#(.i& &a. 1#( time. 1#* .rame&. $hen yo' &ee &omeone &ittin" alone on a )en%h5 ma-e it a point to &pea. 1#*. 1##*. 1#(#.&eldom la&t& lon".rom yo'r . Noti.or a %han"e. $hen travelin"5 al3ay& pa%. $hen eatin" either %innamon roll& or prime ri)5 eat the %entre . 6on't )'y a %heap motor%y%le helmet. Colle%t &ea&hell& . 6on't )'y %heap pi%t're . Be polite. 1##1. 1#*1. Be po&itive. Be pr'dent. Keep a %'rrent %ity and &tate hi"h3ay map in yo'r %ar'& "love )o7. 9t lea&t on%e a month5 "et real dirty and &3eaty.lo3er& and yo'r dad a ne3 tie 3ith yo'r . Keep a photo"raph o. Remem)er that )ad l'%. 1#(1.or the . +. 1##(.e the )ehavior5 not the per&on.e. 1# /. Stop at the vi&itor'& in. 4a"e (2 o. Ever 3onder 3hat it ta-e& to )e%ome an a&trona'tI Re%eive the appli%ation pa%-a"e )y 3ritin" to N9S95 =ohn&on Spa%e Centre5 9ttnF 9!T 9&trona't Sele%tion O.e&&ional &hoe?&hine the ne7t time yo''re at the airport. Send @alentine& to yo'r %hildren a& 3ell a& yo'r 3i. yo' live in the &ame %ity a& yo'r mother?in?la35 o%%a&ionally trim her hed"e& and 3a&h her %ar.. Re)'ild a )ro-en relation&hip. Keep re%eipt&.'n. 1##1. 1#*1.lori&t and "ive them all yo'r )'&ine&&. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Find a %reative ... to a pro. 1# 1. Never leave . 1#*+. en%o'ra"ement to the 4re&ident ? even i. 1##. 1#*(. *. B'y yo'r mom .to them.e. 1#*#.'n to .. 1#((. 1#*2. yo'r de&tination in yo'r 3allet.avo'rite re&ta'rant&. 4lay :onopoly 3ith yo'r in?la3&.1# 1# 1# 1# (. $hen travellin"5 %arry the phone n'm)er and addre&& o. Never let anyone %hallen"e yo' to drive . 1###. he didn't "et yo'r pay%heC'e. 1#(*. Sometime& yo' don't 3ant to 3ait an ho'r to &ee the pi%t're&. Criti%i. >ive a tr'&ted a'to te%hni%ian all yo'r repair&5 not 8'&t the to'"h one&.y the mana"er 3hen a re&ta'rant'& re&t room i&n't %lean. 1##+.a 3hite dre&& &hirt and a tie.

Stand 'p 3hen an elderly per&on enter& the room.avo'rite m'&i% 3hile 3or-in" on a ta7 ret'rn.ore li. $hen a %hild i& &ellin" &omethin" . 1#/(.2.1.. Learn to ma-e %orn )read in a %a&t?iron &-illet. 1#+1.him or her.. the per&on )ehind yo' ha& only t3o or three item&. . 9..rom the river. Eo''ll )e tempted to %'t do3n everythin" in the nei"h)o'rhood. :a-e yo'r 3eddin" anniver&ary an all?day %ele)ration. 4't a love note in yo'r 3i. 1#12.(. 1#1#. 1#. 1#//. 1#+ .re&h lime to temporarily %'r) the 3inter )l'e&. Never &et a drin. yo' lo&e a %o'ple o. $hen yo' move into a ne3 ho'&e5 plant a ro&e)'&h and p't o't a ne3 3el%ome mat to ma-e it &eem li-e home. 4a"e (1 o. O.time per. 1#+. Carry a %o'ple o. Sni. yo' ever o3n rental property5 remem)er that an 'nrented ho'&e i& )etter than a )ad tenant. Eat at a tr'%.riend'& or relative'& name or phone n'm)er to a telephone &oli%itor.'l that >od doe&n't an&3er all yo'r prayer&. They pra%ti&ed 8'&t a& hard a& the .all o't. Never "ive a . Blo3 a -i&& 3hen drivin" a3ay . 