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22.Last Midnight Witch: It's the last midnight. It's the last wish.

It's the last midnight, Soon it will be boom-Squish! Told a little lie, stole a little gold, b o!e a little "ow, #id $ou% &ad to get $ou ' ince, had to get $ou cow, &a"e to get $ou wish, doesn't matte how.. (n$wa$, it doesn't matte now. It's the last midnight, It's the boom-S)lat! *othing but a "ast midnight, +"e $bod$ smashed ,lat! *othing we can do... *ot e-actl$ t ue: We can alwa$s gi"e he the bo$... *o% *o, o, cou se, what eall$ matte s is the blame. Somebod$ to blame. .ine, i, that's the thing $ou en/o$, )lacing the blame, I, that's the aim, gi"e me the blame. 0ust gi"e me the bo$. *o% 1ou' e so nice. 1ou' e not good, $ou' e not bad, 1ou' e /ust nice. I'm not good, I'm not nice, I'm /ust ight. I'm the witch. 1ou' e the wo ld. I'm the hitch, I'm what no one belie"es. I'm the witch. 1ou' e all lia s and thie"es, Li!e his ,athe ! Li!e his son will be too! 2h, wh$ bothe % 1ou'll /ust do what $ou do! It's the last midnight, So goodb$e, all. 3oming at $ou ,ast, midnight-Soon $ou'll see the s!$ ,all! &e e, $ou want a bean% &a"e anothe bean. 4eans we e made ,o ma!ing $ou ich! 'lant them and the$ soa --

&e e, $ou want some mo e% Listen to the oa : 5iants b$ the sco e--! 2h well, $ou can blame anothe witch. It's the last midnight, It's the last "e se. *ow, be,o e it's )ast midnight, I'm lea"ing $ou m$ last cu se: I'm lea"ing $ou alone. 1ou can tend the ga den, it's $ou s. Se)a ate and alone, +"e $bod$ down on all ,ou s. (ll ight, Mothe , when% Lost the beans again! 'unish me the wa$ $ou did then! 5i"e me claws and a hunch, 0ust awa$ , om this bunch (nd the gloom (nd the doom (nd the boom 3 uuuunch!