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Starts from Black

Panning shots of Rochester
Inside church, sequence
Speed up footage of people, sequence

Narrator- There are over 13 million
people in the UK living under the
poverty line

Titles Food Bank


Set up Ian

Sync Ian

News articles on screen

Set up Kevin

Comm-The food banks receive bad

press that gives the impression that food
banks provide people with food that
they dont deserve
Sync Kevin

Introduction to Salvation Army, shots

of caf and other locations, sequence
Set up volunteer


Sync- Volunteer

C/A of the church, facts about poverty

on screen
Set up Linda


Interview with Professor from Kent

Cut a ways of shops and people sped
up. Sequence

Set up police
Cut a way of interviewer sitting with
example A talking but inaudible.

Case study with people receiving help

Comm-Malnutrition can affect growth

and health,
Sync Peter
Comm-Food banks provide food for
people who need help, this can help
these people provide for their families
and therefore hopefully will not turn to
crime for food
Officer sync
Comm- families that may need to
receive further help we found example
A and they have decided to share their
story with us. After the first food
package is received the families may
still need help that can be provided after
an interview.
Sync case study