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24.No One Is Alone Cinderella: Mother cannot guide you. Now you're on your own. Only me beside you.

Still you're not alone. No one is alone. !ruly. No one is alone. Sometimes "eo"le lea#e you $al%way through the wood. Others may decei#e you. &ou decide what's good. &ou decide alone. 'ut no one is alone. ())$: I wish.. Cinderella: I *now. Mother isn't here now. 'a*er: +rong things right things. Cinderella: +ho *nows what she'd say, 'a*er: +ho can say what's true, Cinderella: Nothing's -uite so clear now. 'a*er: .o things %ight things Cinderella: /eel you'#e lost your way, 'a*er: &ou decide but 'oth: &ou are not alone. Cinderella: 'elie#e me No one is alone

'a*er: No one is alone. 'elie#e me. !ruly. &ou mo#e 0ust a %inger &ou mo#e 0ust a %inger Say the slightest word Say the slightest word Something's bound to linger Something's bound to linger 'e heard. 'e heard. No one acts alone. Care%ul. No one is alone. 1eo"le ma*e mista*es. 1eo"le ma*e mista*es. /athers Mothers 1eo"le ma*e mista*es 1eo"le ma*e mista*es $olding to their own $olding to their own !hin*ing they're alone. !hin*ing they're alone. $onor their mista*es22 3#erybody ma*es22 /ight %or they're mista*es22 'oth: One another's terrible mista*es. +itches can be right giants can be good. &ou decide what's right you decide what's good. Cinderella: 'a*er: 4ust remember: 5echo6 4ust remember: 'oth: Someone is on your side. 4ac* ())$: O7) side. 'a*er Cinderella: Our side22 Someone else is not. +hile we're seeing our side22 4ac* ())$: Our side.. 'a*er Cinderella: Our side22 All: Maybe we %orgot: they are not alone. No one is alone. Cinderella: $ard to see the light now. 'a*er: 4ust don't let it go. 'oth: !hings will come out right now. +e can ma*e it so. Someone is on your side22 5interru"ted6