6on't . 1#/1. B'y an e7tra )o7 o. Li&ten to yo'r . Contri)'te &omethin" to ea%h Salvation 9rmy -ettle yo' pa&& d'rin" the holiday&. 1#+#. Tea%h yo'r %hildren that then they divide anythin"5 the other -id "et& .1. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. &'ntan lotion and a .rom loved one&.do3n on a )oo-. 1#+1.or a permanent improvement. $hen 3al-in" a do"5 let the do" yo'r pla%e in line at the "ro%ery %he%-o't i.tin" a tro't .eat 3ith eC'al "ra%e. 1#+(.or%e ma%hinery.e'& l'""a"e )e./. 1#. 9%%ept tri'mph and de. 1#. 1#/+. >irl S%o't %oo-ie&. po'nd&.ir&t pi%-. an open )ottle o. Never i"nore an oil 3arnin" li"ht. E7er%i&e %a'tion the . 1#1 .oot)all team&..ore &he leave& on a trip. %lothin" thin-in" it 3ill . 1#++. ine7pen&ive 'm)rella& in yo'r %ar that yo' %an "ive to people %a'"ht in the rain.or a ni%-el5 "ive a C' day yo' )'y a %hain?&a3. 1#. 9l3ay& 3at%h the hi"h &%hool )and'& hal. Be 3illin" to a%%ept a temporary in%onvenien%e . $et yo'r hand& )e. 1#+*. 1#/. 1#. 1#.1#+2. Be "rate. 1#.t.or yo'r team to 3in5 not the other team to lo&e. 1#/ .the dire%tion. Never "ive a pet a& a &'rpri&e "i. 1#11. 1#/1. 1#/*..orman%e&. . 1#. 1#.ter &omeone apolo"i&e& to yo'5 don't le%t're them. 1#/ i. 1#+/. 1#/#. (* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. Root .#.&top. 6on't )e &o open?minded that yo'r )rain& .*. 1#. $hen yo' %omplete a %o'r&e5 &ha-e the in&tr'%tor'& hand and than. $hen "oin" to )'y a %ar5 leave yo'r "ood 3at%h at home. Never )'y an arti%le o. I.

$hen yo' are an"ry 3ith &omeone 3ho mean& a lot to yo'5 3rite a letter tellin" him or her 3hy yo' . 1(1+. Never order )ar)e%'e in a re&ta'rant 3here all the %hair& mat%h. *. (* . Never "o 'p a ladder 3ith 8'&t one nail. .. 1(2/. $hen vi&itin" &tate and national par-&5 ta-e advanta"e o. Eo'0 %ard to a . Learn to paddle a %anoe. B'y the lea&t e7pen&ive )rand. a loved one. Ta-e more pi%t're& o. Carry a &mall S3i&& 9rmy Kni.e on yo'r -ey %hain. Never -eep a . =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.riend& on Than-&"ivin" and tell them ho3 than-. Read a%-no3led"ement&5 introd'%tion&5 and pre. 1( /.'l yo' are . Call yo'r parent& 3hen yo' ret'rn . Share the remote %ontrol. O%%a&ionally 3al.thro'"h old %emeterie& and read the "rave&tone&. 1#11. 9&pirin i& a&pirin.o'r hometo3n 0m'&t &ee&. yo' a&. I. 1(12.'rnit're. other&. 1#1/..rom one %ontainer to another5 do it over the &in-. 1(1/.)ro-en En"li&h. $hen yo' really li-e &omeone5 tell them.rom a lon" trip. 1#1. 1(1(. 1(1 . Re. On%e a year ta-e yo'r )o&& to l'n%h.riend 3ho'& e7perien%in" the anniver&ary o.a%e& to )oo-&. 1(1. Never ma-e . +.rom the ne"ativity o. 6on't '&e yo'r teeth to open thin"&. $hen yo' need &omethin" done5 a&. Learn and '&e the . 1#1*. 1( 1( 1( 1( #. 1(11. Call three . Savo'r every day. the lo&& o. 1(21. people 3ho &pea. 1(2#. Enter a room or meetin" li-e yo' o3n the pla%e. Cat%h 'p on the )e&t &eller& )y li&tenin" to )oo-& on tape in yo'r %ar. Never 'ndere&timate the in. 1(2(. 