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Good afternoon everyone. For those who dont know me, my name is Duy Khang, Im from Auditing class.

This afternoon Id like to tell you about my hometown. I live in Lai Thieu, Binh Duong, the town runs along SaiGon River, it is famous for many orchards. Therefore, my hometown becomes well-known, more and more people come there to visit. Do you know that Lai Thieu is one of opendoors of Dong Nam Bo which lead to the North. Moreover, from May to August every year is call the fruit-time, if you come to Lai Thieu at this time, you will never forget. You will have the chance to walk around these orchards with so many kinds of fruits in front of you, you can pick these fruits when theyre still on the tree and it feels so fresh. In addition, in Lai Thieu you can sit on a boat and flow along the SaiGon River, take an overal view of the green orchards. I hope everyone here have a chance to visit my beautiful hometown someday.