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Latin Outreach 601 E. Mechanic St. Leesville, La.


March 2014

Latin Outreach
Thank you for being a part of our L.O. Family.
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Seed Offering Tax Deductible Receipts C/O Latin Outreach

1 + 7 Vision..
We now have several that are working hard to reach 7 people. THE GOAL: every person wins 7. Little by little NEW PEOPLE are trickling into the congregation as a result of everybodys effforts. On the right we have some of the 1 + 7 workers. They are enhancing their Bible knowledge with the resources provided on the flash drives. Thank you Pat & Mary Franks for helping us obtain this powerful tool.

More Blessings.
Again on the right our 1+ 7 team are learning all about praying for the sick. The book they are holding is called Christ the Healer: by Bosworth. We thank Nathan Thompson for donating the books Thank you, Homer & Irma Robin from Lake Charles, La. for your commitment of $100 for monthly support for 36 months.


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Short but sweet visit from Elim Missionary Reps

Left to Right: Pablo James Chena & Tommy Trini Dasha

Renew World Outreach has designed a back pack for reaching the lost in unreached areas of the world. We want to thank Pat & Mary Franks for recommending Neftali, our son in law, to Tim Eakers from Charity Tabernacle in Indianapolis where Paul Slagle pastors. Charity Tabernacle donated a back pack which they purchased for about $4,000 dollars. Neftali is using the equipment in the mountains of Zacatecas and Durango. His calling entails reaching the Tepehuan, Huichol, and Cora Indians. Thank you Charity Tabernacle

The back pack includes: a projector, projector screen, solar panel, powered speaker, microphone, and memory cards for movies and teachings.