CO N S I D E R AT I O N 2 0 1 3

Tracy Letts


Written by Tracy Letts

YELLOW 11/11/12 PINK 11/09/12 BLUE 10/23/12 FINAL WHITE 9/21/12

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY 1 AN ENDLESS SKY AT TWILIGHT Foreboding. Heat lightning in the distance. Miles of unforgiving, summer-scorched prairie. BEVERLY (OS) ...“Life is very long...” 2 MILES OF STRAIGHT ROAD 2 1


Two lanes, not a car in sight. Cracked asphalt undulates over gentle, browned hills, disappears into an infinite horizon. BEVERLY (OS) TS Eliot. Not the first person to say it, certainly not the first person to think it. 3 A LAKE IN THE GATHERING DUSK Flat, still. An empty aluminum rowboat lolls listlessly, tied haphazardly to an old wooden dock. BEVERLY (OS) But he’s given credit for it because he bothered to write it down. 4 AN OLD FARM HOUSE SITTING ATOP A LOW HILL At the end of a long gravel road. black walnuts and lace-bark elms. a plow to earth here in decades. 4 3

Surrounded by towering A farm once, no one’s put

BEVERLY (OS) So if you say it, you have to say his name after it. “Life is very long:” TS Eliot. Absolutely goddamn right. Wrap around porches, forgotten gardens. Imposing in the gathering gloom. A single downstairs window glows. BEVERLY (OS) (CONT’D) Give the devil his due. Very few poets could’ve made it through Eliot’s trial and come out, brilliantined and double-breasted and Anglican.

Listens to the voices filtering up from below. We’re on her profile. getting her bearings. . how Crane or Berryman might have reacted. a THUD. faced with Eliot’s first wife. just foot-raced to the nearest bridge. plop her in the nearest asylum and get on with it.. ominous horizon. silhouetted against the faint light from the open bathroom door.TWILIGHT 6 Full of shadows. CLOSE. sometimes a great many. Stares out the window at the darkening. lights one. BEVERLY (CONT’D) Not Eliot: after sufficient years of ecclesiastical guilt. He sits a glass careful someone 2. his staggered delivery due more to his selection of words than drunkenness. He looks to the ceiling. Olympian Suicidalists. a face fills the screen -5 INT. She hesitates on the edge of the bed. just to study that face. they eliminate her need for equilibrium.. He’s talking to we do not yet see. her equilibrium. 4 5 We take at a cluttered desk. My wife.TWILIGHT BEVERLY WESTON. BEVERLY (CONT’D) Violet. Fortunately. lovely Viv. 6 INT. wise and deeply sad Okie. They affect."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 4 CONTINUED: And now. Nurses of whiskey. his face damp with sweat. Finds a pack of Winstons. BEVERLY (CONT’D) God-a-mighty. a long moment. A craggy. She sits up slowly from rumpled sheets. BEVERLY’S DIMLY LIT STUDY . From somewhere upstairs.. VIOLET’S BEDROOM . She takes pills. among other things. You have to admire the purity of the survivor’s instinct. BEVERLY Not hard to imagine..

but I’m finding it’s getting in the way of my drinking.TWILIGHT 8 She gathers herself to stand. BEVERLY (CONT’D) It’s not a decision with which I’m entirely comfortable. That’s the bargain we’ve struck.TWILIGHT 3."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 7 INT. a woman’s legs. walls lined with photos of long-dead pioneer ancestors and faded school photographs of three daughters. We FOLLOW HER CLOSELY. waiting for the sound of more movement from the rooms overhead. into -BEVERLY The reasons why we partake are anymore inconsequential. . 7 Beverly shifts.. INTERCUT WITH: 8 INT. And these facts have over time made burdensome the maintenance of traditional American routine. The light from the study slices across the living room. Her hair unkempt. BEVERLY (CONT’D) Rather than once more vow abstinence with my fingers crossed in the queasy hope of righting our ship. VIOLET’S BEDROOM/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY . When there is none -BEVERLY My wife takes pills and I drink. She can see a portion of Beverly’s desk. cruel covenant. I’ve chosen to turn my life over to a Higher Power and join the ranks of the Hiring Class. That’s the bargain we’ve struck. THE STUDY . Done it all my life. her steps unsteady. BEVERLY (CONT’D) The facts are: my wife takes pills and I drink. Moves to the door. She makes her way to the stairs starts down.. I know how to launder my dirty undies. just one paragraph of our marriage contract. The hallway.

. as if it is a thing to be disbelieved... BEVERLY Wine grapes..... goddamn it. VIOLET Am I looking through window? A window? BEVERLY Can you come here? She steps into the study.. late sixties."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 8 CONTINUED: BEVERLY (CONT’D) Sorry about the heat in here. My wife is cold-blooded and not just in the metaphorical sense. BEVERLY * She stands in the shadows of the living room. VIOLET Did you pullish? Did you. Oh. confused. I knew your father. Are the police here? No. simply dressed. you know.. didn’t he?? Yes. Bought many a watermelon from Mr Youngblood’s fruit stand. She wears pajamas and a much slept-in robe.?! Yes? VIOLET BEVERLY I’m sorry. JOHNNA 4. 8 BEVERLY May I ask how? JOHNNA He had a heart attack. You.. dishevelled. did. In Oklahoma. He did pass. Native American. VIOLET Hello. emerging from the darkness into light to reveal: VIOLET WESTON. Bev. She does not believe in air-conditioning. Dissipated. sir. Fell into a flatbed truck full of wine grapes. Thirty.Oh. She’s staring at a woman sitting in front of Beverly’s desk: JOHNNA. .

your par-tic-u-lars way of speakking. the young woman I told you about. to Johnna) Hello."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 8 CONTINUED: BEVERLY Johnna. JOHNNA VIOLET Are you an Indian? . BEVERLY That I’m hiring -VIOLET Oh. Whoa-man. ma’am. I thought you meant you had thought a whoa-man to be HIRED! BEVERLY I don’t understand you. take you to the clinic and to the -VIOLET (over-articulating) In the int’rest of . I thought you meant the other woman. VIOLET You’re very pretty. you hire women’s now the thing. BEVERLY To cook and clean. (curtsies) Like this. VIOLET You tell me she’s a woman. VIOLET (winsome.civil action. Thank you. 8 VIOLET I’m sorry.. Wo-man. Hello.. JOHNNA Yes. JOHNNA 5.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 8 CONTINUED: JOHNNA Yes, ma’am. What kind? Cheyenne. VIOLET JOHNNA

6. 8

* * * *

VIOLET Do you think I’m pretty? JOHNNA Yes, ma’am. VIOLET (curtsies again) Like...this? (curtsies again) Like this? She stumbles, catches herself. Careful... BEVERLY

VIOLET You’re the house now. I’m sorry, I took some medicine for my mussss... muscular. BEVERLY Why don’t you go back to bed, sweetheart? VIOLET Why don’t you go fuck a fucking sow’s ass? All right. BEVERLY

VIOLET I’m sorry. I’ll be sickly sweet. I’m soooooooo sweet. In-el-abrially sweet. She smiles at Johnna, goes. back up the stairs, then -Beverly watches her disappear

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 8 CONTINUED: BEVERLY We keep unusual hours here. Try not to differentiate between night and day. You won’t be able to keep a healthy routine. JOHNNA I need the work. BEVERLY I myself require very little attention, thrive without it, sort of a human cactus. My wife has been diagnosed with a touch of cancer, so she’ll need to be driven to Tulsa for her final chemotherapy treatments. You’re welcome to use that Americanmade behemoth parked out in the drive. Welcome to make use of anything, everything, all this garbage we’ve acquired, our life’s work. Do you have any questions? JOHNNA What kind of cancer? BEVERLY My God, I nearly neglected the punch line: mouth cancer. JOHNNA What pills does she take? BEVERLY Valium. Vicodin. Darvon, Darvocet. Percodan, Percocet. Xanax for fun. OxyContin in a pinch. And of course Diluadid. I can’t forget Diluadid. Beverly wobbles to his feet, explores his bookshelf. BEVERLY (CONT’D) “By night within that ancient house, Immense, black, damned, anonymous.” (and) My last refuge, my books: simple pleasures, like finding wild onions by the side of a road, or requited love. He takes a book from the bookshelf, gives it to her.

7. 8

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 8 CONTINUED: BEVERLY (CONT’D) TS Eliot. Read it or not. It isn’t a job requirement, just for your enjoyment. (beat) Here we go, round the prickly pear... Prickly pear prickly pear... Here we go round the prickly pear... 9 OPENING TITLES

8. 8



We’re underwater. Light fractures and scatters above. The surface undulating gently as we GLIDE through a lake’s dark, tenebrous waters on a moonlit night. A rowboat SLIPS across our field of vision. It’s aluminum hull cutting through the calm above, sending out small waves as it makes it’s way SLOWLY past. Oars dip in on either side, propelling the small craft toward deeper water. It slows. Stops. Bobs gently. We wait, watch -And then suddenly, something large hits the surface above, indistinct, exploding the calm, coming towards us, sinking fast as TITLES END -10 A SHAPE 10

Prone, silhouetted against a sunlit window across the room. A body, her back to us. The phone RINGS. Once, twice. The body doesn’t move. A girl’s voice calls from downstairs. Mom...? JEAN (OS)

The phone continues to RING. Still no movement. Mom...! JEAN (OS) (CONT’D)

Nothing. The ringing stops. A moment of silence, followed by irritated teenage footsteps on the carpeted stairs. ...Mom...? JEAN (OS) (CONT’D)

The hallway door opens, we’re in --

dust swirling behind it. moves slowly to the window.DAY JEAN. It’s hot. BARBARA JEAN You didn’t hear the phone? BARBARA If it’s your father. BARBARA (CONT’D) . reaches for the sill. BARBARA .. neutral house colors. The Honda parks.Mom? JEAN 9.. 11 A sound from the body. fourteen. ... We STUDY Barb as she listens. precocious. A woman who. BARBARA’S BEDROOM . has decided to stop giving a damn. lateforties... 12 INT/EXT."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 11 INT. CLOSE ON: BARBARA FORDHAM... Bright. Stops. forties. JEAN It’s Aunt Ivy in Oklahoma.Ivy? . lowers herself to sit. no make-up.what’s wrong? Barb stands. Greying roots. climbs out. The precarious old barn out back and untended flower beds. attractive enough but expert at hiding it. She gropes for the phone..? Jean passes in the hall. Stares up at the trees surrounding the old farm house. She sits up. Mmm. for reasons we don’t yet understand. tell him to fuck off. . still no movement. a few extra pounds. lawns. Outside: identical suburban homes. New deal. OKLAHOMA) . IVY WESTON. WESTON HOUSE (PAWHUSKA. shy and soft-spoken. watching as her mother slowly dissolves.DAY 12 A battered Honda Civic makes it’s way up the long drive from the highway below... fully dressed..When. sticks her head in.

smoking and on the phone. VIOLET What’d you tell her? IVY I told her Dad was missing.. creams and lotions... in her bedroom. dust mots settling in the sunlight.. Bed unmade. VIOLET (CONT’D) Stop that.. tissue boxes.. WESTON KITCHEN .. VIOLET . Clothes draped over chairs. CARRYING US with her.You’re going out yourself. * Drapes drawn.. then heads upstairs. 13 Johnna washes a dish at the sink.? (no answer) Mom? Steps into the open door of her father’s study. More pills. watching Ivy. Violet is off the phone. Picks up towels. wet towels on the floor. lights off. The room is unruly.. Dresser and night-stands cluttered with pills. briefly chastened. untouched papers. THE WESTON HOUSE . standing in hall. His vacant desk chair... Watches Ivy’s arrival through the kitchen window. Makes no motion to go to her -14 INT.? Ivy wanders into the bath. VIOLET (CONT’D) You call Barb? What’d she say? IVY She’s on her way. Ivy stops. sitting in front of her vanity in near darkness.. IVY Mom. 14 . VIOLET (CONT’D) .? Barely acknowledges Ivy’s arrival.DAY Ivy steps into the dark house."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 13 INT. She turns off the dripping faucet.DAY 10. Violet opens a bottle of pills. Finds Violet.You’ve been out there. She takes a moment.

VIOLET She’ll be a big fat help. What’s her name? Ivy follows her mother. IVY 11. all that mess? I can’t make heads or tails of it. (MORE) . I can’t do this by myself. what did she say? IVY She said she was on her way. 14 VIOLET What did she say? IVY She said she was on her way. Ivy. VIOLET What did she say? IVY She said she’d try to get here."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 14 CONTINUED: VIOLET Did you tell her how long he’d been missing? Five days. something about the basement or the sump pump or the foundation. Seen that office of his. just like you. VIOLET You’re hopeless. VIOLET Goddamn it. Johnna. IVY Who was on the phone? VIOLET This house is falling apart. (heads back into her room) Goddamn your father for putting me through this. I don’t know anything about it. IVY I called Karen. returns to tidying up. He hired this Indian for some goddamn reason and now I have a stranger in my house.

IVY Why would VIOLET Your shoulders are slumped and your hair’s all straight and you don’t wear makeup. You look like a lesbian. Don’t let anybody tell you different. . Why don’t you wear makeup? IVY Do I need makeup? VIOLET All women need makeup. A bit. VIOLET What did you do to your hair? IVY I had it straightened."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 14 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT'D) (takes another pill) I need Barb. Violet takes another pill. VIOLET (CONT’D) You could get a decent man if you spruced up. anybody do that? IVY I just wanted a change. Stand up straight. IVY I’m not looking for a man. but you always look like a schlub. Mom. that’s all I’m saying. 14 Ivy moves on to hanging clothes back in the jammed closet. VIOLET You had it straightened. VIOLET You’re the prettiest of my three girls. The only woman who was pretty enough to go without makeup was Elizabeth Taylor and she wore a ton. IVY What’s Barb going to be able to do? 12.

My tongue 13. But just because you got a bad one last time doesn’t mean -IVY Barry wasn’t a loser. is on fire. IVY You want me to marry some eighteen year old boy from one of these hick towns? VIOLET They still have teachers at TU. first time you brought him over here in his little electric car with his stupid orange hair and that turban -IVY It wasn’t a turban -VIOLET You work at a college."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 14 CONTINUED: VIOLET There are a lot of losers out there. IVY (CONT’D) Is your mouth burning? VIOLET Like a son-of-a-bitch. Violet takes another pill. 14 IVY Are you supposed to be smoking? . I warned you from the jump. right? They did when your father taught there. don’t think I don’t know that. VIOLET Barry was an asshole. VIOLET (CONT’D) How many was that? IVY I wasn’t counting. Don’t tell me there aren’t people coming through the door of that library every day. Violet takes another pill.

IVY (after a moment) Are you scared? VIOLET Course I’m scared. Violet’s baby sister. Ivy pulls back the drape and the shade. Thank God one of my girls stayed close to home. He does? IVY VIOLET He smokes a lot of grass.DAY MATTIE FAE I told Vi. VIOLET He smokes a lot of grass. 15 . is behind the wheel. 14 * * Outside. sweetheart."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 14 CONTINUED: VIOLET Is anybody supposed to smoke? IVY You have cancer of the mouth. Mattie Fae’s husband. VIOLET She means to come in here and tell me what’s what.” MATTIE FAE AIKEN. And you are a comfort. sixty-one. CHARLIE. CHARLIE’S CADILLAC/WESTON HOUSE . larger than life. 14. VIOLET Just leave it alone. easy-going. IVY Aunt Mattie Fae’s here. is in the passenger seat. IVY I don’t know how Uncle Charlie puts up with it. 15 INT/EXT. the sound of a CAR pulling up. finds a big Cadillac arriving. “Take all those goddamn books he’s so fond of and make a big pile in the front yard and have yourself a bonfire.

you better believe -CHARLIE I’m not going anywhere. teachers read books. no call. I’ll give you two days to get your head straight and then it’s all going up in a blaze of glory. I told your mother. makes a beeline for her. Your daddy’s done this before."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 15 CONTINUED: CHARLIE You don’t burn a man’s books. Mattie Fae spots her. CHARLIE The man’s books didn’t do anything.” Mattie Fae sweeps past Ivy into the -- . MATTIE FAE You get any ideas about just up and taking off. MATTIE FAE You do. CHARLIE That bother you? MATTIE FAE What’s the last book you read? CHARLIE Beverly was a teacher. MATTIE FAE I’m saying if you did. Ivy comes out of the house to meet them. 15 Charlie parks. sweetie. Just takes off. Charlie Aiken. 15. envelopes Ivy in a hug. I’m in the upholstery business. Not that you have any books lying around. if the situation calls for it. they climb out into the blinding sunlight. MATTIE FAE Ah. nothing. “You pack that son-of-a-bitch’s bags and have ‘em waiting for him on the front porch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you read a book in my life.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 16 INT. CHARLIE He’s an observer. (and) Why is it so dark in here? CHARLIE So you can’t even see Ivy’s point? That Little Charles and Beverly share some kind of. IVY Kind of like Charles. complication. .. CHARLIE She just means in their sort of quiet complicated ways -MATTIE FAE Little Charles isn’t complicated. Ivy eyes it apprehensively. he’s just unemployed. I know he will. Exactly -Oh. WESTON HOUSE . CHARLIE Yes. IVY 16. Beverly is a very complicated man. MATTIE FAE You have to be smart to be complicated. The phone begins to RING. 16 CHARLIE They’ve always had trouble. MATTIE FAE Where’s your mother? Upstairs. like Little Charles. MATTIE FAE He’ll come back again. MATTIE FAE He’s nothing like Little Charles. MATTIE FAE All he observes is the television.DAY Ivy and Charlie follow. Ivy.. he always does.

concerned about the phone. when did this start? This business with taping the shades? IVY Been a couple of years now. Mattie Fae pulls back a set of drapes. Feel it. No. MATTIE FAE Sweat is just dripping down my back."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 16 CONTINUED: The phone STOPS. 16 CHARLIE Are you saying our boy isn’t smart? MATTIE FAE Yes. 17. Ivy steals glances upstairs. I’m sweating. . yes. Violet’s answered it upstairs. MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) I’m sweating... finds the light is blocked by shades sealed with tape. it’s ninety degrees in here. MATTIE FAE CHARLIE MATTIE FAE Come on. put your hand here -CHARLIE Goddamn it -MATTIE FAE Sweat’s just dripping. that’s what I’m saying. CHARLIE I believe you. MATTIE FAE Feel my back. CHARLIE I don’t want to feel your back. Are you sweating? CHARLIE Hell. MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) Ivy.

the jokers who settled this place. drives the rental. Barb’s in the passenger seat beside him. CHARLIE Don’t do that. . listening to her Walkman in the back. Barbara’s estranged husband. BILL If you want me to explain the creepy character of the Midwest. right? A spiritual affliction.AFTERNOON 18. BARBARA Right. IVY I think that’s the purpose. the Midwest.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 16 CONTINUED: Mattie Fae starts peeling off the tape. BARBARA What were these people thinking. watching the brown countryside pass by. MATTIE FAE The body needs sunlight. genocide always seems like such a good idea at the time. This is the Plains: a state of mind. 16 A17 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Jean has on headphones. you’re -BARBARA Please. BILL FORDHAM. Charlie notices Mattie Fae pulling off tape. RENTAL CAR (MOVING) . you need a little hindsight. MATTIE FAE Is it that long since we’ve been here? CHARLIE Do you know its purpose? You can’t tell if it’s night or day.. like the Blues. This isn’t your place. Who was the asshole who saw this flat hot nothing and planted his flag? I mean we fucked the Indians for this? BILL Well. A17 INT/EXT. Ivy goes.

