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Teacher Appreciation Week

Week of May 12th - 16th

This week is to say Thank You & express our appreciation for all the great work, love and kindness our teachers give to our children. Lets make our Teachers feel extra special this week. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Drink & A Smile

Boys Bring in your teachers favorite DRINK and give them a GREAT BIG SMILE!

Sweet Treat & A Hug

Girls Bring in your teachers favorite SWEET TREAT and give them a GREAT BIG HUG!

LAMPs, SPED & Assistants

Today, on behalf of all Bon Lin Children, the PTA will present a special gift to: -Library -Art -Music -P.E. -Guidance -SPED -Assistants

Teacher Luncheon
PTA will have lunch catered to all teachers and staff Abuelos Mexican

Thank You Day!

Recognize your teacher today with a small gift card, homemade thank you note or card

Bottle of Water, Coke, Sprite, Etc.

*We are asking each child to send in a $1.00 donation for this event

Our teachers love to have extra lunch time on this day

Our teachers enjoy lunch being provided to them each day and given an extended lunch time. Room Parents can coordinate the week.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Return this section with your $1.00 cash donation by Wednesday, May 7. Please mark your envelope PTA.
See information regarding this event on the reverse side.

Teacher Appreciation Week

for LAMPs, Guidance, SPED, & Teacher Assistants
This year, with your help, we want to recognize these wonderful teachers. We are asking for each child to send in a small $1.00 donation. We will use these donations to purchase a gift for each. The PTA will present the gifts on behalf of all Bon Lin Elem students on Wednesday of Teacher Appreciation Week. We thank you for helping us make this a special week for these teachers. Please send your $1.00 cash donation in an envelope marked PTA by Wednesday, May 7. Contact Lisa Barton at or 517-7877 with questions