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April 30, 2014 Chancellors Scholar A hle ic A!ar" Recipien s #or 2014 Donal" D% cher, Direc or o# A hle ics &''(0300, e) * &2++

Herkimer, NY Two Herkimer College student athletes have received the SUNY Chancellors Scholar Athlete Award for !"#$ The highest award given to a student%athlete in the State Universit&, there are '( reci)ients from throughout New York State this &ear$ The award recogni*es a com+ination of outstanding academic e,cellence and su)erior athletic achievement$ -endall -illiams from S&racuse, ma.oring in /usiness0 S)orts 1 2ecreation 3anagement is a mem+er of the mens track 1 field and +asket+all teams$ 4elane& /uckle& of Utica, ma.oring in /usiness0 S)orts 1 2ecreation 3anagement is a mem+er of the soft+all team$ To +e considered for this award, student%athletes had to +e nominated +& their athletic directors$ Their academic credentials and athletic accom)lishments were then reviewed +& athletic directors from across the State Universit& s&stem$ 5SUNY scholar athletes are stand%out students who have e,celled not onl& in their res)ective s)orts +ut in our classrooms as well,6 said SUNY Chancellor Nanc& 7$ 8im)her$ 5-ith an average 9:A of ($;; among this &ears honorees, we are e,ce)tionall& )roud of their achievements$ Congratulations to each of the students recogni*ed, and thank &ou to the man& )rofessors, coaches and staff across SUNY who su))ort them$6 %(!% Attached are photos of Wendall Williams and Delaney Buckley.