MATTIE FAE Who’s this now? The highway patrol? VIOLET No. Doesn’t. absorbing what she’s heard.DAY Violet hangs up the phone. the Gilbeau boy. 18 MOVED TO A17 Wants * 18 * . Ivy is in the door. VIOLET They checked the hospitals. Ivy watches her mother being comforted by Mattie Fae. He withdraws quickly. BARBARA Don’t. VIOLET’S BEDROOM . IVY Dad’s boat? VIOLET I asked the sheriff to send a deputy out to the dock to check if anybody had seen him and his boat is gone. Just got the 19. Plains."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft A17 CONTINUED: BILL “You okay?” “I’m fine. IVY What else did he say? VIOLET The boat’s missing. the sheriff. Mattie Fae watches from her spot sitting on the corner of the bed. no Beverly. A17 * * * * * * * 17 * * He reaches across. 17 INT. touches her tenderly. Sits for a long moment. to go to her. concerned.” They laugh.

RENTAL CAR/WESTON HOUSE . Leaving Bill and Barb alone. 19 * * * * Bill slows the rental car to turn. Neither moves to get out. So she went to the pet store and raised hell and they gave her another parakeet. Bill follows. JEAN I’m gonna grab a smoke. and the little fucker croaked after two days. (MORE) .AFTERNOON 20. watching. begins unloading luggage. Jean realizes they’ve stopped. BARBARA You’ve encouraged that. beckoning. Turns off the ignition. it’s hot. Bill pulls the rental in front of the house. ominous. BARBARA (CONT’D) Goddamn. Barb looks down the road and across the field to where the farm house peeks out through the trees. Jean heads for the relative privacy of the fence at the edge of the yard. makes her seem even more mature. BILL Suppose your mom’s turned on the air conditioner? BARBARA You kidding? Remember the parakeets? BILL The parakeets? BARBARA I didn’t tell you about the parakeets? She got a parakeet for some insane reason. Barbara climbs out."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 19 INT/EXT. That one died after one day. BILL I haven’t encouraged anything. Bill unlocks the trunk. BARBARA You admire her for getting hooked at fourteen. threatening. pulls off her headphones.

all right? They live in the fucking tropics. Barb looks over to Jean smoking by the fence. dear. So the chick from the pet store came out here to see just what in the hell this serial parakeet killer was doing to bump off these birds..could I trouble you for another beer? MATTIE FAE Goddam it. 21."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 19 CONTINUED: BARBARA (CONT'D) So she went back and they gave her a third parakeet and that one died too. she’s not a waitress. BARBARA (CONT’D) What. CHARLIE Violet’s a Clapton fan? Johnna passes through.AFTERNOON Charlie is poking around the old stereo. He laughs. It was too hot.. . 19 They head for the house with suitcases. And? BILL BARBARA The heat. 20 INT. finds an LP. the TV beside him is tuned to a Royals game. They were dying from the heat. 20 BARBARA No way. WESTON HOUSE . CHARLIE (CONT’D) ‘Scuse me. BILL BARBARA These are tropical birds. Charlie holds up his empty bottle. Jesus. wilting in the heat. is she smoking a cigar? BILL Are you ready for this? No.

. Aunt Mattie Fae -BILL Hi. will you look at this one? Come here and give your Aunt Mattie Fae some sugar! BARBARA Hi. Jean enters behind her parents. Watchin’ a ball game.. MATTIE FAE Oh my gosh.. Mattie Fae. .. CHARLIE You’re drinking straight whiskey! MATTIE FAE Just. . MATTIE FAE I don’t believe you. show a little class."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 20 CONTINUED: CHARLIE I know that. MATTIE FAE Then get your own beer.Mom? BARBARA 22. Charlie. MATTIE FAE I’m having a cocktail. Barbara --! You give me some sugar! Bill! are! MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) Look how skinny you BILL Hi. JOHNNA (takes the empty/goes) I’ll get it. MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) Oh my God. are quickly descended upon by Mattie Fae and Charlie. You have any sense of what’s going on around you? CHARLIE Am I supposed to sit here like a statue? You’re drinking whiskey. Hugs. overlapping dialogue. 20 Barbara and Bill have entered. stands sheepishly. drinkin’ beers.

Ivy appears at the top of the stairs.. BILL Hello."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 20 CONTINUED: MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) My gosh. Mom. Mom. . you looked like a little boy! BARBARA Hi. Violet. I’m here. it’s okay. BARBARA It’s okay. 20 CHARLIE ‘Lo. Yes. Man you have dropped some weight. I’m here. quietly: BILL No word then? No. watches her mother in her sister’s arms. BILL 23. you’re so big! Look at your boobs! Last time I saw you. VIOLET Hi. VIOLET What am I going to do? BARBARA Did you see Bill and Jean? Violet takes them in. CHARLIE How was the flight from Denver? Fine. MATTIE FAE Of course you are. Violet appears on the stairs. rushes to Barbara... sweetheart. VIOLET BARBARA It’s okay. Uncle Charlie. disoriented. poor thing. haven’t you? Hello. Bill. Barb. Bill turns to Charlie. I’m here.. Shh. huh-uh. Bill. VIOLET I’m just so scared. CHARLIE MATTIE FAE No.

BARBARA God.. or Bill. I need you to go through Beverly’s things. that looks great. it doesn’t matter. VIOLET You’re just the prettiest thing. 24. you look good. MATTIE FAE They’re just so darn big. 20 Vi hugs Jean. IVY It looked crowded. now that desk of his is such a mess and I get confused -- . help me with this paperwork. VIOLET She had it straightened. BARBARA Well. Ivy. she does."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 20 CONTINUED: VIOLET (sees Jean) Well. Barbara. Doesn’t she BARBARA I love your hair.. Mom. still standing above on the stairs. BARBARA Ivy. I didn’t see you up there. Johnna slips in. Thank you for coming to see me. MATTIE FAE Isn’t she the limit? Look at her boobs! JEAN O-kay. look good. we can do that. look at you. leaves a beer for Charlie. we’ve all stared at my tits now. IVY I was going to help with -VIOLET No. Bill? BILL Yes.

VIOLET You’re going back to Tulsa? MATTIE FAE We have to. Mattie Fae -- BARBARA Who’s Johnna? VIOLET She’s the Indian who lives in my attic. yeah. VIOLET How about Little Charles. Anyway. We have to get back. he can’t. Johnna. can’t he take care of the dogs? CHARLIE Well. can Jean stay in the attic? VIOLET No. I know you want to spend some time with these girls. we left in such a rush we didn’t get anyone to take care of the damn dogs. IVY 25. BARBARA Mom. that’s where what’s-her-name lives. BARBARA She’s the what? . Violet -BARBARA (to Charlie) Which room are you in? MATTIE FAE We’re gonna head home soon. I guess he could -MATTIE FAE No."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 20 CONTINUED: BILL I’ll take care of it. 20 CHARLIE Maybe we should call him. MATTIE FAE We talked about this.

Hello. A beaded pouch in the shape of a turtle. JEAN Is there something in it? JOHNNA My umbilical cord. their umbilical cord is dried and sewn into a pouch. standing in what was once a vegetable garden. Sees Johnna across the road by the fence."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 21 EXT. JEAN Ewww. are you serious? JOHNNA When a Cheyenne is born. 21 Jean steps out onto the porch. JEAN I like your necklace. Heads for her -Hi. JEAN Johnna is cutting off sprigs of wild mint entangled in the fence. THE YARD .LATE AFTERNOON 26. . I’m Jean.. Johnna smiles. JOHNNA JEAN JOHNNA * * * * Johnna keeps working. JOHNNA * * JEAN Did you make that? JOHNNA My grandma. Thank you. Johnna.. Jean watches. Jean recoils.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 21 CONTINUED: JEAN You’re Cheyenne. Got into his truck. got up Sunday. our souls belong nowhere and when we die our souls walk the Earth looking for where we belong.. BILL This was when? Violet stands smoking. still no Beverly. THE BACK PORCH . Unless you were riding his ass. . If we lose it. heading back to Tulsa. Johnna enters with her mint. he walked out the door..? VIOLET I went to bed Saturday night. And that was it.. Did you see that? JOHNNA Yes. VIOLET I never said anything to him about his drinking. I didn’t make much of it. The Indian girl made us biscuits and gravy. unhappily watching Charlie and Mattie Fae climb into the Caddie and disappear down the gravel drive. VIOLET Saturday morning.LATE AFTERNOON 27. We wear it for the rest of our lives. crosses into the kitchen. this door right there. 22 INT. Bill and Barb sit at an old linoleum table. Like that movie Powwow Highway.. thought he’d gone out on a bender. never got on him about it. 21 * * Off Jean -22 A screened in back porch off the kitchen. Johnna starts back for the house with her mint. We ate some. BARBARA Why would he do that? Not like he couldn’t drink at home. BARBARA He just left.

BARBARA 28. some expensive jewelry. Oblivion. I started getting worried. Because. your father and I had an urge-ment... arrangement.. We kept an awful lot of cash in that box.. . No sign. I had a diamond ring in that box appraised at seven thousand dollars -Johnna returns with glasses of iced tea. Can take months. I swear. bank seals the box until probate is settled. I’m missing something. BARBARA BILL So Sunday. each with a sprig of mint. the other one would go empty that box. don’tcha know. wait.. I know what you’ll say about this. BARBARA BILL The money and jewelry gets rolled into the estate. He could drink himself into obliv-uh.. delivers them to Bill and Barbara. Sunday. That’s when I got worked up about that safety deposit box.. VIOLET Yes. Why do you care about a safety deposit box? VIOLET Well. that’s right -BARBARA You’re such a fucking cynic. obliv-en-um. If something were to ever happen to one of us. but. BARBARA Wait."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 22 CONTINUED: Really. VIOLET Right.. wait. 22 VILOET Barbara. still no sign of him.

I called the police and reported him missing. but no. (MORE) . you know. BARBARA And you only had Ivy call me today? VIOLET I didn’t want to worry you.fell in love with. What I first fell of with -. VIOLET (CONT’D) You mean like a fight.. And after I emptied that box."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 22 CONTINUED: VIOLET I knew you would disapprove -- 29. BARBARA Maybe he needed some time away from you. That man. Yes. Johnna places pieces of pie in front of Bill and Barb.. some incident. BILL Vi. you know. VIOLET That’s nice of you to say. VIOLET Oh. BARBARA Okay. what about the safety deposit box? VIOLET I had to wait for the bank to open on Monday. Monday morning. was his mystery. BILL VIOLET No. 22 Johnna cuts into a freshly baked apple pie in the kitchen. he just left. you sure there wasn’t some event that triggered his leaving. I thought it was sexy as hell.. And we fought enough. honey -BARBARA Jesus Christ.. BARBARA Good old unfathomable Dad.

He didn’t ask me. sister. Johnna stands. . little smile on his face. finishes cleaning it. and Bill on the back porch. BARBARA You don’t want her here. VIOLET He hired this woman. Ivy looks to Johnna. just hired this woman to come live in our house. Ivy hadn’t seen her there. BILL You can’t think of anything unusual -Johnna sits at the kitchen table behind Ivy. Outside. But Johnna just takes Ivy’s cup from her. her mother. BARBARA They’re called Native Americans now. VIOLET She’s a stranger in my house. joins Ivy at the sink. embarrassed.. VIOLET Who makes that decision? BARBARA It’s what they like to be called. But he’d just stand there. knew if he just said something. 22 INTERCUT WITH: 23 INSIDE THE KITCHEN 23 Ivy enters with her coffee cup. Few days before he left. Mom. There’s an Indian in my house. 30. runs water in it at the sink. Sexy.. BILL You have a problem with Indians. Violet? VIOLET I don’t know what to say to an Indian."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 22 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT'D) You knew he was the smartest one in the room.. knock you out.. not say a word.

31. BARBARA I’m very dutiful. now. I send presents -VIOLET You do not write -- . VIOLET When was the last time you were here? BARBARA Don’t get started on that -VIOLET Really. BARBARA She may be an Indian. but she makes the best goddamn apple pie I ever ate. VIOLET What’s wrong with Indian? BARBARA Why’s it so hard to call people -VIOLET Let’s just call the dinosaurs “Native Americans” while we’re at it. never to return. nods to Ivy. It doesn’t make any sense. huh? VIOLET Nice for you. 23 VIOLET He hired a cook. Johnna smiles. But you’ll be gone soon enough. We don’t eat.. I write. they are.. BARBARA In fact. BARBARA (a warning) Mom."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 23 CONTINUED: VIOLET They aren’t any more native than me. I call. Kind of nice. Leaves the kitchen. Mom. BARBARA And now you get biscuits and gravy. I don’t even remember.

Violet trails behind them into the kitchen. unsure if she should stay or go. Mattie Fae was my mother’s favorite. you’d know a parent always has favorites. picks up a plate. BARBARA (CONT’D) I’d prefer to think my parents loved all their children equally. Tries to make herself invisible -."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 23 CONTINUED: BARBARA Presents on birthdays. BARBARA That is wildly unfair. VIOLET Because you’re “dutiful. now -VIOLET I don’t care about you two. Goes to the refrigerator instead. You broke his heart when you moved away. but doesn’t have time to escape. don’t pretend you don’t know that. VIOLET But your father. Barbara follows Bill. Mother’s Day -- 32. If you’d had more than one child. VIOLET I’m sure you’d prefer to think that Santy Claus brought you presents at Christmas. Ivy finds iced’s not hard to do. You were your Daddy’s favorite. Ivy hears him coming. BILL Am I going to have to separate you two? VIOLET You know you were Beverly’s favorite. . pours herself some. Bill stands.” BILL All right. I’d like to see my granddaughter every now -BARBARA Well. pushes his way back into the kitchen. 23 Ivy eavesdrops at the sink. Big deal. I got used to it. you’re seeing her now. too.

This isn’t a conversation she’d like to be having in front of her sister. enough. Everybody’s on edge -VIOLET Beverly didn’t say terrible things behind your back -BILL Vi. You never would’ve gotten Beverly Weston out of Oklahoma. Violet sees Ivy too -. come on -VIOLET He just told me he’s disappointed in you because you settled. What a load of absolute horseshit. VIOLET (CONT’D) Broke his heart. standing there. as a writer.could care less. BARBARA What was I supposed to do?! Colorado gave Bill twice the money he was making at TU -BILL Why are we even getting into this? BARBARA You think Daddy wouldn’t have jumped at the chance Bill got? VIOLET You’re wrong there. He thought you had talent."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 23 CONTINUED: 33. VIOLET ‘S what he told you. Christ. BARBARA Daddy never said anything like that to you. * * . some terrible shit Daddy said behind my back? BILL Hey. 23 Barbara notices Ivy. BARBARA Daddy gave me his blessing. BARBARA Now you’re going to tell me the true story.

follows Violet."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 23 CONTINUED: VIOLET Oh. Say horseshit. Barb looks to Ivy. BARBARA So now it’s okay to get hooked because you have a reason. 23 Violet goes. horseshit. BATHROOM . BARBARA These fucking pills? Calls at three AM about people in your backyard? VIOLET Stop yelling at me! BARBARA The police. VIOLET I don’t know what you’re talking about. Barb and Bill exchange a look. I didn’t have a reason. who’s blank. horseshit. 24 BARBARA I mean literally. BARBARA Are you high? Excuse me. all the rest of it? VIOLET It’s not the same thing. Barb takes a beat. let’s all say horseshit. Horseshit. Bill. * . BARBARA Listen to me: I will not go through this with you again.LATE AFTERNOON Violet is closing the bathroom door. You taking something? VIOLET A muscle relaxer. 24 INT. VIOLET Barb stops her. BILL 34.

