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Mindmap Chapter 2

Group 2 Abdul Muhaimin Bin Mohamad Irsyad Asyraf Bin Drahman Loh Huan Sheng Ng Kah Yen

Wong Wan Shi

2.1 Introduction - Explain overview of the chapter

Smart-Mall Indoor Location Based Service For Android-Based Smartphone

2.5 Chapter Summary -Conclusion for the chapter Eg. What proposed system can do

2.2 Definition of Services in Current System Study - Describe overview of current system History Introduction Purpose of current system Characteristic Pro and Cons of the system

2.4 Technology Used 2.3 Proposed System - Comparing propose system with current system Eg. Manual and Automatic Sytem - Technology used to implement in proposed system Eg. Android - Programming Language used Eg. MYSQL , Java - Device Used Eg. Android Based Smartphone