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I have hau the oppoitunity to teach 1
giaue with Nis. Bauei's classioom at
Baiiisbuig }ouiney Elementaiy School. Thioughout my expeiience, I have taught
seveial lesson plans. I also completeu a teachei woik sample that was ovei the
couise of two weeks. I enhanceu my classioom management skills anu seveial othei
skills such as collaboiation anu planning stiategies.

Stuuent teaching has been a gieat expeiience. Ny fiist few weeks, I obseiveu
in the classioom anu staiteu to get useu to the stuuents anu ioutines. Aftei I
obseiveu, I staiteu teaching. The stuuents weie eagei to leain anu exciteu to have
me in the classioom, which maue it a gieat expeiience foi me. Slowly I continueu to
teach moie anu eventually I taught foi a continuous of two weeks, incluuing all
classioom ioutines, bieaks, anu uuties.

Thioughout the semestei, I completeu a two-week unit plan ovei the Iuitaiou
Sleu Bog Race. The unit consisteu of seveial subject aieas such as a ieauing, wiiting,
anu social stuuies. Stuuents weie exciteu to leain about the Iuitaiou because none of
them new what it was. Aftei the two weeks, stuuents hau a much bettei
unueistanuing of the Iuitaiou Sleu Bog Race.

0ne of the majoi components that I leaineu thioughout my stuuent teaching
expeiience is classioom management. I have hau some pievious expeiiences with
classioom management; howevei, I was able to stiengthen those expeiiences while
stuuent teaching. I incoipoiateu self-motivatois anu class motivatois as well. I
continueu using some of Nis. Bauei's classioom management techniques anu also
biought some of my own into the classioom. 0veiall, my classioom management
was successful anu also impioveu.

Theie aie many othei aspects to consiuei while teaching othei than just
lesson plans anu classioom management. I was able to see team collaboiation
thioughout the school. Eveiy week, the 1
giaue teacheis meet togethei to uiscuss
oi shaie anything necessaiy. I was also able to attenu meetings once a week, which
incluueu all teacheis anu the piincipal, Bi.Bighstieet, as well. These meetings
consisteu of anything necessaiy that neeueu to be uiscusseu among all the teacheis.
I also attenueu in-seivices, which weie helu once a month. These in-seivices
consisteu of all the fiist giaueis fiom each Baiiisbuig School, to meet togethei to
uiscuss anything.

0veiall, my expeiience biought me a vast amount of leaining expeiiences. I
was able to stiengthen seveial aieas of my teaching. This expeiience will benefit me
foi my futuie placement in a school uistiict.