And Beverly’s disappeared and you’re yelling at me.. I’m sorry.. a carton of cigarettes. bullshit. takes her mother’s hand. sits on the lidded toilet. . gotten cancer. Barbara kneels. because my mouth burns from the chemotheeeahh -BARBARA Are you in a lot of pain? Violet starts to break down. BARBARA (CONT’D) Know where I think he is? I think he got some whiskey. BARBARA I’m not yelling at you. close to shore. 24 BARBARA Because of your mouth. maybe even writing a little.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 24 CONTINUED: VIOLET I’m not hooked on anything. I think he got out on the boat.. BARBARA I don’t want to know if you are or not.. VIOLET Yes. I have got. And it burns like a. you’re right. and he’s fishing. VIOLET I’m in pain. I think he’ll walk right through that door any time. steered it to a nice spot.. VIOLET You couldn’t come home when I got cancer but as soon as Beverly disappeared you rushed back -BARBARA I’m sorry. and reading. 35. VIOLET Yes. and drinking. I’m just saying I won’t go -I’m not.. and a couple of good spy novels.. In my mouth.. I’m in pain..

Rail-thin. WWII GIs standing in front of battered Packards before shipping out to die on the beaches of Normandy. Eliot. The photos end in a doorway that leads to a narrow. Jean’s mother and aunts in grade school. sunburned dust bowl farmers..TWILIGHT 36. I -26 JEAN Mom and Dad don’t mind. Am I bugging you? JOHNNA No. JOHNNA No. (beat) Do you mind if I smoke a bowl? I. I didn’t know. Johnna is clearly a bit uncomfortable. reading T. Jean climbs it to -26 INT. I thought maybe you’d like to smoke a bowl with me? JOHNNA No.TWILIGHT Finds Johnna on her bed in the small ascetic attic room. Jean KNOCKS on the open door. Violet and Bev on their wedding day. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY/STAIRS/ATTIC ROOM . You sure? From her pocket. with prom dates. again. You won’t get into trouble or anything. wooden staircase.. JOHNNA JEAN Okay.S. But: Okay."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 25 INT. Jean takes a glass pipe and a bud. JEAN Hi. perusing photos of her ancestors. 25 Jean walks down the hall. THE ATTIC BEDROOM . thank you. do you need something? JEAN No. JEAN Okay. .

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 26 CONTINUED: JEAN (CONT’D) I say they don’t mind. 37. are those your parents? JOHNNA Mm-hm. No. JOHNNA That’s okay. JEAN Wow. JEAN Were you close? Yes. I’m sorry. and she wishes he didn’t. I think cause Dad smokes pot too. JEAN My Mom and Dad are separated now. 26 Jean notices a framed photo on the night stand. their wedding picture. JOHNNA Very. JEAN Sorry. Thank you. Did you see that? JOHNNA I don’t think so. JEAN I just mean they don’t mind that I smoke pot. If they knew I smuggled this on the plane? And sat there sweating like in that movie Midnight Express. offers pipe) You sure? Yes. Mom kind of does. (smokes. JOHNNA I’m fine. JEAN Their costumes are fantastic. JOHNNA . Oh. they still together? Are JOHNNA My father passed away last year.

."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 26 CONTINUED: JEAN He’s fucking one of his grad students. 26 A27 Bill stands in Beverly’s empty study..NIGHT 38. WESTON HOUSE FRONT PORCH . Ivy leave? BILL 27 * * BARBARA (she nods) I’d forgotten about the lightning bugs. he holds a thin hardback copy of Meadowlark. 27 EXT. Bill comes out carrying a Coke. flitting in and out of the low hanging boughs of the trees. He was just a turd the way he didn’t give Mom a chance to respond or anything. okay? They want to play it low key. A27 INT. I don’t care --aside from the pathetic English and Humanities cliche.he can fuck who he wants and that’s who teachers meet. shares it with Barb. She turns. What sucks now is she’s on my ass cause she’s afraid I’ll have some post-divorce freak-out and become some heroin addict or shoot everybody at school. Moths bat at the porch lights. the stillness. lose my virginity. . the man. Around the yard. Turns to one of the many bookcases. like all those departmental dicks fucking their students -.NIGHT Barbara sits on the front steps. students. BEVERLY’S STUDY . BILL Look what I found. but still very hot. Picks at the papers on the desk without specific purpose. eventually finds a book. smiles. (then) Don’t say anything about Mom and Dad. Or God forbid. It’s dark now. I don’t know what it is about Dad splitting that put Mom on hymen patrol. Absorbing the room.

I don’t know -BARBARA Will you shut up about that fucking book?! You are just dripping with envy over these thirty poems my father wrote back in the late sixties. You’d think at some point. perusing the first pages. but doesn’t want to overreact. it was.. mint condition? Academy Fellowship. BILL I don’t remember a hardback edition. probably every word he wrote after this he had to be thinking. BILL I have great admiration for these poems -- . 27 BILL “Dedicated to my Violet. Christ. Wallace Stevens Award? This book was a big deal. Think this is worth something. you just write something anyway and who cares what they say about it. 39. hardback. BARBARA Those are small circles. for God’s sake. are they going to compare it to Meadowlark?” BARBARA Jean go to bed? BILL Just turned out the light. He opens the book. BARBARA It wasn’t that big a deal."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 27 CONTINUED: BARBARA We have copies. “What are they going to say..” That’s nice. BILL In those circles. Reads. first edition. Y’hear yourself? Bill’s taken aback.

you know that? You feel such rage for her you can’t help dishing it -BARBARA Psychoanalyze me right now. reassure you. 27 BARBARA I’m sure that’s what you tell Sissy. And her name is me the courtesy of recognizing when I’m demeaning you. look. hard as that may be for you to believe. I’m not going to be held hostage here while you attack me. BILL You may not agree with my methods. but critical opinion was not one of them. “No. BARBARA I know her stupid name -. BILL Violet really has a way of putting you in attack mode. Billy. I skin you. BILL What are you attacking me for? haven’t done anything.” or screwing a girl who still wears a retainer. whether it’s you struggling with the “creative question. I 40. so she can comfort you. but you know I’m right -- .” BILL Why are you bringing that up? BARBARA They’re all symptoms of your male menopause. too. you haven’t done anything."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 27 CONTINUED: BARBARA My father didn’t write anymore for a lot of reasons. BILL All right.

but I actually don’t need any help from my mother to feel rage. you narcissistic motherfucker! I am in pain! I need help! Barbara heads into the yard to get away from him. WESTON HOUSE. 28 INT. Doctor. We’re the products of a narcissistic generation. listening to her parents argue. alright."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 27 CONTINUED: BARBARA “Your methods. can you? You can’t talk about me for two seconds -BILL You called me a narcissist! BARBARA You do understand that it hurts. 29 . BILL I’m here. so I have a fighting -BARBARA The subject is me! I am the subject. UPSTAIRS ROOM . to go from sharing a bed with you for twenty-three years to sleeping by myself.NIGHT Bill chases Barbara into the yard.” Thank you.CONTINUOUS 41. Staring at the ceiling. BARBARA You can’t do it. now. WESTON HOUSE FRONT PORCH . let me know what it is. BILL You want to argue? Is that what you need to do? Pick a subject. 29 EXT. BILL I’ve copped to being a narcissist. 27 28 Jean’s on the small bed in the darkened room.

in a about home. BARBARA (CONT’D) It’s just horseshit. men always say shit like that. BILL I’m not necessarily keen on the notion of saying things that would hurt you. let’s not revisit this. to avoid talking about the things they’re afraid to say. Heads out into the hallway to screen door leading to the upstairs porch. 42. Like what? BARBARA BILL We have enough on our hands with your parents right now. care. and your mother crazy as a loon? You want to do this now? BARBARA You’re right. disgust you? Is this just about the pleasures of young she has many times before. as if the past and the future don’t exist. 29 Jean listens in the dark to her parents fighting -. Do I bore you. Next to my husband. We’ll both be better frame of mind to talk this once your father’s come Bill turns."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 29 CONTINUED: BARBARA Oh. I’ll just hunker down for a cozy night’s sleep upstairs. BARBARA When did we visit this to begin with? I still don’t know what happened. intimidate you. starts back for the house. BILL You need to know now? With Beverly missing. teenage pussy? I really need to know. BILL This discussion deserves our And patience. .

Jean waits. Sits up.NIGHT Johnna wakes with a start. He leans down to untie the boat. Johnna quietly descends the stairs. The rhythmic SLAP of gentle waves. SKIATOOK LAKE . Undoes the screen door latch. 32 INT. Watches the car arrive. watch -Until. We’re underwater. left open to let in the cool night air. Steps outside.NIGHT 34/35 Barefoot. Approaches the front door. 30 Jean sees her father coming. tenebrous waters on the moonlit night. It slows. We’ve been here before as -A rowboat SLIPS across our field of vision. directly into camera -. 31 Oars dip on either side. 33 EXT. It’s aluminum She doesn’t come.NIGHT 33 32 Johnna steps out onto the second floor porch balcony. listens intently. suddenly. The driver’s door opens. listening for her mother. coming at us fast. hears his footsteps approaching across the wooden porch below. something hits the surface above. exploding the calm. a sheriff gets out. propelling the small craft. looks back at us. Bobs gently. She slips back into her room and bed. light fractures and scatters above us. the screen door opens quietly. Stops."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 30 INT.NIGHT We’re on the old wooden dock. silhouetted against the police flashers behind him. WESTON HOUSE . WESTON HOUSE STAIRWAY . headlights cutting through the dark country night. We wait. 31 EXT. . Now we’re traveling BELOW the surface of the lake. sinking. bottom cuts through the calm above. but he doesn’t stop. 34/35 INT. finds a police car approaching in the distance. WESTON HOUSE BEDROOM . watching a man walking away from us toward an aluminum rowboat tied haphazardly to the dock in the moonlight. THE ATTIC .NIGHT 43.Beverly. through its dark.

We can’t hear what’s being said. VIOLET Inna esther? What? BARBARA VIOLET Inna esther broke. Bill shakes the Sheriff’s hand. ‘N pays me ‘em. Jean watches.. sweetheart. entombed in her room. .. the sheriff’s here. I dig in call BARBARA The sheriff is here.. Bill follows in his boxers and T-shirt. trailed by Bill. They go to him. bleary-eyed.MOMENTS LATER 44. Bill holds her. The Sheriff speaks earnestly to Barbara and Bill. Barb goes to Vi’s door. wake up. BILL (CONT’D) Go back to bed. moves quickly down the dark hall in her robe.. only murmurs until -Barbara sinks to her knees. Barbara descends the stairs..sturck. BARBARA (CONT’D) Mom. meets the just awakened Jean coming out of her room. Mom. watching the scene outside unfold.. concerned. handsome."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 36 INT. pulling on pants. Over her we FIND: Violet. The SHERIFF waits on the porch. late-forties. but WE HANG BACK with Jean. Squinting against the intrusive hall light. KNOCKS. starts for the staircase. 36 Barbara. Come on.struck. Stetson in hand. BILL Leave her there. VIOLET Did you call them? them.. Barbara does. Mom? BARBARA She opens the door. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY .

still barefoot. Pulled him up. 38 EXT. 37 Johnna enters. And now the full weight of it hits Bill. Bill looks off...JUST BEFORE DAWN 38 A big pre-dawn sky is changing from black to blue. BILL What’s your guess? SHERIFF . Song birds begin their pre-dawn chatter. inscrutable... That’s how he died. Stoic. WESTON GIRL’S BEDROOM . or suicide --? SHERIFF There’s really no way to tell. Jean appears in the door. I mean is this an accident. and choose not to swim? 39 INT. rakes a brush through her hair. watches her..Suicide. SHERIFF Yes. BILL What happened? SHERIFF Couple old boys running jug lines in the lake hooked him. BILL He drowned. The Sheriff walks to his cruiser. kills the flashers.PRE-DAWN 39 Barb pulls on clothes. BILL Is there any way to determine if he. Bill joins him. After a moment: .NIGHT 45. KITCHEN . After a moment -BILL How does a a person jump in the water. snaps on the light. sir. from drowning? Looks it. starts a pot of coffee. WESTON HOUSE DRIVEWAY .."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 37 INT.

. He takes a Pall Mall from his shirt pocket.. Christ. cig-uhzzz. We follow Barbara and Jean halfway down the stairs to REVEAL: Violet. some cigezze? cig-zizz. his hat in hand.. too. right? He nods.. good beat. VIOLET Mm. 40 INT. right? good beat? (MORE) Idn’t it’s a . good beat. She shuffles over to him. She laughs at her inability to speak. Beer-ley come home? Ma’am? SHERIFF Did sum VIOLET Gizza cig. VIOLET (CONT’D) Barbara?! Is Barbara here?! BARBARA (quietly) Right here. Johnna steps in from the kitchen. Why the fuck am I brushing my hair? 46."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 39 CONTINUED: JEAN What about Aunt Ivy? BARBARA I guess we’ll stop on the way. 39 She drops the brush. high as a kite. Inna bottom of them. VIOLET (CONT’D) In the archa. The Sheriff stands uncomfortably by the door. pensively observing. Barely’s back. archa-tex? I’m in the bottom. Mom.. Lights it for her. Cig-zezz.. Bill comes back in from outside.. I need to call Karen. a song: “Lay Down.. doing a jerky little dance by the stereo. LIVING ROOM .PRE-DAWN 40 The music is LOUD. VIOLET Izza story. And then an odd sound intrudes from downstairs. (and) Mm. Sally” by Eric Clapton. hands it to her.

and then you’re here. and then you’re here. s’lost? Lost?! From the day. pell man onna sheriff. Barbara sits in the back with Jean. .DAWN 41 The sun’s just topped the horizon. the days... staring at her. The others stand frozen.. 40 Violet abandons her dance. Scattered trees. separates invisible threads in the air. Mexico.. following the Sheriff cruiser below. 41 EXT. He was my prom date. and then you’re here. He’d been crying. telephone poles. We’re HIGH ABOVE the country road. and then you’re here. Confessed he didn’t have a way to take me to the prom.. BARBARA Day of the prom.. RENTAL CAR (MOVING) . VIOLET (CONT’D) And then you’re here. Ivy up front with him. I been on the music. his father got drunk and stole his car. And Barbara. and then you’re here. Am Beerly. stole his own son’s car. throws long early shadows across the flat expanse of prairie. That man. Barb’s rental sedan trails behind. SKIATOOK LAKE ROAD . and Beverly lost? 47. JEAN What man? The Sheriff? BARBARA In high school. JEAN You’re kidding. BARBARA (OS) I used to go out with that boy. and then you’re here."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 40 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT'D) Mmmm. Deon showed up at the door. Armen in tandel s’lossle. 42 INT. a ribbon of asphalt leading to a distant lake. Watches the sheriff’s car ahead. and Beverly.EARLY MORNING 42 Bill drives. went somewhere.

44 EXT. just.. 45 INT. A STERILE ROOM . all right? I don’t care what else you do. heads for a small collection of emergency vehicles parked around a brush-strewn cove. Bill. follow him to the water’s edge. Barb fixes Jean with a look. showing me -(fights her emotions) It’s so surreal. They watch the men. Thank God we can’t tell the future. All wear mourning black. 42 The cruiser slows."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 42 CONTINUED: 48.DAY 44 The Weston clan walks to Beverly’s Lincoln. BILL Let me go first. We’re CLOSE on a man’s pale. Outlive me. bright overhead light. filth. pulls through a pipe gate and over a cattle-crossing. As the Sheriff pulls back the tarp -43 INT.DAY 43 White walls. The Sheriff gets out. The cars stop. stayed up all night talking and kissing. his socks. 45 . THE STERILE ROOM . lifeless hand. Jean. Watches her father lead her mother down the small cracked concrete boat ramp to where the Sheriff waits by a covered body. The sisters climb out. how you screw up your life. We’d never get out of bed. where you go. survive. Another hand enters frame with a sponge.DAY Beverly’s sodden shoes are removed.. Barb and Ivy help a distraught Violet. see what they need. Now here he is. Bev’s old Chevy pick-up truck sits to one side. BARBARA Listen to me: die after me. please. begins cleaning off the mud. BARBARA (CONT'D) So we got a six-pack and broke into the chapel. WESTON HOUSE . then steps out of the car. Bill goes. Jean waits a moment. A resolute Bill returns to get Barbara and Ivy.

