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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Grade and Topic: Mentor Teacher: Heather Blankinship 4th Science Dr. Annette S. Cornelius Date: February 5, 2014 Length of Lesson: Two Days 45 min School: University of Memphis - IDT 3600

UNIT/CHAPTER OBJECTIVE/GENERALIZATION/BIG IDEA: This lesson plan is part of a unit plan about the difference between climate and weather. LESSON OBJECTIVE:
Given a different regions of the world, the student will be able describe that regions weather and climate with 100% accuracy.

Students will be applying their knowledge about the weather and climate to determine the climate and weather of a given region. The students will get into groups of three or four and will be given a specific area of the world in which each group will have to figure out what type of climate that area has and what the weather of that area is. Once they have come up with their answers and have reviewed it with the teacher, the students will present their findings in front of the class.

STANDARDS ADDRESSED: GLE 0407.8.2 - Differentiate between weather and climate ISTE Creativity and Innovation MATERIALS: Materials needed: Assigned regions for each group Technology will be integrated. Each group of students will receive a laptop with internet access. Each group will look up the region they were assigned and determine what type of climate that region has. Then the students will look up the current weather for that region. They are also to find pictures of that region and apply the pictures and all of their findings to a word document to show the class when they present it. BACKGROUND and RATIONALE:
Students will be able to identify the difference between climate and weather using the knowledge that they acquired from the assignment.

Vocabulary: Climate and Weather Students will have defined climate and weather beforehand so that they are vaguely familiar with the terms. The students will spend the first day researching the regions assigned to them and on the second day, they will present their findings to the class.
Students who need extra help will be placed in separate groups with a peer tutor to guide them along with the assignment. Also, the teacher with visit these specified groups more often than the other groups to make sure the students remain on task.

PROCEDURES AND TIMELINE: Introduction: I will start off the lesson by saying this: Today we are going to explore different regions of the world! We are going to explore the climates they live in and see what type of weather they are having today! Are you ready to embark on an adventure?

Procedures: Provide a sequential (step by step) description of the procedures and activities for the lesson. The teacher will start of the lesson with the introduction given above. The teacher will then describe every detail of the lesson so that the students are clear on what they need to do. Then the teacher will then separate the class into preassigned groups and will allow each group to reach into a bag and pull out a slip of paper with the region that they will be working on. One student is selected to carefully pass out the laptops; one laptop per group. Each group will use the internet to find a picture of their region first. Then each group will research the regions climate and the regions weather for that day. After researching all the information required, each group will open up a word document so that they can place all the information theyve found onto the document. The word document is to have the following: the names of each member in the group, the definition of weather and the definition of the climate, the region of the world assigned, a picture of their assigned region, the climate of their region, and that days current weather for that region. Once finished, the students will save the document under their groups region name. During the time that the groups are working, the teacher will be walking around the room, helping the students remain on task and focused on their end goal. Closure: What do you have planned to close the lesson? To close this lesson, I will ask the students to save their documents, whether they are finished or not. I will then inform them that they will have a little extra time the next day to finish their documents and that they will be presenting their documents to the class. A student will be selected to carefully put up the laptops and the class will take a bathroom break before beginning on the next subject.

ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE: Students will use Microsoft Word and will use Times New Roman font, size 12. They will use small paragraphs to present their knowledge. Make sure there is a clear link between the Goals and Objectives and the Assessments. MODIFICATIONS: For students who did not master the objectives, they will be pulled aside during extra class time and will be worked with personally with the teacher or an aid. For students who are ready for enrichment activities, an extra worksheet will be given for that group to work on.