1( ..o'r?di"it e7ten&ion to yo'r SI4 %ode. $hen po'rin" &omethin" . Be a)le to re%ommend three or .ree ride 3aitin". Sometime& yo' only "et one %han%e. 1(2*. 1(1#. 1#1+.the %a&hier ho3 &he'& doin". Learn yo'r "reat?"randparent'& name& and 3hat they did.a )'&y per&on.0 4rote%t yo'r enth'&ia&m . ='&t on%e.ran"er&. (.ini&h a pie%e o. people than o. 1(11. 1(1*. 1(2.1#1(..eel that 3ay ? )'t don't mail it. $hen &omeone yo' -no3 i& do3n and o't5 mail them a t3enty?dollar )ill anonymo'&ly. 1(22. 1(2 . 1( . 1(2+. $hen "oin" thro'"h the %he%-o't line5 al3ay& a&. the people yo' have allo3ed into yo'r li. 1( 1. Remem)er the )e&t 3ay to improve yo'r -id& i& to improve yo'r marria"e. 1(21.or their .or yo'5 let them do it their 3ay. It mean& they -no3 another lan"'a"e. pla%e&. all to'r& and le%t're& "iven )y par.&omeone to do &omethin" .e. 4a"e ( o. $ave to train en"ineer&. Send a 0Thin-in" o.riend&hip. 1( 2.l'en%e o.'n o. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.

Treat yo'r parent& to a dinner o't on yo'r )irthday. 1(*#. O. 1(*..0 $hen yo' ra%e yo'r -id&5 let them 3in at the end.0 Every %o'ple o. &'%%e&&. 1((#.thro'"h other people'& medi%ine %a)inet&5 %lo&et&5 or re. 1(+1. 1(* . 1(*1.. $et?Nap& in the "love )o7. 1((*. 1(**. 1(##.rom a ho'&e or apartment5 . ea%h room 3hile the .loat the >a'ley River in $e&t @ir"inia.'rnit're i& &till in pla%e. 1(#1.. $a&h 3hite& &eperately. :a-e yo'r )ed every mornin".er "'e&t& &omethin" to eat or drin. 1(#*. 0The $onder Eear&.rom the %ro3d.erent re&'lt& . 1(((. 1(#. $hen movin" . Never &C'at 3ith yo'r &p'r& on. 9dd 0The Boo. !'" a %o3.ry )a%on 3hile na-ed. 1((1.or yo'r hi"h prin%iple& even i. Stand 'p . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. 1((/. Never mi&& a %han%e to &ha-e hand& 3ith Santa. $hen yo' . =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. time 3ith %o'ple& 3ho %riti%i&e ea%h other. 1((1. (* . $hen &omeone "ive& yo' &omethin"5 never &ay5 0Eo' &ho'ldn't have. i. 6on't loo. 1(+(. 1(#/. Remem)er5 it'& not yo'r 8o) to "et people to li-e yo'5 it'& yo'r 8o) to li-e people.rom the &ame )ehavio'r.'l men and 3omen. Read )io"raphie& per&on yo' &ee. On%e in yo'r li. 1(#2. 1(*2. 1(#1.)'t didn't. 1(#+. 1(*(. 1(+ . Never date anyone 3ho ha& more than t3o %ar&. )reath. 6on't e7pe%t di. 9&.ir&t aid 3ith yo'r . 1( 'p and "ive it to the .0 Remem)er that the only d'm) C'e&tion i& the one yo' 3anted to a&. Remem)er that nothin" important 3a& ever a%hieved 3itho't &omeone'& ta-in" a %han%e. $at%h a video on C4R and emer"en%y . 1((. 1(+2. 1((2. 1(( . Never . 6on't &pend lot& o. 1(*/.er to &ay "ra%e at holiday meal&.1( 1. 1(#(. 4a"e (# o. month&5 &pend thirty min'te& or &o in a )i" toy &tore.. 1(*1. On%e a &'mmer5 r'n thro'"h a yard &prin-ler. $hen &omeone tell& yo' they love yo'5 never &ay5 0No5 yo' don't. Never )'y a Role7 3at%h . 