The buttons carefully buttoned. BARBARA That must be this year’s man. that’s Karen.. tan and handsome.DAY 47 Strong male hands lift Beverly’s now dressed body carefully and place it into the casket. 46 INT. KAREN WESTON. JEAN 48 STEVE HEIDEBRECHT. watch it disappear. 45 His limp. A sports car.DAY A few mourners enter the church as Bill pulls in to park. fifty. Only these small. very fast.. We never see his face. Jean beside him.DAY 46 Bill drives. Barbara and Ivy sit in the back seat. THE STERILE ROOM . accelerates down the road. discovers the Ferrari already there. intimate pieces. CAR/FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PAWHUSKA . It waits for a semi loaded down with massive circular hay bales to pass in the opposite lane. BARBARA Holy shit. lithe. greyish arm is guided into a starched white shirtsleeve. a red speck. filling his mirrors. It’s suddenly right behind them. Bill notices something in his rearview. never see his whole body."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 45 CONTINUED: 49. We study their faces. BARBARA (CONT’D) Do you remember your Aunt Karen? Kind of. Adjust the pillow. athletic. * . Bill and Jean exchange a look. 47 INT. then -ROARS around. it’s throaty V-10 RUMBLING as it SCREAMS past. They ride in silence. 48 INT/EXT. fold his hands across his chest. A Ferrari. forty. coming up fast. flanking Violet. the brown countryside outside. greying. BEVERLY’S CAR (MOVING) . gets out of the driver’s side. climbing from the car. comb his hair into place. A woman emerging.

Bill jammed into the tiny back seat... I know how pathetic that sounds."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 48 CONTINUED: 50. BEVERLY’S LINCOLN (MOVING) . You punish yourself. whispers comforts into her ear. 49 INT. Recoils slightly. start over as Violet emerges into the blinding sun. That pillow was a better husband than any real man I’d ever met. and then I’d tell him I’d been to the doctor that day and I’d found out I was pregnant. all of them so much less than Daddy or Bill. but it was innocent enough. Vi and Ivy visible in the Caddie’s back seat window ahead of us. Then real life takes over. watching the Westons enter the church -I spent so pretending and did he where were winter and tickets to 49 KAREN (VO) much time in our bedroom my pillow was my husband like the dinner I made and we going to vacation that he’d surprise me with Belize and we’d kiss. HONKS as it goes. KAREN Things don’t work out like you planned. I don’t know how well you remember Andrew.AFTERNOON Barbara drives. I remember. 48 Mattie Fae and Charlie are waiting for them. We stay back. The Ferrari ROARS up behind them. cause it always does -BARBARA -. tell yourself it’s your fault you can’t find a good one. . They follow Charlie’s Caddie. BARBARA No. this parade of men fails to live up to your expectations. helps her toward the church steps. Karen beside her. Mattie Fae catches her. pulls around to pass. KAREN I mean I’d kiss my pillow. Barb catches a glimpse of Jean in the passenger seat.uh-huh -- Here comes the red speck in the rearview again. Heat radiates off the road.

AFTERNOON Barbara leads Karen upstairs. I threw it all out.” I got my license. Karen still going strong -KAREN (CONT'D) That’s how it works. signals. my glass of wine and Bloomers my cat. but it kicked off this whole period of reflection. Charlie slows. turns onto the gravel road leading to the Weston house. and that’s when I met Steve. Barbara carries Steve’s. 50 .” and walked out. let’s the wind whip her hair around. sold a lot of houses. If he cheated on me or called me a cunt. I said. I’d think “No. so the things he did wrong were just opportunities for me to make things right. how hard I had screwed it up. you only find it when you’re not looking. right. Barb follows. “Moron. love is forever. WESTON HOUSE STAIRWAY/UPSTAIRS HALL . 49 The AC isn’t working. and finally one day. 50 INT. just me with my music on the stereo. Karen carries her suitcase. where’d I go wrong. or something like that --? KAREN Exactly. Ten years older than me."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 49 CONTINUED: KAREN I loved him so intensely. you turn around and there it is: Steve. He’s a good man and he’s good to me and he’s good for me. but a thinker. KAREN (CONT’D) And thank God one day I looked in the mirror and said. I can live my life with myself. I don’t need anything else. rolls down her window. That’s when I got into those books and discussion groups -BARBARA And Scientology too.” 51. Barb’s sweating. Karen’s still talking. and he’s just so good. “It’s me. so here’s an opportunity to make an adjustment in the way you view the world. threw myself into my work.

is that now what I think about is now. dump the luggage on the bed. he cancelled his meeting. here and now! Steve had a huge presentation today for some big-wig government guys who could be important for his business. my world is now. 52. And you can’t plan the future cause as soon as you do. Karen watches. and as soon as we heard about Daddy. They enter a bedroom. You take it as it comes. He has his priorities straight. 51 BARBARA Hot flash. My focus. something happens. 50 INT. my life. KAREN That’s exactly what I mean. the mistakes I made. for me. Ivy stands by the door. Mattie Fae sits."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 50 CONTINUED: KAREN The best thing about him. I live now. And you know what the kicker is? (beat) Do you know what the kicker --? Barbara heads for the fan on the dresser. rooting through a box of photos. something he’s put together for months. flips it on.DAY Violet pulls a dress from the closet. VIOLET It won’t kill you to try it on -- 51 . I don’t give a care about the past anymore. BARBARA What’s the kicker? KAREN We’re going to Belize on our honeymoon! Barb sticks her face into the fan. what? Sorry. some terrible thing happens -BARBARA Like your father drowning himself. the way I thought. VIOLET’S BEDROOM .

you’re weird. Vi -IVY I find this a tidge morbid."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 51 CONTINUED: MATTIE FAE Oh. Mom. 51 IVY (CONT’D) It’s not my style. VIOLET On the first book tour. VIOLET You wore a suit to your father’s funeral. IVY God. VIOLET You look like a magician’s assistant. MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) I could kill that kid -IVY Why do you feel it necessary to insult me? . Can you picture that? VIOLET Don’t discourage him now -MATTIE FAE He wouldn’t last a day in that city. MATTIE FAE Where was this taken? New York. IVY I don’t have your style. frankly -MATTIE FAE Look at this. MATTIE FAE Little Charles has been talking about moving to New York. VIOLET You don’t have a style. it’s a black suit. Ivy -VIOLET What’s morbid about it? 53. They’d tear him apart. this is a sweet one. that’s the point. I have a style of my own. A woman doesn’t wear a suit to a funeral.

51 Violet pulls more and more clothes from the closet. Barbara enters. I mean look at these fucking shoes -(holds up spiked heels) Even if I didn’t fall on my face. dumping them on the bed. I want that shit in the office gone. IVY Why are you giving away your clothes? VIOLET All this shit’s going. MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) I’ve seen a chimp drive. Thirty-seven years old and can’t drive? Who can’t drive? 54. can you imagine anything less attractive. I don’t plan to spend the rest of my days looking at what used to be. THE KITCHEN . That’s what Charlie does. I want these clothes I’m never going to wear gone."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 51 CONTINUED: VIOLET Stop being so sensitive. good God: anymore they could dig through cement. washing and breaking beans. MATTIE FAE He overslept? For his Uncle’s funeral? A noon service? IVY I’m sure there’s more to the story -MATTIE FAE Don’t make excuses for him. 52 INT.AFTERNOON Johnna’s at the sink. KAREN You get a read off Steve? you like him? Did 52 BARBARA We said two words to each other -- . every kitchen surface is covered with the large dinner she’s preparing. my swollen ankles and varicose veins? And my toenails. Karen still pursuing her. The pile is getting very large.

52 Barb grabs a glass from the cabinet. BARBARA (CONT’D) Yes. I’ve been unhappy most of my life. Okay. Barbara stares at her. Maybe we’re not as close as. . opens the freezer for ice. we really need to talk about Mom. though. I know our lives have led us apart. what to do about Mom -KAREN -. I’m not marrying him -KAREN I guess what I’m telling you is that I’m happy. I’d like us to get to know each other a little better. Yes. and -BARBARA -. BARBARA Karen wraps her arms around Barbara.but what I think doesn’t matter. what is she talking about? Yes. don’t you? Did you get a feel? BARBARA He seemed very nice. as close as some families -Barb gives up on the freezer. I doubt you’ve been aware of that. fills her glass with iced tea. BARBARA Yeah. my adult life. KAREN He is. sweetheart -- 55. me and Ivy. you. But now I’m just really happy. lets her head linger in the cold.but I think I haven’t wanted to live my unhappiness in view of my family."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 52 CONTINUED: KAREN You get a feel.

. STEVE Slaughterhouse sanitation. JEAN That’s disgusting. An anxious Jean calls after him. JEAN Hurry. Know what I was doing when I was fourteen? Cattle processing. leans against the car. heads for the store. But hey.AFTERNOON 56. Steve joins Jean. STEVE Hard to imagine. . Get it? An impatient Jean watches her father comparing wines inside. sweetheart."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 53 EXT. JEAN STEVE Fourteen. Throughout the following they watch Bill shop for wine inside. Bill crawls out. right. okay? BILL I will. 53 The Ferrari pulls into the lot. STEVE Is it always this hot? JEAN Usually it’s hotter. Put food on the table. STEVE I don’t recommend it. STEVE (CONT’D) What’s that smell? She sniffs. (a beat) How old are you.. PAWHUSKA LIQUOR STORE PARKING LOT . seventeen? Fourteen. Know what that is? JEAN It doesn’t sound good. Doesn’t smell much of anything really. about.

pot? You smoking pot? No."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 53 CONTINUED: JEAN Dumpster over there? STEVE Nah. JEAN What are you doing? STEVE Do I smell what I think I smell? JEAN What do you smell? STEVE What do you think I smell? JEAN I think you smell that dumpster. 53 STEVE You can tell me. JEAN STEVE You a little dope smoker? (beat) Then you are in luck. He whiffs. motions to Jean that he’s hurrying. JEAN 57. STEVE Is that. I just smoked my last bowl and I really need to get fucked up.. JEAN That’d be so great.. You what? STEVE . And I am going to hook you up. Because I just happen to have some tasty shit. Bill pays inside. breathing her in. He sniffs the air. hard. No. then sniffs her. that’s not what I’m smelling.

Mom. 53 Crawls into the car. Not anymore. 54 * VIOLET (CONT’D) One of those lies we tell to give us comfort. hands a photo to Violet. BILL No Pinots. now -IVY You’re still beautiful. but they had some decent California Merlots. VIOLET’S BEDROOM . Not those men like you see with shorts and those little purses around their waists. IVY You’re beautiful. Women just get old and fat and wrinkly. MATTIE FAE Oh. MATTIE FAE I beg your pardon? . Mattie Fae nurses a cocktail. Some men can maintain a weary masculinity. 54 INT. 58."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 53 CONTINUED: JEAN I really need to get fucked up -STEVE You need to get what? JEAN You’re bad -Bill hustles out of the store. VIOLET I was beautiful. Women are beautiful when they’re young and not after. carrying several bags. the bed overflowing with discarded clothes. climbs in behind the wheel. VIOLET Look at me. Steve grins to Jean over the roof of the car. Men can still preserve their sex appeal into old age.DAY The closet is mostly empty now. (shows photo to Ivy) Look at me.

I do. you and me both. wouldn’t we be better off if we stopped lying about these things and told the truth? “Women aren’t sexy when they’re old. dummy. I have VIOLET You said you weren’t looking for a man -- . Get over it. thank you very much. an ass above her knees. VIOLET You’re about as sexy as a wet cardboard box. IVY I’m sorry. MATTIE FAE I’m still very sexy. 59. this is something you can wear -IVY I have a man. Can you live with that? MATTIE FAE What about Sophia Loren? What about Lena Horne? She stayed sexy till she was eighty. I won’t. That’s something I always -IVY We just buried my father. VIOLET The world is round. Look. firm boobs. Now try this dress on. All right? a man. 54 Violet finds something else in the closet for Ivy to try."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 54 CONTINUED: VIOLET Think about the last time you went to the mall and saw some sweet little gal and thought she’s a cute trick. I’m not trying to attract --! VIOLET I’m not talking about today.” I can live with that. What makes her that way? Taut skin. Mattie Fae. VIOLET You don’t know how to attract a man.

we maintain the accounts offshore. Okay? Now will you leave it alone? VIOLET No.. just until we get approvals.I’m.I don’t. BILL To get around approvals? . 54 MATTIE FAE No.. 60. STEVE No. is he someone from school? How old is he. VIOLET IVY Forget it -- MATTIE FAE Tell us. let’s not leave it alone. Ivy? IVY I. I won’t leave it alone. IVY (CONT’D) I wish you both could see the brainsick looks on your faces -Who is it? Nobody... Jean jumps out.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 54 CONTINUED: IVY And I’m not. races into the house. Ivy bursts into awkward laughter. WESTON HOUSE . Bill and Steve emerge. I really don’t. VIOLET Are you in love. 55 EXT. Because I have one. grab the wine..AFTERNOON 55 The Ferrari ROARS up the drive. Vi and Mattie squeal. what’s he do --? IVY I’m not telling you anything so -MATTIE FAE You have to tell us something! IVY No.

KITCHEN/WESTON LIVING ROOM . Barbara stares for a beat. BARBARA The wine. so there’s a tremendous amount of money involved.AFTERNOON Bill and Steve enter. 56 * She pulls a bottle of Merlot from Bill’s grocery bag. heading for his Caddie. STEVE You know. this kind of business in particular. There’s a lot of red tape. BILL . mercenary? 56 INT.. Me. comes out. Florida politics -BILL Only what I read and that’s -STEVE Right. it’s essentially security work. LOUD. right. looks into the living room as she passes. what is your business again? They start up the porch steps with the wine."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 55 CONTINUED: STEVE To get around approvals until we get approvals. . bureaucracy. Give. 61. pulls away. The situation in the Middle East is perpetually dangerous. keys in hand. You mean. Jean has just turned on the TV.. Charlie climbs in behind the wheel. BILL Security work. I’m sorry. Barbara’s in the dining room with Karen and Mattie Fae setting the table.. Goes for the men. 55 Charlie.Charlie? CHARLIE Picking up Little Charles.. Hears something. STEVE Little Charles? BILL His son. I don’t know how much you know about Florida.

baby. BARBARA For God’s sake. Steve’s appeared in the living room archway. (Jean does) And you were so distraught over the start time of your Grandpa’s funeral. watching the TV. 1925. Steve lingers. JEAN Karen enters from the dining room. 56 BARBARA Let me make sure I’ve got this: when you threw a fit about going to the store with your dad."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 56 CONTINUED: BARBARA (CONT’D) Is that what you were in such a hurry to get home for? What the hell’s on TV that’s so important you? JEAN Phantom of the Opera. Was this your concern? Getting back here in time to watch Phantom of the Fucking Opera? I guess. sidles up to Steve. JEAN They’re showing it with the scene in color restored. you can get it at any Blockbuster. STEVE 62. Cool. exits. KAREN Hi. Bill takes the wine from Steve. STEVE (focused on the TV) Hey. doodle. STEVE Phantom of the Opera. Hey.. follows. huh? Huh-uh.. . look at me. JEAN Barb gives Jean a withering look.

squeeze her ass. I did. 57 INT/EXT. 56 57 We’re inside the bus. doodle! Steve turns to her. Steps reluctantly out into the heat. . rangy and awkward. His hands wander. CHARLIE Don’t worry about her. They kiss. but stops.AFTERNOON Quietly to Jean: 63. LITTLE CHARLES. He stares pensively out at the passing Pawhuska storefronts as the bus SLOWS. She giggles. He spots Charlie. Little Charles exhales. CHARLIE I know you did. Dad. He starts. LITTLE CHARLES I’m sorry. later."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 56 CONTINUED: KAREN (in super-baby-voice) Hi. She goes. sitting next to a man. embraces her. I want to show you our old fort. the air in here just doesn’t move. waiting. STEVE Hook you up. LITTLE CHARLES I know Mom’s mad at me. LITTLE CHARLES What did she say? CHARLIE Your mother. Man. then breaks it. she says what she says. thirty-seven. LITTLE CHARLES I set the alarm. stands. pulls into a parking lot next to the bank. CHARLIE No need to apologize. drinking a Coke. GREYHOUND BUS/PARKING LOT . KAREN (CONT’D) Come on.

LITTLE CHARLES Uncle Bev must be disappointed in me."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 57 CONTINUED: LITTLE CHARLES I loved Uncle Bev. (and. CHARLIE (CONT’D) Hey. comb your hair. He doesn’t have time for spite. you want to be there for people. comforts him. That means the power went out. He wasn’t that kind of man anyway -Charlie starts for the driver’s side. you know that... right? It’s okay. CHARLIE Your Uncle Bev has got bigger and better things ahead of him.. It’s okay. hey. I know how things are. It’s ceremonial. 57 LITTLE CHARLES I missed his funeral! CHARLIE It’s a ceremony. and I missed Uncle Bev’s funeral. It’s okay. and I know how they feel about me -CHARLIE How who feels about you? about you? Feels what .. CHARLIE Stop apologizing. Returns to him... LITTLE CHARLES Just. Charlie hands Little Charles his comb. I know how they feel about me and something like this. It doesn’t mean anything compared to what you have in your heart. now. stops when he sees Little Charles weeping. LITTLE CHARLES The power must’ve gone out. then) Hold on. CHARLIE 64. I woke up and the clock was blinking noon.

