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Marylands move to CIC is a Big Ten Deal for academics

UMD Department of Linguistics announces big plans for Maryland Mayfest conference
By Jessica Schram

Changes for Maryland athletics may be on the horizon, but university academics have already begun to reap the benefits of UMDs Big Ten move. This year, the University of Maryland joined the Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC) as a part of its broader integration with the Big Ten, and has plans to celebrate this integration at the Department of Linguistics annual Maryland Mayfest conference. Maryland Mayfest is a yearly workshop that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to discuss fundamental issues in language science. This weekend, the linguistics department will springboard collaboration between CIC scholars by inviting language scientists from Big Ten institutions to participate in Maryland Mayfest at Marie Mount Hall. Mayfest participants will engage in discussions about prosody, language acquisition and communicative disorders to stimulate insight and innovation for the linguistics field. The department has invited a speaker from each CIC institution to talk about a broad theme in Linguistic scientists discussed perception, language science that relates to theoretical research production and development at last years and how it can inform experimental practice. Maryland Mayfest. Image source: CIC universities are among the best in the nation for linguistics, and nearly every CIC institution offers a department or program in the speech field. University of Maryland linguistics ranked first among the CIC schools in the 2010 NRC ranking of research doctoral programs, and hopes to draw on the experience and knowledge from other Big Ten universities at the Maryland Mayfest conference. Scholars from the Big Ten schools represent a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, department title XX XX said. This is the first time the Big Ten has gathered its professionals to discuss language science, and we hope that Mayfest will catalyze such a group. The conference runs all day Friday and Saturday May 2-3, with a late reception Friday at 5:45 p.m. in 1400 Marie Mount Hall. For more information about Maryland Mayfest, contact or visit the event page at