1(*+.ind a %oin on the "ro'nd5 pi%. 1((+. Keep a %o'ple o.amily. E7perien%e a real advent'reF . $at%h rer'n& o. mi&&in" %hildren. yo' have to &tand alone..o. 4ay attention to pi%t're& o.yo'r&el. Stand o't . @irt'e&0 )y $illiam Bennett GSimon U S%h'&ter5 111#H to yo'r home li)rary. 3hat yo''re doin" today i& "ettin" yo' %lo&er to 3here yo' 3ant to )e tomorro3. 9l3ay& o.rom &omeone 3ho i& o't o.3hen they drop )y. Spend time 3ith l'%-y people.or no&tal"ia'& &a-e5 ta-e a photo o.e5 paint a pi%t're.ri"erator&. 1(# .

9void a'tomated teller ma%hine& at ni"ht. (* .(. 1(1+.2. 1(11. appre%iation.0 Remem)er that everyone ha& )ad day&.amily holiday5 don't )e too %on%erned a)o't the %o&t. 1(.ini&hed..1. M'e&tion yo'r pre8'di%e&. Care.3hen yo' are .+. 1(.. Thi& i& not a time to %o'nt pennie&B it'& a time to ma-e memorie&.rom that day. 1(1#.. >ive it to them on their ei"hteenth )irthday. $hen on va%ation or a . the $e&tern $orld0 to yo'r video%a&&ette %olle%tion. Never intentionally em)arra&& anyone.#. Remem)er that 3ealth i& not havin" all the money yo' 3ant5 )'t havin" all the money yo' need. yo'r %ar and en8oy the %ro&&in". Learn the hi&tory o. $hen yo' pa&& a . Even on &hort .erry ride&5 al3ay& "et o't o. 1(/. 1(. %lothin" yo' have )orro3ed5 leave a note o. $hen yo''re an"ry5 ta-e a thirty?min'te 3al-B 3hen yo''re really an"ry5 %hop &ome . The need all the en%o'ra"ement they %an "et. 1(+. $hen )a)ie& are )orn into yo'r .. 1(//. :arry &omeone 3ho love& m'&i%. 1(.amily )'&ine&&e&. 1(/*. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r. 1(++. Never &harpen a )oomeran".or an item o. 1(+1. Ea%h hor& d'oe'vre ha& a)o't one h'ndred %alorie&. 1(/1.1. 1(/ . See any deto'r a& an opport'nity to e7perien%e ne3 thin"&. 1(/#. 1(/2.'lly e7amine yo'r 3ritten 3or. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !. 1(+/. :a-e &'re the telephone n'm)er on yo'r letterhead and )'&ine&& %ard& i& lar"e eno'"h to read ea&ily. S'pport . Ta-e yo'r . $rite a than-?yo' note to yo'r %hildren'& tea%her 3hen yo' &ee yo'r %hild learnin" ne3 thin"&. 1(./. 1(.'l. Learn to eat 3ith %hop&ti%-&.amily to a d'de ran%h . 1(1 .amily5 &ave the ne3&paper . 1(1(. 1(12. Be 3ary o.or them a& tho'"h they 3ere %hildren.*. 9dd 09rt o. Remem)er the main thin" i& to -eep the main thin" the main thin".1(+*.aith. Read the 0Old Farmer'& 9lmana%. Be . Eat moderately.or a va%ation. 1(1/. !ave yo'r pa&tor over . E7er%i&e vi"oro'&ly. 1(.ire3ood. $at%h 3hat yo' eat at %o%-tail partie&. $hen ad'lt& are &i%-5 %are .or dinner. 1(/+. 1(/(. 1(.amily ridin" in a )it 0U?!a'l0 tr'%-5 "ive them the 0th'm)&?'p0 &i"n. 1(/1. 1(. Never re&i&t a "enero'& imp'l&e. &toppin" at re&ta'rant& di&playin" 0!elp $anted0 &i"n&. 1(1*. yo'r hometo3n. 1(1. !ave yo'r piano t'ned every &i7 month&. 4a"e (( o. $hen ret'rnin" a )oo..