Dad.. I don’t blame them.AFTERNOON Barbara bursts out of the back porch screen and into the yard. they love you.. You never let me down. son. LITTLE CHARLES I love you. But that’s something you normally learn from your parents. look folks in the eye. heading to the old barn. Now take this. Some of them haven’t gotten a chance to see what I see: a fine man. CHARLIE They don’t say things about you -LITTLE CHARLES I see how they are. 65. very loving.. Stop being so hard on yourself. with a lot to offer. 58 EXT. I’m sorry I let you down. Bill follows. Now listen. BARBARA Phantom of the Opera -BILL You don’t remember what it was like to be fourteen? BARBARA She’s old enough to exhibit a little character. Dad."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 57 CONTINUED: LITTLE CHARLES All of them. (a handkerchief) Give me my comb. 57 58 . CHARLIE You haven’t let me down.. Stand up straight. right? I missed something. WESTON BACKYARD . I know what they say. CHARLIE Love you too. BILL That’s a shot across my’re wrong about these people.

I know that makes your dick hard -Barbara -BILL BARBARA Precocious little shit. door. BILL I got that part. come on. “Gordian knot. 59 Enters -- 66. 58 INT. BILL I’m not defending her. she’s a little more sophisticated than that. BARBARA Pretty fucking sophisticated. might consider it “abandonment” -BILL Oh. the restored whatever from Phantom of the Opera. stuck. don’t you think? Barbara kicks at an old. THE WORKSHOP AT THE BACK OF THE BARN ."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 58 CONTINUED: BARBARA Really? Instilling character: our burden as parents. so it’s tough to -BILL Just because you and I are struggling with this Gordian knot doesn’t mean -BARBARA Nice.DAY 59 Makes her way to the back where old dinner chairs hang from nails pounded into the overhead beams. BARBARA And you really haven’t been much of a parent lately.” but her fourteenyear-old self might view it differently. .

head out into -60 EXT. settle down! BARBARA Be a father! Help me! BILL I am her father. 59 BILL (voice rising) I’m on your side.DAY And the blinding sunlight. the world is falling apart and your kid can’t handle it! .. because I don’t expect her to act any differently when her father is a selfish son-of-a-bitch. THE BACK YARD . Start back for the house. 67. “forsook” is also an acceptable usage --! BARBARA Oh.” big shot! BILL Actually. BARBARA I’ve seen where that gets me! I’m sick of the whole notion of the enduring female. goddamn it! BARBARA Her father in name only! BILL I have not forsook my responsibilities! Barbara hands dusty battered chairs back to Bill. How can we fight when I’m on your side? Barbara. 60 BILL You don’t fight fair.Barbara. “forsook” you and the horse you rode in on -Each now with chairs in hand. GROW UP! Cause while you’re going through your fifth puberty. BARBARA It’s “forsaken.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 59 CONTINUED: BARBARA (voice rising) I’m not blaming her.

you know? You’re so -BARBARA Surely you must’ve known when you started porking Pippi Longstocking you were due for a little selfrighteousness. BARBARA This madhouse is my home."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 60 CONTINUED: BILL Our kid is just trying to deal with this goddamn madhouse you’ve dragged her into. BILL You can’t resist. BARBARA Is this your confession. why don’t you? BARBARA Jean is here with me because this is a family event. you’d have a lot more credibility if you had any credibility. She turns on him. then. BILL You’re so goddamn self-righteous. just a smidge of indignation on my part -BILL Maybe I split because of it. They’ve reached the back porch stairs. BILL Jean’s here with you because she’s a buffer between you and the shrill insanity of your mother. can you? BARBARA You’re a pretty easy mark. 60 . when you finally unload all? 68. BILL Think about that statement for a second. BARBARA Y’know.

but you’re a pain in the ass. Barbara. .. God love ‘em. The girls. decent.. shakes one out.AFTERNOON 69. Emily Dickenson’s all I got. puts them on.slowly spins it . but you’re hard. “The Carriage held but just Ourselves. but you’re not open..” ‘Course it’s only August out there.. Mom?! BARBARA (OS) Food’s on the table! She takes a final look around. okay. Vi and Bev together in happier times... funny.” dum-de-dum.. VIOLET August.. 60 61 Violet stands in the middle of the room. Finds Beverly’s reading glasses on the desk. .” Produces a bottle of pills. Picks up the hardback Meadowlark Bill left. One for me. finds the dedication: simply: VIOLET (CONT’D) For My Violet. something something.. and I love you.. “Horse’s Heads Were Toward Eternity.. Bill pushes past her up the stairs. takes another pill. Another “Summer psalm become summer wrath. You’re passionate.. Waiting. Thumbs through it. Sunlight streams in through the windows surrounding her. Locusts are raging... Approaches Beverly’s swivel chair. disappears inside. touches the back. Surveys the photos behind his desk. Surveys the book with something bordering on disgust. You’re a good. who knows? (and then) All right. takes one last pill. For what? She’s not sure. wonderful woman.... VIOLET (CONT’D) That’s for me. VIOLET (CONT’D) For the girls. BEVERLY’S STUDY .sits. best I got. In here.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 60 CONTINUED: BILL You’re thoughtful. 61 INT. Violet smiles ruefully. your month. takes it. Sits..

IVY They said you overslept. KAREN This is lovely! You do all this? Mm-hmm.AFTERNOON Ivy steps out onto the porch. Steve and Mattie Fae carry in serving dishes. I don’t know. looking. JEAN Don’t suppose I could eat in here? BILL You suppose right. Karen. Shuts the door. Little Charles is by his father’s car. BILL Turn that off. Bill passes through. I’m sorry. JOHNNA MATTIE FAE She’s a wonder. Charlie pours himself a sweet tea. rests the casserole on the hood. IVY Did I hear Little Charles? CHARLIE He went back out to the car. still watching the movie.AFTERNOON 70. IVY 63 . carries us into the living room where he finds Jean. 63 EXT. BACK YARD . Please."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 62 INT. Ivy comes down the stairs. 62 Johnna. LITTLE CHARLES Maybe I purposely accidentally overslept. DINING ROOM . it’s time to eat. retrieving a Pyrex dish. set them down on the already overladen table. this one. LITTLE CHARLES Mom’s casserole.

IVY They’re on to me. too -BARBARA (calling out) Mom?! Let’s eat! Little Charles and Ivy enter with the casserole. Not us.AFTERNOON Barbara. I just wanted you to know. and Steve are already seated. He looks toward the house. CHARLIE Pass the casserole. kisses him. Bill. 63 64 . (he stares at her) What? (beat) Charles. DINING ROOM . I didn’t tell them who. in case it came up.. LITTLE CHARLES I adore you."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 63 CONTINUED: LITTLE CHARLES I know you had one of the worst days of your life and I’m sorry if I -IVY We don’t have to do that with each other. LITTLE CHARLES Where do you want this? 71. just me. MATTIE FAE There he is. CHARLIE I’ll eat some of yours. please? MATTIE FAE My casserole’s coming.. 64 INT. I told them I was seeing someone. LITTLE CHARLES You’re breaking our rule. I wanted to put you at a kid’s table but they wouldn’t let me. Mattie Fae. Charlie. Karen. The men have removed their suit coats. She embraces him.

MATTIE FAE (CONT’D) What about me? I’m hurt. Mattie Fae. CHARLIE You’re not hurt. CHARLIE Jean. you didn’t get any chicken. Little Charles helps Johnna clean up the mess. BARBARA No. handshakes. Who wants chicken? Little Charles. It lands on the floor with a sickening SPLAT. CHARLIE (CONT’D) “Don’t eat meat. she won’t -CHARLIE You don’t eat meat. LITTLE CHARLES Mom. I’m sorry -- IVY It’s just an accident. Ivy slips in and takes her seat. hugs. STEVE Good for you. MATTIE FAE That’s my casserole! CHARLIE Let it go. but drops it. STEVE It’s not a party until someone spills something. Jesus. I’m so sorry -CHARLIE All right. chicken? MATTIE FAE Just put it on his plate for him or he’s liable to burn the house down. Karen’s introduction of Steve. . JEAN I don’t eat meat.” Okay. O-pah! BILL STEVE MATTIE FAE You goddamn clumsy goofball! LITTLE CHARLES Mom. Little Charles goes to put Mattie Fae’s casserole on the table."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: 72. nobody’s hurt. LITTLE CHARLES (CONT’D) Oh Jesus --! MATTIE FAE Goddamn it --! Whoops. 64 Ad-lib greetings.

CHARLIE Okay. not a cockfight."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: CHARLIE All right.! BARBARA 73. KAREN That’s sweet. VIOLET I see you gentlemen have stripped down to your shirt fronts.. I guess I am. An awkward beat.. will you put this? BARBARA Yeah. O Lord. VIOLET Barb. CHARLIE (CONT’D) We ask that you watch over this family in this sad time. I thought we were having a funeral dinner. (no response) Barbara? BARBARA Uncle Charlie should say it. VIOLET By default. He’s the patriarch around here now. MATTIE FAE That’s nice.... The men glumly put their suit coats back on.. Mattie Fae. sure. Mom. I am? CHARLIE Oh. (clears his throat) Dear Lord. places it on the sideboard. (MORE) . Barbara takes it. 64 Violet enters with a small framed photo of her and Bev.. VIOLET (CONT’D) Someone should probably say grace. All bow their heads..

. makes his journey. in your. our... have any use for that sideboard? Hm? BARBARA VIOLET That sideboard there. Steve reenters from the kitchen. STEVE Sorry folks. as he.. We ask that you bless and watch over this family.. VIOLET Barb. you have any interest in that? . O Lord.. BILL Let’s eat. as he. playing the theme from Sanford and Son.. snapping his phone shut. the. We are truly blessed in our. Everyone but Violet. our fellowship. Amen. with his beautiful daughters. Thank thee for the food.. grace. Steve digs through his pockets. CHARLIE (CONT’D) We recognize now more than ever the power. We ask that you help us. that we can share this food and replenish our bodies with. nutrients."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: CHARLIE (CONT’D) that you bless this good woman and keep her in your. joy of family. Amen. STEVE I have to take this. get better.. too. Steve hustles into the kitchen to talk on the phone. in his house. who smokes instead. 74. our fellowship. our togetherness. finds the phone.. checks it.. We thank thee. as he. that we are able to join together to pay tribute to this fine man.. O Lord.. CHARLIE We ask that you watch over Beverly. Be better people. They begin to eat. 64 A cell phone RINGS..

BARBARA I.. A silent moment. KAREN Really pretty.. 64 VIOLET I’m getting rid of a lot of this stuff and I thought you might want that sideboard.. yet -BARBARA Johnna cooked this whole meal by herself. not prepared to talk about your stuff. why? 75. STEVE This food is just spectacular."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: This? BARBARA Well. VIOLET Suit yourself... Mom. KAREN It’s so good -LITTLE CHARLES Yes. I wouldn’t have any way to get that home to Colorado. no.. remember -VIOLET Clearing all this out of here. Mom? VIOLET I haven’t tried much of it. I guess I’m just sort of. Mm. I mean. I want to have a brand new everything. VIOLET ‘S what she’s paid for. VIOLET Maybe Ivy’ll take it. I. BARBARA No. it is -- IVY You like your food. . IVY I have something like that.

. VIOLET Ingest what? It’s fur? Fear. or. and. and -JEAN Your body goes through a whole chemical process when it experiences fear.? JEAN When you eat meat. when you say you don’t eat meat. JEAN 76. you ingest an animal’s fear. What happens to you. LITTLE CHARLES Adrenaline. JEAN VIOLET I thought she said -CHARLIE How do you do that? You can’t eat fear. JEAN Sure you can. right? CHARLIE Jean.. so I’m curious."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT’D) Y’all did know she’s getting paid. when you feel afraid? Doesn’t your body produce all sorts of chemical reactions? Does it? CHARLIE IVY LITTLE CHARLES It does. . you mean you don’t eat meat of any kind? Right. Yes. 64 CHARLIE And is that for health reasons.

that’s good for an appetizer. lot of fear flying around that place. You mean I’ve been eating fear. three times a day for sixty years? MATTIE FAE This one won’t have a meal ‘less there’s meat in it. now where’s the meat?” VIOLET “Where’s the meat?” Isn’t that some TV commercial. CHARLIE I guess it’s the way I was raised. “Okay."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: LITTLE CHARLES -. CHARLIE Wow. and cortisol -JEAN Don’t you think an animal experiences fear? STEVE You bet it does. he’ll be like.yep. you’re eating all that fear it felt when it was slaughtered to make food. 64 . “Where’s the meat?” KAREN “Beef. JEAN So when you eat an animal. 77. what. I used to work in a cattle processing plant.” “Where’s the beef?” VIOLET (screeching) “Where’s the meat?!” “Where’s the meat?!” “Where’s the meat?!” BARBARA That’s pleasant. the old lady says. but it just doesn’t seem like a legitimate meal ‘less it has some meat somewhere -MATTIE FAE If I make a pasta dish of some kind.

KAREN Yes. and he fouled himself! Comes back to our table with this huge -BARBARA Yeah. now we get some dramatic criticism. but I thought his poems were extraordinary. teaching. wiggles it back and forth. (repeats gesture) Ehhhhh! Really? KAREN I thought it was -BARBARA Great. VIOLET Ehhhhh! I give it a. Nobody talked about the good stuff.. Nobody told the story about that night he got wrangled into giving a talk at that TU alumni dinner.. weren’t they --? STEVE Preacher did a fine job.. more’n fifty years."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: CHARLIE I thought the services were lovely. flat. STEVE I don’t know much about poetry. I can’t imagine why no one told that story. Thank you.don’t know why I remember that -. (to Bill) And your reading was very fine. 78. VIOLET (CONT’D) Too much talk about poetry..and got up to give this talk. Man was a worldclass alcoholic. (laughs) Drank a whole bottle of Ron Bocoy White Rum -. BILL VIOLET (to Steve) Who are you? . 64 Vi sticks her hand out. He hadn’t written any poetry to speak of since ‘65 and he never liked teaching worth a damn.

BARBARA 79. That right? Steve? STEVE Yes. I know the poetry was good. STEVE I don’t mind. STEVE Well. he’s my fiance."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: KAREN Mom. VIOLET I don’t really see that happening. I have.. Yes. German-Irish. We’re getting married on New Years. VIOLET Hide-the-what? STEVE Heidebrecht. VIOLET You ever been married before? KAREN That’s personal. but I wouldn’t have really considered it date material -Jesus. Karen. ma’am. I hope you can make it. ma’am. to bring a date to your father’s funeral. do you? Steve. I introduced you at the church. 64 KAREN He’s not a date. VIOLET Hide-a-burrr. really.German. STEVE Steve Heidebrecht. you’re a German. this is my fiance. I -VIOLET That’s peculiar. Steve. VIOLET More’n once? .. In Miami.

passing food. three times before this -VIOLET You should pretty much have it down by now. KAREN I took Steve out to show him the old fort and it’s gone! IVY That’s been gone for years. STEVE (laughs) Right. actually."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: STEVE Three times. IVY Daddy said rats were getting in there. 64 Everybody’s eating. BILL What is this now? KAREN Our old fort. having some kind of attack. right Barb? BARBARA What did you take? VIOLET Lemme alone -Charlie’s silverware clatters to the floor. where we used to play Cowboys and Indians. VIOLET I had that one pegged. Uh-oh! CHARLIE He appears to be What pills? KAREN That made me so sad! . you can tell he’s been married. right -- 80. Vi turns to Mattie Fae. I mean. VIOLET Karen! Shame on you! Don’t you know not to say Cowboys and Indians? You played Cowboys and Native Americans. look at him. then.

bacon. JEAN Mom.if I ever called my mom a liar? She would’ve knocked my goddamn head off my shoulders. 64 MATTIE FAE What’s the matter? Dad --? LITTLE CHARLES IVY You okay. I do not! JEAN BARBARA Double cheeseburger. Mom. right.. Uncle -- CHARLIE I got a big bite of fear! I’m shakin’ in my boots! Fear never tasted so good. it’s pretty good once you get used to the taste. Laughter."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: MATTIE FAE What is it? UH-OH! CHARLIE 81. BARBARA . extra fear. Violet stares at Jean.. Charlie digs into his plate ravenously. STEVE Right. BARBARA I catch her eating a cheeseburger every now and again. VIOLET Y’know. Silence. VIOLET (CONT’D) You girls know there’s a will.. you are such a liar! More laughter..

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET We took care of it some time back. BARBARA Mom, we don’t want to talk about this. VIOLET I want to talk about it. What about what I want to talk about, that count for anything? (beat) Bev made some good investments, believe it or not, and we had money for you girls in his will, but we talked it over after some years passed and decided to change things, leave everything to me. We never got around to taking care of it legally, but you should know he meant to leave the money to me. Okay. BARBARA

82. 64

VIOLET Okay? (looks to Ivy, Karen) Okay? Okay. Karen? IVY VIOLET Okay?

