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Evan C.

Internship (Summer 2014) ;

To obtain an internship position in the field of engineering which will allow me to grow my knowledge of applied engineering and create an excellent foundation in my field, enabling me to pursue a fulfilling career.

Educati n
The Pennsylvania S a e !nive"si y# !nive"si y Pa"$# P% &ve"all 'P%( ).** /a0o" 'P%( ).89 1achelo" o2 Science in Elec "ical Enginee"ing# 4u""en ly( 5unio" 65 h semes e"7 4omple ed 4"edi s( 9) +ean,s lis ( -011.1-# -01-.1) e3pec ed( /ay -015 4"edi s 8y summe" -019( 110.5

4ompu e" :anguages( 4;;# <isual 1asic 6# /a la8# <e"ilog# %1E:# /=PS assem8ly# :a8<iew# SP=4E# 5ava So2 wa"e( %l ium# !l i1oa"d# %u o4%+# Solidwo"$s# /ul isim# /ic"oso2 E3cel6/ac"os7# >in4!P:# /odelSim 'ene"al( 4i"cui +esign# Elec "ical +evice +esign# S a is ical +a a %nalysis# /ic"ocon "olle"s# Em8edded Sys ems

"elated W r! E#perience
I$% C rp rati n & 'an techn l () "esearch %l8any# ?@ Summe" -01) o Pe"2o"med 1E&: ?ano.Scale T"ansis o" measu"emen and analysis o P"ovided device cha"ac e"is ic de ails o AE&: +evice +esign eam o 4"ea ed mul iple p"og"ams 2o" da a handling and e3 "ac ion o2 cha"ac e"is ics o 4on "i8u ed o mul iple scien i2ic "esea"ch pape"s *e r(e %artin Electric & C nstructi n C ntract r %l8any# ?@ Summe" -01o %ssis an o Elec "ical P"o0ec /anage" on ?@ S a e Police BeadCua" e"s cons "uc ion p"o0ec . o Desponsi8le 2o" moni o"ing and es ing eme"gency elec "ical sys ems# low.vol age and line vol age sys ems# occupancy senso"s# and command cen e" wo"$s a ions. Student Space +r (rams ,ab rat r) & C mmand and -ata .andlin( o Em8edded sys em p"og"amming and design o P41 +esign# :ayou and Aa8"ica ion

,eadership and C mmunit) /ctivities

,eadership in "ecreati nal activities at +enn State o 4ap ain and /anage" o2 =n e" 4lu8 Socce" Team o Sail8oa S$ippe"E4ap ain 2o" compe i ive sailing o Penn S a e sailing clu8 ins "uc o" Inter0aith +artnership 0 r the . meless 1all 2011 o &"ganiFed and pa" icipa ed in volun ee" la8o" se"vices .abitat 0 r .umanit) Summer 2010 o &"ganiFed and led a eam o2 volun ee"s in "esiden ial home cons "uc ion.

Certi0icati ns and ,icenses

o A44 Technician 4lass Dadio &pe"a o" :icense

)00mm au o and o ?ano.scale p"o8e"s

Bal2 /a"a honET"ia hlon compe i o" E a Gappa ?u H Phi Gappa Phi mem8e"

Other /ctivities