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13.Stay With Me Witch: What did I clearly say? Children must listen.

Rapunzel: No, no, please Witch: What !ere you not to do? Children must see"" Rapunzel: No Witch: #nd learn. Why could you not o$ey? Children should listen. What ha%e I $een to you? What !ould you ha%e me $e? &andsome li'e a (rince? #h, $ut I am old. I am u)ly. I em$arrass you. Rapunzel: No Witch: *ou are ashamed o+ me. Rapunzel: No Witch: *ou are ashamed. *ou don,t understand. Rapunzel: It !as lonely atop that to!er. Witch: I !as not company enou)h? Rapunzel: I am no lon)er a child- I !ish to see the !orld Witch: .on,t you 'no! !hat,s out there in the !orld? Someone has to shield you +rom the !orld. Stay !ith me. (rinces !ait there in the !orld, it,s true. (rinces, yes, $ut !ol%es and humans, too. Stay at home. I am home. Who out there could lo%e you more than I? What out there that I cannot supply? Stay !ith me. Stay !ith me, /he !orld is dar' and !ild. Stay a child, !hile you can $e a child. With me.