Uncertain, Karen looks to Steve, then Barbara. Okay. Okay. BARBARA KAREN

VIOLET Okay. But now some of this furniture, some of this old shit you can just have. I don’t want it, got no use for it. Maybe I should have an auction. MATTIE FAE Sure, an auction’s a fine idea --

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET Some things, though, like the silver, that’s worth a pretty penny. But if you like I’ll sell it to you, cheaper’n I might get in an auction. BARBARA Or you might never get around to the auction and then we can just have it for free after you die. Barbara... Beat. IVY

83. 64

Violet coolly studies Barbara. VIOLET You might at that. LITTLE CHARLES Excuse me, Bill? I’m wondering, the reading you did, those poems --? VIOLET Where are you living now, Bill? You want this old sideboard? BILL I beg your pardon. VIOLET You and Barbara are separated, right? Or you divorced already? BILL ...We’re separated. VIOLET (to Barbara) Thought you could slip that one by me, didn’t you? BARBARA What is the matter with you? VIOLET Nobody slips anything by me. I know what’s what. Your father thought he’s slipping one by me, right? No way. I’m sorry you two’re having trouble, maybe you can work it out. Bev’n I separated a few times, course we didn’t call it that.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: BARBARA Help us to benefit from an illustration of your storybook marriage. VIOLET Truth is, you can’t compete with a younger woman. One of those unfair things in life. Is there a younger woman involved? BARBARA You’ve said enough on this topic, I think. Yes. BILL There’s a younger woman. VIOLET Odds’re against you there,

84. 64

Y’see? babe.

IVY Mom believes women don’t grow more attractive with age. KAREN Oh, I disagree, I -VIOLET I didn’t say they “don’t grow more attractive,” I said they get ugly. And it’s not really a matter of opinion, Karen dear. You’ve only just started to prove it yourself. CHARLIE You’re in rare form today, Vi. VIOLET The day calls for it, doesn’t it? What form would you have me in? CHARLIE I just don’t understand why you’re so adversarial. VIOLET I’m just truth-telling. (to Barbara) Some people get antagonized by the truth.

Who didn’t? VIOLET You DON’T know! You do NOT know! None of you know."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: CHARLIE Everyone here loves you. dear. Now I’m supposed to sit here and listen to you viciously attack each and every member of this family -Violet rises.. her voice booming. VIOLET You think you can shame me. ‘cept this woman right here and that man we buried today! (MORE) .. VIOLET Attack my family?! You ever been attacked in your sweet spoiled life?! Tell her ‘bout attacks. Mattie Fae. tell her what an attack looks like! MATTIE FAE Vi. BARBARA Three days ago. Mom. I had to identify my father’s corpse. with a claw hammer! You think you been attacked?! What do you know about life on these Plains? What do you know about hard times? BARBARA I know you had a rotten childhood. please -IVY Settle down. 64 VIOLET (CONT’D) Stop telling me to settle down. goddam it! I’m not a goddamn invalid! I don’t need to be abided. do I?! Am I already passed over?! Honey -MATTIE FAE VIOLET (points to Mattie Fae) This woman came to my rescue when one of my dear mother’s many gentlemen friends was attacking me. Mom -- 85. Charlie? Blow it out your ass.

you worked as hard as us. in a fucking car! Now what do you want to say about your rotten childhood? That’s the crux of the biscuit: we lived too hard. BARBARA Why are you screaming at us? VIOLET Just time we had some truth’s told ‘round here. then rose too high. With his mother. No. taken for granted no doubt. and where’d you wind up? (jabs a finger at Karen) Whadda you do? (jabs a finger at Ivy) Whadda you do? (jabs a finger at Barbara) Who’re you? Jesus. his father. you’d all be President. . You girls. We sacrificed everything and we did it all for you. VIOLET (CONT’D) BARBARA IVY VIOLET In a Pontiac Sedan. I wish I coulda shielded you from it. given a college education. Do you know where your father lived from age four till about ten? Do you? 86. Your father and I were the first in our families to finish high school and he wound up an award-winning poet. Do you?! No. But if you think for a solitary second you can fathom the pain that man endured in his natural life. sweet Barbara. my heart breaks for every time you ever felt pain. You never had real problems so you got to make all your problems yourselves. you got another think coming. 64 * No one responds. tell the truth."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT'D) Sweet girl. Damn fine day.

. They looked so good... not like this. then -- . Amen. Sorry.I forgot to set the clock..I. KAREN I saw her making those pies. LITTLE CHARLES I have a truth to tell. please. no -CHARLIE What is it. STEVE JOHNNA There’s dessert.... LITTLE CHARLES The truth is. then: CHARLIE Well.. Mom."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: 87.. I’m sorry.I. I just.forgot to set the clock.. the truth is.? I. I’m getting full. Excuse me. son? LITTLE CHARLES I have a truth. too. He stumbles from the room... It speaks.. MATTIE FAE Little Charles.. VIOLET IVY (softly pleading ) No.. A long moment. The power didn’t go out. Little Charles suddenly stands. LITTLE CHARLES IVY Charles.. 64 * There’s a long pause as everyone gathers themselves. everyone.

IVY Don’t be mean to me right now. VIOLET Poor thing. I am addicted to drugs. okay? VIOLET Everyone’s got this idea I’m mean all of a sudden. momma.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET Scintillating. VIOLET I told you. Poor Ivy. specially downers.. VIOLET IVY VIOLET She always had a feeling for the underdog.. 64 IVY Please. . I’m just telling the -BARBARA You’re a drug addict.. MATTIE FAE (to Charlie) I gave up a long time ago.. She pulls a bottle from her pocket. VIOLET That is the truth! That’s what I’m getting at! I.. pills. IVY (near tears) Charles. everybody listen. His name is Charles. holds them up. I am a drug addict.. 88.. Mom. IVY Please. Please. Poor baby. Little Charles is your project.

VIOLET Goddamn you. goddamn you. grabs her mother by the hair. Bill and Charlie struggle to pull Barbara off. Bill pulls Barb back into her seat. Barb has her mother pinned on the floor and is strangling her. 64 Bill and Ivy try to restrain Barbara. Try to get ‘em away from me and I’ll eat you alive. she and Vi wrestle for it. Barb lunges again. ad-lib. pry her fingers off Violet’s throat and get her away. Pandemonium. Barbara lunges at the bottle. (to Ivy) You remember how to do this.. they crash into the -65 INT. Others rise. stop it --! Oh God -KAREN CHARLIE Hey..AFTERNOON 65 Tumble to the floor. right? Yeah. LIVING ROOM . IVY . Pill raid. Johnna. taunting Barb.. c’mon --! Violet wrests the pills from Barb.. BARBARA Gimme those goddamn pills -VIOLET I’ll eat you alive. Mattie Fae tries to restrain Violet. Violet shakes the bottle. Bill and Jean upstairs with me."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 64 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT’D) Y’see these little blue babies? These are my best fucking friends and they never let me down. toppling chairs. The family rushes after them into the living room. help Ivy in the kitchen. Johnna and Mattie Fae rush to Violet. now. Holy shit -STEVE IVY Barbara. girl! 89. Barb.. get her to a chair. BARBARA Shut up! (silence) Okay. Pandemonium. screaming..

VIOLET You can’t do this! This is my house! This is my house! BARBARA You don’t get it."August" 10/23/12 BLUE Draft 65 CONTINUED: BARBARA Go through everything. Begins dumping pills into the bowl. Hold out pill bottles. but we hear the sounds of the search coming from the bedroom. Finds a bottle of pills in the back. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY . looks through the linen closet. do you? She strides to her mother. IVY That’s all we could find. Barb adds them to the ones she’s already collected in a large Ziplock bag. Burke. KAREN Why’d Dr. looking behind stacked towels and old electric blankets. BARBARA (CONT’D) I’M RUNNING THINGS NOW! 66 INT. Burke write her so many prescriptions? Doesn’t he know --? IVY It’s not just him. Ivy comes upstairs. every shoebox. in every port. Every closet. looms over her.LATE AFTERNOON 90. every drawer. lifts the toilet seat. Barbara appears. followed closely by Karen. Karen. She’s got a doctor * * * * * * * * * * * . Karen examines the bottles. 65 66 The hallway is empty. CHARLIE What should we do? BARBARA Get Mom some black coffee. call Dr. Barb heads for the bathroom. a wet towel and listen to her bullshit.

66 Ivy shrugs. still fully clothed. VIOLET’S BEDROOM .. Karen and the remains of the dinner wine sit around the table in the backyard gazebo. lots of wine. Ivy. They stare at their mother’s comatose form. 67 INT. WESTON HOUSE YARD/GAZEBO .LATE AFTERNOON 67 * Violet lays motionless on the bed in the semi-darkness. BARBARA Think we can goad Mom into giving Burke her “greatest” generation speech tomorrow. facing the wall."August" 11/09/12 Pink Draft 66 CONTINUED: BARBARA You knew this was going on again? 91. Ivy and Karen join her. Finally: Now what? KAREN * BARBARA Wine.. Barb flushes the toilet. steps to her mother’s open bedroom door. Finished emptying the pills. looks in. tell him about the claw hammer? .NIGHT A68 68 69 A70 * * * * * * * * * * * * * Barbara. A68 68 69 A70 OMIT OMIT OMIT EXT.

BARBARA She smuggled Darvocet into the psych ward . she’s let us down but now she’ll prove she’s a good her vagina. that stunt she pulled? IVY Big speech. for God’s sake..” my ass. making this incredible sacrifice for her family. She made this speech to us while she was clenching a bottle of pills in her cooch. A70 IVY Won’t do any good. What makes them so great? Because they were poor and hated Nazis? Who doesn’t fucking hate Nazis? Remember when we checked her in the psych ward.. KAREN God. BARBARA “Greatest Generation.A70 CONTINUED: "August" 11/11/12 Yellow Pages 92. he’s part of the same generation. * * * * * . There’s your Greatest Generation for you. I’ve never heard this story. KAREN I wasn’t there. she’s getting clean.

A70 IVY Did you just say “cooch”? BARBARA The phrase “Mom’s pussy” seems gauche. . IVY He killed himself. BARBARA Is there something going on between you and Little Charles? IVY I don’t know that I’m comfortable talking about that.” are you? BARBARA What word should I use to describe our mother’s vagina? IVY I don’t know. but -BARBARA “Mom’s beaver”? “Mother’s box”? Oh God -- IVY Barbara! KAREN * As their laughter slowly dies down -KAREN One thing about Mom and Dad. Karen.A70 CONTINUED: "August" 11/11/12 Yellow Pages 93. You have to tip your cap to anyone who can stay married that long. IVY You’re a little more comfortable with “cooch.

A70 . KAREN You know you shouldn’t consider children. IVY Give me a break. What? Barbara and Karen stare at Ivy. IVY I can’t anyway."August" 11/09/12 Pink Draft A70 CONTINUED: BARBARA Because you know he’s our first cousin. I had a hysterectomy last year. 93A.

you can’t help that. Why? IVY Because it’s you. That’s where it started between us. IVY I don’t feel that connection very keenly. Cancer’s fucking cancer. KAREN I feel very connected. IVY We never see you. and not me? BARBARA Because divorce is an embarrassing public admission of defeat. Why not? BARBARA IVY And hear it from Mom the rest of my life? She doesn’t need another excuse to treat me like some damaged thing."August" 10/23/12 BLUE Draft A70 CONTINUED: Why? KAREN 94. IVY I didn’t tell anyone except Charles. KAREN I didn’t know. BARBARA That’s different. IVY You didn’t tell us about you and Bill. We’re your sisters. BARBARA You might have told us. you’re never around. BARBARA Neither did I. A70 * IVY Cervical cancer. to both of you. you haven’t been around -* * * * * * * * .

you and Karen both. BARBARA And if you didn’t. You did. KAREN I can’t believe your world view is this dark. BARBARA Bitter. A70 * * * * * * * * * * * * * . I’m not criticizing. so don’t lay this sister thing on me."August" 10/23/12 BLUE Draft A70 CONTINUED: KAREN I still feel that connection! IVY I can’t perpetuate these myths of family or sisterhood anymore. some of us accidentally connected by genetics. a random selection of cells. IVY You live in Florida. Karen did. BARBARA When did you get so cynical? IVY That’s funny. that’s not my fault. coming from you. sure. 95. IVY That’s right. but “random selection of cells?” IVY Maybe my cynicism came with the realization that the responsibility of caring for our parents was mine alone. I participated -IVY Till you had enough and got out. BARBARA Don’t give me that. We’re just people. Do what you want. all right? When I leave here I won’t feel any more guilty than you two did.

96-97. KAREN * Ivy stands. BARBARA What are you going to do in New York? IVY We have plans. (to Karen) You’re going back to Miami. BARBARA What about Mom? IVY What about her? BARBARA You feel comfortable leaving Mom here? IVY Do you? (then) You think she was tough when he was alive? Think what it’s going to be like now. A70 Karen joins her. Like what? BARBARA IVY None of your business. . right? Yes. Barb bursts out in derisive laughter. gathers up her wine glass."August" 11/09/12 Pink Draft A70 CONTINUED: BARBARA You’re thinking of leaving? IVY Charles and I are going to New York.

How long has she been there? . Ivy starts back for the house. They hadn’t seen her. But nobody gets to point a finger at me."August" 10/23/12 BLUE Draft A70 CONTINUED: IVY There you go. smoking. VIOLET My girls all together.NIGHT The Weston women head for the house. A70 * * * * * * * 70 71 72 * * * * * * * * * * Violet. Nobody. Barb. her hair wrapped in a towel. 70 71 72 OMIT OMIT EXT. Hearing you just now gave me a warm feeling. WESTON HOUSE YARD . You want to know what we’re doing about Mom? Karen and I are leaving. that’s your decision. 98. You want to stay. sits on the swing in the semi-darkness.

. VIOLET (CONT’D) I ever tell you the story of Raymond Qualls? Not much story to it. Terrible underbite. Province of teenage girls. or bittersweet. Boy I had a crush on when I was thirteen or so. re: hand creme) That smells good. VIOLET Oh. (to Karen.."August" 10/23/12 BLUE Draft 72 CONTINUED: BARBARA You had a bath? Uh-huh. Rough-looking boy. beat-up Levis. no matter how old you get. 72 * * * * BARBARA You need something to eat? coffee? More * VIOLET No. (MORE) * . Ivy hangs back. Karen takes a tube of hand creme from her purse.. sits next to her on the swing. KAREN I get embarrassed just thinking about it. honey. a woman’s hard-pressed to throw off that part of herself. Secret crushes. I can’t imagine anything more delicate. Barb leans against a fence post. please. messy hair. Karen moves to her mother. Violet puts out her cigarette. secret schemes. (then) This house must have heard a lot of Weston girl secrets.. Some part of you girls I always identified with. I’m fine.. Karen passes her the creme. nothing to be embarrassed about.. VIOLET 99. You want some? VIOLET Yes. KAREN It’s apple.

Oh. There was a pair of boots. all right. caked in mud and dog shit. about the size of a boot box. under the tree. Christmas morning. * Ivy shakes her head. VIOLET That’s the end. puffed up and cocksure. BARBARA Please don’t tell me that’s the end of the story. you know? She started dropping hints about a package under the tree she had wrapped up.” Bargaining.. goes inside. way he’d strut around. Silence. “Now. I’ll give all of it up just for those boots. no. VIOLET (CONT'D) Found the boots in a window downtown and just went crazy: praying for those boots. I decided I needed to get a girly pair of those same boots and I convinced myself he’d ask me to go steady. She’s had enough of Violet to last a lifetime.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 72 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT’D) But he had these beautiful cowboy boots. I was up like a shot. holes in the toes. KAREN You never got the boots? . He was so proud of those boots. don’t you cheat and look in there before Christmas morning. my momma laughed for days. Lord.” 100. Vi. Must’ve asked my momma a hundred times if I could get those boots. rehearsing the conversation I’d have with Raymond when he saw me in my boots. chewed up laces. Vi?” “Momma. 72 Violet lights another cigarette. shiny chocolate leather. men’s work boots. tearing open that box. He’d see me in those boots and say “Now there’s the gal for me.” Little smile on her face. “What do you want for Christmas. you could tell. boy. nice wrapping paper. all arms and elbows.

An awkward moment. takes a moment to get her bearings. Bill’s still asleep."August" 11/09/12 Pink Draft 72 CONTINUED: VIOLET No.EARLY MORNING Barbara wakes. VIOLET Thank you. 74 75 OMIT OMIT 74 75 * * 73 . huh-uh. Off Barbara. KAREN You’re not nasty-mean. well. GUEST ROOM . takes her mother’s hand. watching this -73 INT. sweetheart. studies him. BARBARA Okay. Surprised to find him beside her. that’s the worst story I ever heard. 72 Karen leans her head against her mother’s shoulder. You’re our mother and we love you. VIOLET My momma was a nasty-mean old lady. She sits up. suppose that’s where I get it from. Early sunlight pours in. That makes me wish for a heartwarming claw hammer story. I 101.

