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Wolf Den Photo Op.

Capturing Memories
Healthcare, Building Trades, Printing, media
Raelynn Nelson, Nicole Mys, Holly Baweja

Table of Contents
Event Summary Budget

Market Analysis

Strengths Promotion Organization
Weaknesses Time Management Did not promote through all
social media sites

Opportunities Bring more traffic in store Bring in more traffic online

Threats People might not want to

Software would not work

Target Market
Our target market is CTC students, staff, and other faculty.

Our goal is to get more people to go on the Wolf Den website and to bring more traffic in the store. For Students to come to the Wolf Den and have fun and enjoy themselves.

We had to keep our overall price under $50. We spent $36.95 on props for the photo booth since we had all of the other items on hand.

We promoted a photo booth by creating a flyer with a Mardi Gras theme. We also promoted the booth by telling people as they came through the store days prior to the event.

Promotion; Social Media

The pictures were automatically uploaded to Twitter for participants to view and download their pictures.

Promotion; Website Promotion

We made and printed many small papers with the Wolf Den website address on it and handed them out to the participants of the Photo Booth.

Survey Objective
The objective of this survey is to gather information about our market. We want to find out if they would be willing to participate at our event.

We are planning to set up a backdrop with some props at the Wolf Den, would you and your friends be willing to have your picture taken?

Yes: 50.7%

No: 49.3%

Would you rather get your picture right away and pay $1$2 or not pay and have the option to download it online from the Wolf Den website?

Download from website: 79.7% Recieve picture right away: 20.3%

How much extra cash do you have with you on an average week for entertainment purposes?

$0: 25.8%

$1-$5: 27.3%
$5-$10: 16.7% $10+: 30.3%

If we were to make your picture available on the Wolf Den website, would you be more likely to browse the website?

Yes: 43.9% No: 56.1%

Would you allow us to use the pictures on the Wolf Den website for our promotions?

Yes: 63.6% No: 36.4%

How often do you plan on purchasing items at the Wolf Den per month?

0: 42.4% 1-2: 48.5%

3-4: 6.1%
5: 3.0%

Would you be more likely to take a picture by yourself, with a group, both or no picture at all?

By Myself: 3.6% With a Group: 47.3% Both: 23.6%

None: 25.5%

Circle the words that best describe you

Creative: 39.3% Outgoing: 48.2% Adventurous: 46.4% Thoughtful: 30.4% Witty: 10.7% Clever: 26.8% Bold: 28.6% All other responses: 7.1%

Amusing: 30.4%
Easy Going: 60.7% Quiet: 35.7%

What do you do in your free time?

Hanging out with Friends: 73.2% Reading: 19.6% Creating Art: 19.6% Playing Sports: 37.5% None: 19.6%

Would you tell your friends about this event?

Yes: 62.5% No: 37.5%

Sketch of layout

50% of the people we surveyed said that they would participate in the photo booth. To make this event a success we just want people to have fun so they will want to come back.

Making a Profit?
This event will help with our profits by creating more traffic in the store. While they are waiting to have their picture taking they can shop around.

How will we measure our results?

Take the profits made on an average week and compare it to the profits made during the week of the photo booth event.

I believe that this event was a success. Our goal was to get people to participate at our event, and they did. We could have improved our photo booth by promoting it on various social media sites. The advice that I would give would be to plan ahead and have a backup plan if something did not work out the way you planned.