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Banks Get Even Bigger, Federal Reserve Pushes Inflation Causing Gold Prices Rise To Record Highs.

ITM Trading, a gold and silver invest ent fir out of Phoeni!, "ri#ona, recentl$ intervie%ed &i Rickards, an attorne$, '.(. govern ent consultant on financial %ar and terroris , author, invest ent )anker and %ell kno%n econo ist a)out his ne% )ook titled *The +eath of Mone$,* as %ell as so e of &i ,s frightening -redictions for the '.(. and %orld econo ies. &i has )een seen regularl$ on C.BC, Bloo )erg and other outlets %ith his co entar$ on the co ing financial colla-se and shar- rise in the -rice in gold in the co ing $ears. &i is also +irector of Tangent Ca-ital and has for several $ears %orked closel$ %ith the CI" on ulti-le financial national securit$ issues. Belo% are so e -ara-hrased e!cer-ts fro this e!clusive intervie%. A Cause For Alarm, The Too Big To Fail Banks Got Bigger Creating A Potential Collapse Too Big Too Fix? &i Rickards talks a)out the increasing si#e of the financial s$ste and ho% this gro%th e!-onentiall$ increases the risk inherent to the s$ste . (o large in fact that &i )elieves that the ne!t financial colla-se %ill not )e a)le to )e contained )$ the Fed. Could the U.S. Federal Reser e !reate in"lation sending gold to o er #$,%%%.%%? The Fed,s long ter -lan is to continuall$ create inflation, and there %ill co e a -oint at %hich inflation %ill reach run/a%a$ -ro-ortions. &i sa$s that 0ust regular inflation could take gold to 12,333 or ore. Could There Be A Return To The Gold Standard? "s far as the future -rice of gold is concerned, &i )elieves that one da$ %e %ill return to a gold standard %orld%ide. He esti ates that gold %ould need to )e a)out 14,333 -er ounce to su--ort the trade and finance that %e alread$ have going on in the %orld toda$. The Real Truth &n China and Their Re!ord 'emand For Gold China finall$ sur-assed India as the %orld5s largest i -orter of -h$sical gold. The Internet is %ild %ith ru ors and s-eculation. &i sets the record straight %ith the real reason )ehind China,s record gold -urchases. 6isten to the entire 23 inute intervie% and &i ,s candid econo ic anal$ses, go to 80i /rickards/and/craig/griffin/talk/a)out/the/death/of/ one$/and/the/ future/of/gold8 999