I can do this job. JOHNNA Mrs. this country was always pretty much a whorehouse. if no one saw it go. America. this hubris: what a lament. “You know. nods her thanks. But I’ll understand if you want to quit. Or even for Mr. Why? BARBARA JOHNNA I need the work.” I think maybe he was talking about something else. And no one saw it go. Weston. personal. and he said. this house? This family? His marriage? Himself? There was something sad in his voice-not sad. And then there’s work."August" 11/09/12 Pink Draft 76 INT/EXT. Now it’s just a shithole. Barb takes it. something more specific. there’s work. After a long moment. Johnna appears with a coffee mug.. I don’t do it for you or Mrs. letting the early morning sun warm her.. Fordham. I mean. we talked about the state of the world. he always sounded sad -hopeless. Right? I do it for me. did my father say anything to you? . This country. BACKYARD . Weston.EARLY MORNING 102. BARBARA Last time I spoke with my father. As if whatever was disappearing had already disappeared. this experiment. 76 * * Barbara stands in the door. Closes her eyes. As if it had already happened. but at least it used to have some promise. JOHNNA I’m familiar with this job. BARBARA Johnna. are you going to fire me? BARBARA What? No.

Ivy stands.. Karen sitting with her. charming and remotely creepy small town doctor. That was his joy. DR. BURKE -."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 76 CONTINUED: JOHNNA He just seemed like maybe he had. Johnna smiles. DOCTOR’S OFFICE/WAITING ROOM . a genial.. his three daughters. BARBARA Mild Cognitive Impairment? DR. 76 * 77 Barbara sits opposite DR.right -DR. 77 INT. I believe your mother is showing signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment. it’s a family decision. an MRI or CT scan. coupled with the overuse of pain medications -BARBARA -. BARBARA Thank you. That makes me feel better.and without the benefit of more thorough testing. (beat) He talked a lot about his daughters. BURKE Brain damage.. I’d certainly feel more comfortable knowing she was receiving that level of supervision. It may be time to consider placing her in a long term care facility. Violet is visible out in the waiting room. BURKE. BURKE Of course. BARBARA That would make you comfortable? would be comfortable with that? You DR. he talked about. . Knowing that you can lie. and his granddaughter.DAY 103.. BURKE The chemotherapy and the radiation.

with my recommendation. BURKE BARBARA “Mild Cognitive Impairment?” Are you fucking kidding me? You really want to go before a judge and make a case for a couple radiation treatments and some chemo causing brain damage? Think you can make that stand up in court? When I’m sitting at the other table. BURKE All right. 104. BURKE Legal guardianship for you and your sisters. Ivy suppresses a laugh. we’d be less likely to sue your ass? I’m sorry? DR. should be a simple -IVY Leave me out of this. doing this? Barbara pulls out the Ziplock bag. 77 DR. BURKE Well. Burke looks at Ivy. Beverly’s gone."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 77 CONTINUED: BARBARA You want us to send her to where. confused. . DR. BARBARA Right. a psychiatric hospital? DR. bouncing it lightly off his head. Burke. throws a pill bottle at Dr. I think -Throws another pill bottle at him. BARBARA Know whose name is on these bottles? She hits him with another pill bottle. Not “gone” so much as “dead. BARBARA So you’re thinking that if the three of us cooperated with you on a commitment end-around.” but I see your point. thanks.

BARBARA We’ll be home in a few minutes. Ivy up front. Bev’s old Lincoln follows a thread of blacktop through the tall grass. TALLGRASS PRAIRIE PRESERVE/BEV’S LINCOLN . For your trial. And another pill bottle. But then. waits for her to get it out of her system. Barb. Another pill bottle. And another. VIOLET Pull the car over. She pauses."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 77 CONTINUED: DR. (beat) I’m going to be sick. Barb drives. Only one problem with that idea. Ivy lingers. For evidence. Karen and Ivy still in the car. Karen’s in the back with Violet. She gets up to go. We stay with Barbara as she climbs out of the car. 77 She hits him with another pill bottle. He relents. who can be heard retching. gets to the door. IVY 105. Leaves. Barbara looks back. pulls to the side of the road. stares across the road. waiting for Violet. grins at Burke. another pill bottle. turns and fires one last pill bottle at him. It seems she’s done. 78 INT/EXT.DAY 78 The sun parched Indian grass and Turkey Toot are wilting but stirred by prairie winds. BURKE Your mother is a very -She hits him with another pill bottle. though -She hits him with another pill bottle.. .. BARBARA We’ll hang on to the bucket of these we have at home. VIOLET Pull the car over. sees her mother means this literally. Violet gets out quickly.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 78 CONTINUED: 106. Violet runs through the tall grass. lost in the unforgiving prairie. . collapses.. sees Violet running through the field. Mom?! BARBARA (CONT’D) Where are you going? Barbara watches for another moment. Then realizes that Violet is not stopping.. Mom? And now we see the full beauty of the land.AFTERNOON 79 Barb pulls the Lincoln in beside Charlie’s Caddie and Ivy’s Honda. but don’t follow.. the two women. Her expression is unreadable.. enigmatic. Then behind her. Barbara turns to Violet. maybe because of her shoes. puts a foot wrong. Barbara catches up. not unless Barbara stops her. the distant horizon. Shuts off the engine. It’s an odd sight. wheezing. sweating. we become aware of Violet running away. simply to get back in the car. the high cumulous clouds. start back for the house. Barbara turns. across the prairie. 79 INT/EXT. One almost seventy. BARBARA (CONT’D) Where the fuck are you going. the other nearing fifty. out of focus. or maybe because she just feels silly. out of breath. to her home. Ivy and Karen climb out. BARBARA (CONT’D) There’s nowhere to go. They lay on the ground. Barb and Violet two dots. back to this land. Mom! Barbara takes off after her. BARBARA (CONT’D) Goddamn it. 78 The sound fades as Barbara contemplates the prairie and for a long moment. racing through the grass. loses herself. LINCOLN/WESTON HOUSE DRIVEWAY . through the tall grass. Mom? BARBARA Violet keeps running. Shield their eyes to watch the chase. the endless blue sky. goes down. Barbara is slow in her pursuit at first. Ivy and Karen climb out.

BARBARA Mom. I can do this. I was spoiling for a fight and you gave it to me. No. honey -BARBARA No. VIOLET I can’t go through that again. You got rid of my pills. The day. 79 VIOLET Please. VIOLET Barbara. right? BARBARA All we could find. it’s important I say this. then -What now? BARBARA * * VIOLET How do you mean? BARBARA Don’t you think you should at least consider a rehab center? Karen turns.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 79 CONTINUED: I’m sorry. They take a long moment. come on. realizing they’re not following. VIOLET I don’t have that many hiding places. the funeral. Should she go back to the car? She decides no. now. I lost my temper at dinner and went too far.. truce? VIOLET (laughs) Truce. VIOLET You wanna search me? . BARBARA So. BARBARA 107... the pills. continues inside.

BARBARA I can’t imagine what all this must be like for you right now. I get by. I’ll be fine. I’ll manage. heads upstairs. I’ve gotten myself through some. BARBARA I want to help. BARBARA VIOLET I don’t need your help. Just need a few days to get my feet under me.. WESTON HOUSE. Mom. If you need any help -VIOLET I don’t need help. I know how this goes: once all the talking’s through.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 79 CONTINUED: Uh. So. VIOLET I don’t need your help. IVY Is the coast clear? LITTLE CHARLES Never very. I just want you to know. you’re not alone.. Violet gets out. I know that.. 80 Barbara watches her go. IVY What are you watching? . LIVING ROOM . don’t worry about me.AFTERNOON Ivy finds Little Charles watching television. no. 80 INT. BARBARA 108. people go back to their own nonsense. Ivy waits until Karen passes through. heads inside. 79 VIOLET If the pills are gone.

And that means. He plays."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: LITTLE CHARLES Television. IVY He turns to look at her. I want everyone to know that I got what I always wanted. . touching. IVY IVY 109. help me push the pedal. goes to the ancient. Hey. 80 LITTLE CHARLES I just. LITTLE CHARLES (CONT’D) I wrote this for you. LITTLE CHARLES (CONT’D) I almost blew it last night.. She joins him on the piano bench. I know. LITTLE CHARLES Come on. and quietly sings a gentle but quirky love song. Hey. He considers this. She sits beside him on the couch. LITTLE CHARLES I was trying to be brave. electric piano. It’s charming.... IVY Can I watch it with you? LITTLE CHARLES I wish you would.. They hold hands. mutes the TV. oak. (she nods) Are you mad at me? Nope. IVY (CONT’D) You’re my hero.. turns it on. I’m not a loser. then breaks into a huge smile.

80 * . They’ve probably eaten the drapes by now. LITTLE CHARLES I don’t remember. Then breaks the spell. MATTIE FAE What was it I caught you watching the other day? LITTLE CHARLES I don’t remember. CHARLIE I’m sure the house is fine. Mattie Fae enters. LITTLE CHARLES No. honey. MATTIE FAE Liberace. I was just -MATTIE FAE This one watches so much television. Get yourself together."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: She smiles. CHARLIE Mattie Fae -MATTIE FAE You do so remember. we have to get home and take care of those damn dogs. some dumb talk show about people swapping wives. Midway through. IVY I’m sure that’s not true. he smiles back. look. it’s rotted his brain. Little Charles has got the TV on. watches for a moment. Charlie comes down the stairs with their overnight bag. (to Ivy) Too bad there isn’t a job where they pay you to sit around watching TV. MATTIE FAE (notices the TV) Oh. MATTIE FAE You don’t remember. 110.

111. I can’t understand why folks can’t be respectful of one another. We’ve been married thirty-eight years. We buried a man yesterday I loved very much. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. CHARLIE (CONT’D) I don’t understand this meanness. Mattie Fae -MATTIE FAE (still to Ivy) Y’know he got fired from a shoe store? CHARLIE Mattie Fae. finds Barbara standing out in the open kitchen door. You hear me? MATTIE FAE What the hell did you say--? CHARLIE You kids go outside. I don’t think there’s any excuse for it. he was a good. we’re not going to make it to thirty-nine. kind. turns to follow. MATTIE FAE Maybe that’s because your family -CHARLIE You had better not say anything about my family right now. 80 He goes. I look at you and your sister and the way you talk to people and I don’t understand it. would you please? Ivy and Little Charles go. She takes a moment to collect herself. My family didn’t treat each other that way."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: CHARLIE C’mon. I mean it. There’s an awkward moment. decent person. we’re gonna get in the car and go home and if you say one more mean thing to that boy I’m going to kick your fat Irish ass onto the highway. But if you can’t find a generous place in your heart for your own son. * . And to hear you tear into your own son not even a day later dishonors Beverly’s memory. And whatever faults he may have had.

MATTIE FAE have a cigarette. and I’d expect be toughest on you -MATTIE FAE This is Ivy and marched this to Barb. Or they think they are. MATTIE FAE That can’t happen. 80 MATTIE FAE That’s -. seemed like. Okay.. MATTIE FAE So did I. BARBARA It’s true.. right? Honey -MATTIE FAE BARBARA I know it’s unorthodox for cousins to get together. Little Charles have always to their own. What’s the difference. Just sounded good to me.. I froze... at least these days -MATTIE FAE They’re not cousins.. 112.? BARBARA They’re in love. BARBARA going to be difficult. at that horrible dinner last night.I’m not sure what to. I quit years ago. this is. something might be going on between Ivy and Little Charles.. Is it true? Yes. . I thought at dinner.. uh.. just..."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: BARBARA I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.. hon? BARBARA No. Do you know if that’s true? BARBARA Oh.

Karen and Steve retreat. Go away. Do you see? Little Charles and Ivy are brother and sister. Half-brother.but believe it or not. They’re not cousins. Karen and Steve enter from outside. BARBARA Uncle Charlie doesn’t suspect? MATTIE FAE We’ve never discussed it. He is not your cousin. BARBARA (CONT’D) You and Dad. He’s your father’s child. BARBARA 113."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: BARBARA -. BARBARA Beg pardon? MATTIE FAE Little Charles is not your cousin. 80 KAREN We’re just going to -Go away! BARBARA NOW! GO AWAY! Barbara stares at Mattie Fae. He’s your blood brother. Okay? . MATTIE FAE And you do. it’s not as uncommon as you might -MATTIE FAE Listen to me. He is your blood brother. (Mattie Fae nods) Who knows this? I do. He’s your brother. What?! BARBARA MATTIE FAE We’ve never discussed it. Which means that he is Ivy’s brother.

81 EXT. it would destroy her. Number one industry. But the mistake ends here. no. MATTIE FAE I’m sure as hell not gonna tell her. this stuff is strong. We MOVE through dark rooms. I know to you. I’m more than that. the house still. a long time ago.NIGHT It’s late. 114. BARBARA If Ivy found out."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 80 CONTINUED: BARBARA Did Dad know? Yes. looking at me. 80 BARBARA Really. WESTON HOUSE BACKYARD . more than anything. knowing me the way you do. all these years. Who cares? JEAN 81 . drawn to the murmur of SOUND and a faint sound coming from outside the kitchen -JEAN (OS) You weren’t kidding. I’m not proud of this. Maybe it’s hard for you to believe. I’m just your old fat Aunt Mattie Fae. well. STEVE (OS) Florida. You people amaze me. You have to put a stop to it. sweetheart. there’s more to me than that. Okay? I paid for it. You have to find a way to stop it. What. I’m disappointed for him. were you drunk? Was this just some -MATTIE FAE I wasn’t drunk. MATTIE FAE Y’know. baby. I made a mistake. I don’t know why. I don’t know why Little Charles is such a disappointment to me. Maybe he.

She wears a long T-shirt.NIGHT Johnna makes her way down the attic stairs and into the second floor hallway.. and 83 82 STEVE (OS) . Want a shotgun? (off her look) You don’t know what a shotgun is? JEAN I know what a shotgun is.. huh? 82 INT. She finally gasps. MAIN STAIRCASE/HALLWAY Johnna steps into the main hallway. Just put your lips right next to mine and you inhale while I exhale. . coughs. lit end first. 83 INT. he wears sweat pants and a sleeveless T-shirt. ATTIC STAIRS/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY . JEAN He puts the joint in his mouth.. STEVE (CONT’D) That’s a kick. STEVE Don’t let it out. giggling from outside in the yard.Show ‘em to me. the whispers below unintelligible. Okay. I won’t look. Both are barefoot. Listens. out by the fence. STEVE Not that kind of shotgun. Hold it. 84 INT.NIGHT Johnna wakes. 84 Drawn to whispers. here. THE ATTIC ROOM . 81 Slowly DISCOVER: Jean and Steve sharing a joint. Their lips nearly touch as he blows marijuana smoke into her mouth in a steady stream. STEVE Number one by far."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 81 CONTINUED: 115. Sits up. exhales. She nearly chokes..

barely misses Steve’s nose.. sliding his hand down between her legs. JEAN Ho. you got a great set. there’s no point in showing them to you. you don’t -Johnna SWINGS the shovel. STEVE (OS) I’m white and over thirty.. can’t yet see them. STEVE (CONT’D) Hold up there.."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 84 CONTINUED: JEAN (OS) If you won’t look. 84 JEAN (OS) You’re gonna get us both in trouble. JEAN (OS) I don’t want to see yours.. Johnna grabs a shovel leaning against the storm cellar door.. I’ll look. Johnna approaches carefully. STEVE (OS) 116. Jean and Steve. Bedroom lights above SNAP ON. clothes in disarray. lady. okay. perv. STEVE (OS) Christ. get in trouble. STEVE (OS) Okay. STEVE (OS) You ever seen one? JEAN (OS) What are you doing? Nothing. fuck! STEVE Johnna approaches Steve menacingly. JEAN (OS) You’re just an old perv. quickly separate.. Oh my God. . Show you mine if you’ll show me yours. I don’t Johnna pushes out the screen to DISCOVER: Steve kissing and groping Jean.

He goes down. JEAN (CONT’D) Yeah. goddamn --! He holds his arm in pain. Johnna stands above him. BARBARA Johnna.. BARBARA Messing with. messing with? BILL What. you’re bleeding. what’s going on? JOHNNA He was messing with Jean. watching for him to try and get up. He doesn’t.. Karen rushes out. HARD. Bill and Barbara run in. goddamn it. you okay? He groans. I don’t know -Who was? BARBARA Are you alright? BILL Do I need to call a doctor? KAREN I don’t know. so I tuned him up. KAREN What happened?! JOHNNA He was messing with Jean -KAREN Honey. She wades in with a strong swing and CONNECTS with his back. sees Steve on the floor. . I’m fine. careful! 117. The shovel SMACKS into the arm he puts up to block her smashing his head with the spade. what do you mean. 84 She swings again."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 84 CONTINUED: STEVE (CONT’D) Hey. STEVE (CONT’D) Ow. tries to sit up. BARBARA Jean. what are you doing up? JEAN We were. arm cocked.what’s that mean? JOHNNA (CONT’D) He was kissing and grabbing her.

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 84 CONTINUED:

118. 84

This information settles in... then Barbara attacks Steve, who’s just gotten to his feet. Karen gets between them. Bill grabs Barbara from behind, trying to pull her away. BARBARA I’ll murder you, you prick! STEVE I didn’t do anything! JEAN Mom, stop it! KAREN Settle down --!

BARBARA You know how old that girl is? STEVE (to Jean) Tell them I didn’t do anything! BARBARA She’s fourteen years old! BARBARA (CONT’D) Are you out of your goddamn mind? KAREN Barbara, just back off!