li"ht. @i&it the 9rt In&tit'te o.armin"F yo' have to &tart over a"ain every mornin".amily'& ann'al in%ome. 4a"e (* o. 1*22.e'& Little In&tr'%tion Boo. 1*12. 1*1+.. to a home mort"a"e lar"er that three time& yo'r .orta)le .a%t&. Li.. 9&. 4lant more .dili"ently.rom virt'o'& livin". 1* 1. 6on't o)li"ate yo'r&el. 6on't live 3ith the )ra-e& on.. Say &omethin" every day that en%o'ra"e& yo'r %hildren. Remem)er that %reatin" a &'%%e&&. 1*1. 1*2*. Ta-e yo'r dad )o3lin".ore&een pro)lem&. 1*1 . 1*1/. Thin. 6on't .ood or entertainment at %h'r%h &'pper& or %harity . $or.e. the )a)y. La'"h lo'dly.1(11. /.to yo'r plant&. Tal. 4a&& do3n . 1*2#.amily re%ipie&. +. Chi%a"o. 1* 2. Commit yo'r&el. IIIO 1*#2. 1* (.H. 1*11. %omm'ni%ation& 3ith yo'r %hildren5 not matter 3hat they do. 1*1(. to a mi"hty p'rpo&e. Never %omplain a)o't the . 1* #. $hen a&-ed5 ta-e the time to "ive o't?o. !ave a little money in the )an. 1*21. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Life's Little Instruction Book I5 II5 III )y !.airly. yo' -no3 yo''re "oin" to lo&e5 do it 3ith &tyle. 1* . (* . 1*2/. Read 0>ro3in" a B'&ine&&0 )y 4a'l !a3-en GSimon U S%h'&ter5 11/. 1*1*.the %aptain .to &ee a pi%t're o.o.or"et that yo'r attit'de i& 8'&t a& important a& the .or advi%e 3hen yo' need it5 )'t remem)er that no one i& an e7pert on yo'r handle 'n.or a &a. Re&%'e yo'r dream&. Never )rea. 1* 1* 1* 1* 1* *. =a%-&on Bro3n5 =r.@ol. . $hen deplanin"5 than.'n%tion&. 1. 1*#1. In%l'de yo'r parent& in yo'r prayer&. 1*2 .e and %om. Remem)er that tr'e happine&& %ome& . Love deeply..C'i%-ly.'l marria"e i& li-e .. NEnd o. 1*1#.lo3er& than yo' pi%-. 1*11. I. 1*2+. 1*2(. >ive "enero'&ly. Remem)er that m'%h tr'th i& &po-en in 8e&t.?to3n vi&itor& %omplete and %lear dire%tion&. 1*2. $hen tal-in" to &omeone 3ho'& a ne3 parent5 al3ay& a&. 1*# . Fi"ht . Ta-e a %o'r&e in )a&i% %ar repair. 1*21. Tea%h )y e7ample. Remem)er that all important tr'th& are &imple. Live &imply.

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