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Case Study Wafer Industry ( Perk and Kitkat ) with special emphasis on consumer behaviour

WHAT IS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR? Consumer behaviour refers to the behaviour that consumer display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating & disposing of products & services that they expect will satisfy their needs. INTRODUCTION ON THE CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY Indian Chocolate Industry as today is dominated by two companies, both multinationals. The market leader is Cadbury with a lion's share of !". The company's brands like #ive $tar, %ems, &clairs, 'erk, (airy )ilk are leaders in their segments. *ntil early +!'s, Cadbury had a market share of over ,! ", but its party was spoiled when -estle appeared on the scene. The other one has introduced its international brands in the country ./it /at, 0ions1, and now commands approximately 23" market share. 4ars or molded chocolates like (airy )ilk, 5mul, -estle 'remium, and Truffle account for 63 7 8! per cent of the total market .in terms of volume1. The Count chocolates such as #ive $tar, /itkat, 'erk etc. is the next largest segment, accounting for 6! per cent of the total market. In India, chocolates are consumed as excitement 9 en:oyment and not as snack. Therefore, more than 3 per cent of chocolate purchases are impulse. POSITIONING STRATEGY OF PERK PERK: 'erk always had a charm and its persona of a bubbly youthful brand was always there since its launch in 2++;. 'riety <inta is still remembered along with the brand. 4ut the new face of the 'erk is entirely opposite to the brand's current image. 5ccording to the company version, the new 'erk is targeting the youth 2872, year olds which are looking for a snack which is refreshing. The new launch is the result of a study conducted by the company which showed that youth prefers a tasty snack which also refreshed them. Commen !"o# %e)&%e. '/e $e %o&' 'on'n( & )! e(* o+ ,' ,! +)om G-o"!- m!),e