Karen manages to get Steve up the porch steps and into the house. Barbara, Bill, Jean, and Johnna remain. BARBARA (CONT’D) Son-of-a-bitch is a goddamn sociopath! JEAN What is the matter with you? Will you please stop freaking out? BILL Why don’t you start at the beginning? BARBARA What are you even doing up? BILL Please, sweetheart, we need to know what went on here. JEAN Nothing “went on.” Can we just not make a federal case out of every thing? I came down for a drink, he came in... end of story. All right?

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 84 CONTINUED: BARBARA That’s not the end of the story.

119. 84

BILL That’s not the end of the story.

JEAN (CONT’D) We smoked pot, alright? We smoked a little pot, and we were goofing around, and then everything just went crazy. BARBARA What have I told you about smoking that shit?! What did I say? BILL Then Johnna just chose to attack him with a shovel?

JEAN (CONT’D) It’s no big deal, nothing happened. BARBARA Just tell me what he did! JEAN He didn’t do anything! big deal? What’s the *

BILL The big deal, Jean, is that you’re fourteen years old. JEAN Which is only a few years younger than you like ‘em. Barbara SLAPS Jean; Jean bursts into tears. JEAN (CONT’D) I hate you! BARBARA Yeah, I hate you too, you little freak! Jean tries to head into the house. Jean-BILL Bill grabs her. JEAN

Let me go!

Jean pulls free, runs off.

Bill gets in Barbara’s face.

BILL What’s the matter with you?

"August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 84 CONTINUED: Bill exits, pursuing Jean. standing there, then: Barbara and Johnna are left

120. 84

WE FOLLOW Barb into the kitchen and up the stairs to -85 INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - NIGHT Karen is pulling on a sweatshirt, grabbing their clothes, stuffing them into a suitcase. KAREN I can do without a speech. BARBARA Where is he? KAREN Out at the car. We’re leaving. Back to Florida, tonight, now. Me and Steve, together. Want to give me some grief about that? BARBARA Now wait just a goddamn -KAREN You better find out from Jean exactly what went on before you start pointing fingers. Cause I doubt Jean’s blameless in all this. And I’m not blaming her, just cause I said she’s not blameless doesn’t mean I’ve blamed her. I’m saying she might share in the responsibility. It’s not cut and dried, black and white, good and bad. It lives where everything lives: somewhere in the middle. Where the rest of us live, everyone but you. Karen-BARBARA 85

KAREN He’s not perfect. Just like the rest of us, down here in the muck. I’m no angel myself. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of. Things you’ll never know about. I may even have to do some things I’m not proud of again. Cause sometimes life puts you in a corner that way. (MORE)

spewing gravel as it goes. speeches Right. WESTON HOUSE AND DRIVEWAY .. rushes down the steps to Steve’s waiting Ferrari. BILL I’m taking Jean with me."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 85 CONTINUED: And I am Anyway.. well. 86 EXT... Barb steps out onto the porch as it reverses. settle.NIGHT 86 Karen bursts through the screen door. 85 KAREN Come January. KAREN (CONT'D) a human being. heading back to Colorado in the morning. BARBARA 121.. . Throws her suitcase in the back. engine running. Okay. You have your own hash to Before you start making to the rest of us. rolling her suitcase behind her. But Barb’s still focused on the distant Ferrari.. BARBARA Then: BILL I’m sure you’ll find a way to blame me for all this. Doesn’t that sound nice? Karen pushes past Barb. it’s lights already on. She’s just going to have to wait until I get back to Boulder. BILL You and Jean have about forty years left to fight and make up. BILL (CONT’D) She’s too much for you right now. (beat) I can’t make it up to Jean right now. after all. Bill comes out. I’ll be in Belize. watches it disappear with Barbara. SLAMS into gear and accelerates down the drive. BARBARA Yeah.

BARBARA BILL BARBARA Even if things don’t work out with you and Marsha. I fail. are you."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 86 CONTINUED: BARBARA (confused) Why. Oh. you don’t. You stick around here and I’ll cut off your penis. BILL That’s not funny. Bill? BILL Never say never. as a daughter... BILL BARBARA . Cindy. but. BARBARA I’ve physically attacked Mom and Jean in the span of twenty-four hours. right. BARBARA You’re never coming back to me. As a mother. Cindy. Right. 86 BARBARA No. I fail. But no. BILL No. I mean -BILL BARBARA BILL 122. He starts back inside. what happens in forty years? You die. But no. as a wife.

87 She watches him leave. am I? 123. too? Yeah. Then continues on it’s way back to Tulsa and the airport. BARBARA Walks Barb turns. The driveway no longer crowded with cars. Bill never looks back. Barb stands nearly where she did the night before. The rental heads down the drive.. heat-weary silence. just stands there. Bill goes. 86 Bill struggles. Climbs out.. heads for the house. Bill slows for a moment to let Ivy pass. WESTON HOUSE . The Weston house sits in bucolic.. but then: BILL Probably not. in her sweats and robe.. IVY Where are Bill and Jean going? Barbara doesn’t answer. to her sister. IVY (CONT’D) Karen."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 86 CONTINUED: BILL Right. looks back to the rental leaving. seems he might have more to say. Jean in the seat beside him. Ivy pulls in next to Bev’s big Lincoln. BARBARA And I’m never really going to understand why. passing Ivy’s Honda arriving. Ivy follows -IVY Is she clean? BARBARA She’s moderately clean. Fights back tears. backing up. Even if things don’t work out. Bill behind the wheel. Jean stares blankly at her mother. Watching yet another car go. .DAY A blistering hot late August day. Their rental. 87 EXT. as she rolls past.

don’t I? We’re leaving for New York tomorrow. People can convince themselves they love a painted rock. or not? Back off. Ivy. BARBARA That’s not a good idea. THE WESTON HOUSE/KITCHEN . BARBARA Oh Christ. 87 IVY I’m nervous. IVY I love the man I’m related to-BARBARA Fuck love. IVY Where is this coming from? Barbara heads up the porch steps and into -88 INT. BARBARA Then let’s 124. What is it? 88 . what a crock of shit."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 87 CONTINUED: IVY Moderately? BARBARA You don’t like moderately? say tolerably.DAY BARBARA Lot of fish in the sea. They find Johnna cooking in the kitchen. Surely you can rule out the one single man in the world you’re related to. IVY Is she clean. BARBARA (CONT’D) Looks great. IVY I have to tell her. not today. For you and Charles to take this any further.

You didn’t eat anything yesterday. IVY I have lived in this town. BARBARA Mom needs her lunch. my favorite. You’re nearly fifty years old."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: Catfish. please. hoping against hope someone would come into my life-BARBARA Don’t get all Carson McCullers on me. IVY Why aren’t either of you dressed? * * Johnna! Like me. Johnna enters from the kitchen. you’ll break a hip. They head into the dining room. Now wipe that tragic look off your face and eat some catfish. catfish for lunch. Mom. (to Violet) You hungry? VIOLET Ivy. VIOLET What’s howdy about it? BARBARA Look. you should smile. year in and year out. you can’t go to New York. BARBARA (CONT’D) Howdy. BARBARA You haven’t eaten anything today. Ivy. 88 BARBARA Bottom feeders. Eat your catfish. find Violet smoking. . VIOLET I’m not hungry. VIOLET I’m not hungry. working on her jigsaw puzzle. JOHNNA 125.

VIOLET 126. No. then goes. BARBARA That doesn’t cut any fucking ice with me. We’re not sitting here naked. I have something to talk to you-BARBARA No you don’t. Barbara-IVY BARBARA No you don’t. BARBARA VIOLET BARBARA Mom? Eat it. up.. IVY Mom."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: BARBARA We’re dressed. Eat.. Shut up. VIOLET BARBARA Eat it. VIOLET Go to hell. Eat it. 88 * * * * * Johnna reenters with plates. are we? Yeah. you fucker. Eat that catfish. Now eat that fucking fish. Please-IVY Shut the fuck VIOLET What’s to talk about? Mom-IVY . No.

. IVY No. IVY I have to tell you something. BARBARA Eat that fucking fish.. NO! BARBARA VIOLET IVY Mom. Barbara-IVY VIOLET No. you’re not. Did you eat your fish? IVY Barbara. BITCH! IVY MOM.! BARBARA Okay. 88 VIOLET I’m not hungry. BARBARA Ivy’s a lesbian."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: Forget it. Eat it. you are. fuck it. I need to--! NO! MOM! VIOLET IVY BARBARA EAT THE FISH. stop it! . I’m not-BARBARA Yes. do what you want. 127. PLEASE! VIOLET Barbara.

quiet now-IVY Mom. BARBARA Are we breaking shit? Barbara takes a vase from the sideboard. this is important -BARBARA Eatyourfisheatyourfisheatyourfish-Ivy stands. BARBARA (CONT’D) What the fuck -IVY I have something to say. smashes it. Barbara! IVY 128. muthah-fuckah -IVY Charles and I -Johnna?! BARBARA Little spill in here! Ivy gets in Barbara’s face. 88 BARBARA Eat your fish. VIOLET Barbara. please. BARBARA (CONT’D) ‘cause I can break shit -Violet throws her plate. we can all break shit. hurls her plate of food. smashes it. ."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: BARBARA Eat your fish. BARBARA (CONT’D) See. smashes it. IVY Charles and I -BARBARA You don’t want to break shit with me.

Charles and I -BARBARA Little Charles -IVY Charles and I -BARBARA Little Charles -Barbara -IVY 129. Freeze. Mom -IVY BARBARA Don’t listen. Mom.. IVY Little Charles and I. I know that. listen.. IVY (CONT’D) Little Charles and I are -VIOLET Little Charles and you are brother and sister. Ivy will finally get to say the words.. 88 BARBARA You have to say Little Charles or she won’t know who you’re talking about. What? BARBARA IVY No."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: IVY Barbara. . Silence. no one slips anything by me. Oh. Barbara relents. stop it! (returning to Violet) Mom. I told you.. Little Charles -- VIOLET I’ve always known that.

suddenly lurches away from the table. pursued by Barbara -- ... what do you care? IVY You’re monsters.. but Beverly wouldn’t have been Beverly if he didn’t have plenty to brood about. VIOLET Better you girls know now though. now you’re older. VIOLET Come on now -IVY Monsters.. thirty some-odd years. 88 Ivy looks from Violet to Barbara.. 130. IVY Why in God’s name did you tell me this? VIOLET Hey. BARBARA It’s the pills talking..? BARBARA Oh honey. VIOLET Your father tore himself up over it. if he wasn’t smoking all that grass. IVY Mom."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 88 CONTINUED: VIOLET I knew the whole time Bev and Mattie Fae were carrying on... VIOLET Who’s the injured party here? Ivy flees from the dining room. Charlie should have known too. Never know when someone might need a kidney. what are you. knocking over her chair.

IVY There’s no difference. listen -IVY Leave me alone. Mom told you! It wasn’t me. stares up at the house. Barbara pounds on the car window. BARBARA I was trying to protect you -IVY We’ll go anyway."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 89 INT. WESTON HOUSE . 91 . Barb turns. Ivy gets in the car. WESTON HOUSE .CONTINUOUS Finds Violet still at the table. lighting a cigarette. revs the engine. BARBARA When Mattie Fae told me. 89 90 Barbara Ivy floors the car.CONTINUOUS BARBARA Ivy. we’ll still go away. 90 EXT. BARBARA (CONT’D) I didn’t tell you. angry. After a moment. still followed by Barbara. 91 INT. it was Mom! The car window slides down. 131. roars out of the driveway. FRONT HALLWAY . leaving Barb standing there.CONTINUOUS Ivy rushes to her car. resolute. starts it. tries to open the car door. BARBARA This is not my fault. Starts back inside. I didn’t know what to do -Ivy runs from the house.

Not like you. VIOLET (CONT’D) She’ll be back. Or me. he’d checked out. BARBARA How did you know where he was? Violet is growing agitated with the interrogation. He knew I knew.” If I’d reached him at that motel."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 91 CONTINUED: VIOLET We couldn’t let Ivy run off with Little Charles. VIOLET The note. I chose the higher ground. I called him on Monday. Just wouldn’t be right.” BARBARA . “You’d be better off if you quit sulking about this ancient history.. and I love her to death. “I hope this isn’t about Little Charles. But it was too late. cause you know I know all about that. keeps her distance. She’s a sweet girl. Barbara doesn’t respond. I never told them I knew. Ivy. But your father knew. there at the end. (and then) If I’d had the chance. But she isn’t strong. I would’ve said. He said I could call him over at the Country Squire Motel -BARBARA He left a note? VIOLET And I did. 132. I would’ve told him.what motel? VIOLET I called over there on Monday after I got into that safety deposit box. 91 . BARBARA You knew about Daddy and Mattie Fae? VIOLET Oh sure. But we never talked about it..

Barbara looks off. (MORE) * * . But I was."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 91 CONTINUED: BARBARA After you got the money out of your safety deposit box.... wasted lifetimes devoted to your care and comfort. quietly: BARBARA You were both fucked-up. Mom? BARBARA (CONT'D) Then -- 133. just him and me. VIOLET You’d better understand this. people from our generation. here in this house. in the dark.. isn’t it? Barbara stares at her mother for a long moment. ever. There’s only one reason Beverly killed himself and that’s you.. VIOLET We had an arrangement.. abandoned. for people like your father and me. that money is important. hindsight’s always twentytwenty. we were. VIOLET Well. left to ourselves. You are fucked-up. as kids. BARBARA Did the note say he was going to kill himself? No response. BARBARA If you could’ve stopped Daddy from killing himself. You have to understand. I might’ve done it different. You were fucked-up. 91 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VIOLET If I had my wits about me. your father and me both... who never had any money. you wouldn’t have needed to get into your safety deposit box. you smug little ingrate. Think there’s any way he would’ve done what he did if you were still here? No.

his blood is just as much on your hands as it is on mine. VIOLET (CONT’D) Who’s stronger now. kisses her.. Violet only slowly realizes Barbara’s gone. goddamn it. But I would have waited anyway. keeps moving. I’ll be here. VIOLET (CONT’D) He did this though."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 91 CONTINUED: VIOLET (CONT'D) So stick that knife of judgment in me. the floor giving away beneath her. trying to comprehend. Mom. you son-of-abitch?! Barbara feels sick. when everything is gone and disappeared. stops at the screen door. You want to show who’s stronger. heads into the hall. make me prove my character? So I waited. When nothing is left.. We’re alike. not us. VIOLET (CONT’D) You and me. to get my hands on that safety deposit box. go ahead. Bev? Nobody’s stronger than me. Turns.Barbara? Hears the sound of the screen door opening and SLAPPING shut. 134. You’re the She She goes to her mother. 91 Barbara is reeling. Violet YELLS up to the empty house. VIOLET . but make no mistake. Quietly: . grabs her purse and Bev’s keys from the dish. Barbara? VIOLET (CONT’D) Violet follows her into the hall. Can you imagine anything more cruel. Then: BARBARA You’re right. takes a moment. Barb doesn’t turn around. strong one. to make me responsible? Just to weaken me.

stares at the spinning album. Barbara. VIOLET Please. 91 Sees Barb heading across the yard for Beverly’s pick-up.Bev?! She stumbles to the stereo. the rumble of distant thunder. Barb?! VIOLET (CONT’D) Ivy?! And into the living room. ominous clouds in the distance.. moving from empty room to empty room. Ivy?! Silence... BEVERLY’S PICK-UP (MOVING) . VIOLET (CONT’D) Ivy. lightning and towering. VIOLET (CONT’D) Bev?! .."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 91 CONTINUED: No.Barbara? Barbara drives off. puts on her Clapton.. The driveway now empty again. the kitchen. Violet alone outside on the walkway..DAY 92 Barbara is nearly catatonic as she drives. back slowly out. Watches Barbara climb into the truck. . you here?! The dining room. please. Bev’s study. BARBARA I’m nothing like you. VIOLET Barbara.. She turns back to the house. the house receding in the rear window behind her.. go. BARBARA 135.. A few large rain drops splatter her windshield... yelling. Johnna?! VIOLET (CONT’D) She reels to the stairs. VIOLET (CONT’D) .. crawling up -92 INT/EXT.

Johnna. and then you’re gone. stares out over the miles of prairie.. 93 VIOLET --and then you’re gone.. Laughs darkly. this is the way the world ends.” VIOLET (OS) --and then you’re gone. JOHNNA “This is the way the world ends.DAY ON Barbara as she drives -JOHNNA (OS) “. Notices her hands are shaking from the adrenaline. and Barbara. Brushes tears from her cheeks.. Johnna. her hair.DAY Violet climbs the staircase on all fours. BEVERLY’S PICK-UP . goes to Violet.” 94 INT. and then you’re gone. VIOLET Johnna. Climbs out."August" 9/21/12 FINAL WHITE Draft 93 INT.. Slows. unsure of what comes next.. and then you’re gone. Johnna sets down her TS Elliot. and then you’re gone.. Quietly -VIOLET (CONT’D) And then you’re gone.this is the way the world ends.. but finally on her way as we -FADE TO BLACK... smooths her hair. pulls the pick-up to the side of the road at the top of a small rise. The wind gently ruffles her clothing... and Beverly. and then you’re gone -94 We stay on Barb as she slowly pulls herself back together. and then you’re gone -Johnna quietly sings to Violet. 136... holds Violet’s head. . UPSTAIRS HALLWAY/ATTIC STAIRS . rocks her. CLOSE ON her as she settles into exhausted relief..

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