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Math Workshop Lesson Josh Borders Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

MATH WORKSHOP LESSON I. II. Measurement Madness Objective and Standards o Objective Students will measure using non-standard units

o Standards (NGA & CCSSO, 2010). 1.5.1 Measure the length of objects by repeating a nonstandard unit 1.5.2 Use different units to measure the length of the same object and predict whether the measure will be greater or smaller when a different unit is used III. 1.5.3 Recognize the need for a fixed unit of length

Launch/Mini-lesson o Launch Read How Tall, How Short, How Faraway? By David Adler & Nancy Tobin (1999) 1. Can you tell me what items around the classroom you could use to measure the whiteboard? 2. Can you show me how you would begin measuring the whiteboard with the tool you have chosen? (Specific tool will be based off of responses from first question)


Exploration Task o Explore #1 (Individual) Tell students they will select a set of die-cuts to use to measure (a tracing of) Mr. Moore height (Make sure each child chooses a

MATH WORKSHOP LESSON different die-cut shape). Students will be able to glue their die-cut figures onto the tracing of Mr. Moore, if they so choose. Tell them that when they finish measuring, they will record their result on the board/chart. (Show the chart. It has 3 columnschilds name, childs tool, and childs result/answer) 1. Can you tell me why you chose that tool? (Was the student

thinking about the size of the tool in relation to the size of Mr. Moore? Does the student consider the size of the tool when choosing?) 2. Can you show me how to find Mr. Moores height? **Gear Down: Compare Mr. Moores (tracing) height with Mr. Borders (tracing) height 1. Who is taller/shorter? 2. Can you show me how you knew who was taller/shorter? **Gear Up: Measure Mr. Moore with paper clips (Students will be provided with a pile of paperclips) 1. Can you tell me why you chose this tool to measure Mr. Moore? 2. Now that we know how tall Mr. Moore is in inches, can you tell me how tall he is in feet? V. Congress: Sharing and Connecting Ideas o Congress #1 Students will report and compare data collected (in chart) 1. Does it make sense that our answers are all different?

MATH WORKSHOP LESSON 2. So, how tall REALLY is Mr. Moore? How can we find out? VI. Exploration Task o Exploration #2 (Collaborative) Students will be asked to collaborate to devise a plan to measure Mr. Moores height so they come up with ONE answer 1. Can you explain to me how we, as a group, agreed to measure Mr. Moore this time? 2. Can you show me how you will measure Mr. Moore this time? (Students can glue their measuring tool to the tracing of Mr. Moore) VII. Congress: Sharing and Connecting Ideas o Congress #2 Students will report collaborative exploration results and compare with individual exploration results.

1. So, what are some important things to consider if we want to measure accurately and all come up with the same answer? (Record their ideas on chart or have them write it on paper you can use this as assessment) 2. (If applicable) How did you decide what to do if there was some left over space at the end? 3. Can you tell me how you would show someone at home our classs way of measuring an object?

MATH WORKSHOP LESSON Reference Adler, D. A., & Tobin, N. (1999). How tall, how short, how far away. New York: Holiday House. NGA & CCSSO. (2010). Common core state standards for mathematics. Retrieved from