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10 HONORS-Essay Scoring Guideby skill

ORGANIZATION 8/9 Focused on excellent, insightful thesis; Clear, logical, fluid using artful transitions; intro hooks and conclusion is an epiphany the reader now understands something perhaps never before considered. 6/7 Focused on solid thesis; Logical; beginning, middle and end; smooth transitions; effective intro and conclusion 5 Focused around an obvious, three prong thesis and there may be some confusing organization; adequate conclusion/intro; predictable, robotic structure 3/4 Flawed organization focused around a weak or inconclusive thesis; weak control; no intro and/or conclusion; rambling 1/2 Unorganized and/or NO discernable thesis; no intro and/or conclusion; rambling CRITICAL THINKING/ANALYSIS 8/9 Insightful, meaningful; demonstrates writers ability to discuss and clearly analyze with insight, understanding, and control; PERSUASIVE; Answers what, how, and why. 6/7 Less thorough, less incisive, or less specific; demonstrates writers ability to analyze literary work, but reveal a more limited understanding than 9/8 papers ; answers what and how 5 Safe, generic, superficial; reveals simplistic thinking and/or immature writing with thin, commonplace information that addresses prompt ; answers what; vague 3/4 Misinterpretations, underdeveloped or misguided; paraphrase and plot-summary at the expense of analysis 1/2 Plot summary with no attempt at original thinking CONCRETE TEXTUAL EVIDENCE 8/9 Skillful use of AMPLE, excellent concrete detail selection; documented correctly 6/7 Good concrete detail selection; documented correctly 5 Acceptable use of concrete detail selection; documented correctly 3/4 Weak and/or flawed concrete detail selection; doesnt support topic sentence / question; STAND -ALONE QUOTES 1/2 No documented evidence OR undocumented evidence SENTENCE VARIETY / DICTION 8/9 Excellent, critical use of varied sentence structure; powerful, excellent word choice used correctly; wording is obviously well chosen 6/7 Good variety; good word choice used correctly which emphasizes the point 5 Limited with simple sentences; average, ordinary word choice or odd word choice; diction may be marred by repetitions and imprecision; passive voice, contractions 3/4 Sentences are awkward, ambiguous, and/or confusing / little if any sentence variety; simple word choice; words used incorrectly; slang; odd phrasing 1/2 unintelligible or very basic writing MECHANICS / REVISION 8/9 Superior paper with stylistic flair that expresses ideas with clarity and skill; excellent grammar, punctuation, spelling ; uses literary present tense 6/7 Minimal / insignificant mechanical errors that do not detract from meaning 5 Mechanics and/or legibility is a consistent problem; repeats may be a concern; uses past tense 3/4 Essay is hard to understand due to grammar, mechanics, and/or legibility; evidence of careful proofreading is scanty, or nonexistent. 1/2 unintelligible or rife with errors UNDERSTANDING OF THE SELECTION 8/9 An accurate AND insightful understanding of the authors purpose, mai n idea, theme and/or thesis AND how he/she conveys itunderstands WHY this essay is written and WHY its important 6/7 An accurate but somewhat less insightful understanding of the authors purpose, main idea, theme and/or thesis 5 An accurate but somewhat limited understanding of the purpose, main idea, theme and/or thesis 3/4 Misinterpretation of some part of the essay 1/2 Complete misinterpretation of the authors main purpose, main idea, theme and/or thesis

9/8 (A): Excellent / Powerful / Rich Content 7/6 (B): Good / Solid 5 (C): Adequate / Average 4/3 (D): Demonstrates Problems / Rudimentary

45-50 Points: A 40-44 Points: B 35-39 Points: C 30-34 Points: D