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14.On the Steps of the Palace Cinderella: He's a very smart Prince. He's a Prince who prepares.

Knowing this time 'd r!n from him" He spread pitch on the stairs. was ca!ght !nawares. #nd tho!ght" $ell" he cares. %his is more than &!st malice. 'etter stop and ta(e stoc( while yo!'re standing here st!c( On the steps of the palace. )o! thin(" $hat do yo! want* )o! thin(" +a(e a decision, $hy not stay and -e ca!ght* )o! thin(" $ell" it's a tho!ght.. $hat wo!ld -e his response* '!t then what if he (new who yo! were" $hen yo! (now that yo!'re not what he thin(s that he wants* #nd then" what if yo! are $hat a Prince wo!ld envision* #ltho!gh how can yo! (now who yo! are" %ill yo! (now what yo! want" which yo! don't" So then which do yo! pic(: $here yo!'re safe o!t of sight" #nd yo!rself" -!t where everything's wrong" Or where everything's right" #nd yo! (now that yo!'ll never -elong* #nd whichever yo! pic(" do it .!ic(" 'Ca!se yo!'re starting to stic( %o the steps of the palace, t's yo!r first -ig decision.. %he choice isn't easy to ma(e. %o arrive at a 'all is e/citing" and all" Once yo!'re there" tho!gh" it's scary. #nd it's f!n to deceive when yo! (now yo! can leave" '!t yo! have to -e wary. %here's a lot that's at sta(e" -!t yo!'ve stalled long eno!gh" 'Ca!se yo!'re still standing st!c( on the st!ff on the steps.. 'etter r!n along home, #nd avoid the collision. 0ven tho!gh they don't care" yo!'d -e -etter off there" $here there's nothing to choose" so there's nothing to lose" So yo! pry !p yo!r shoes... #nd then" o!t of the -l!e" #nd witho!t any g!ide" )o! (now what yo!r decision is.. $hich is not to decide. )o! &!st leave him a cl!e.

1or e/ample: a shoe. #nd then see what H0'22 do. 3ow it's he and not yo! who is st!c( with the shoe n a stew.. n the goo.. #nd yo!'ve learned something too" Something yo! never (new" On the steps of the Palace,