Why CRM Fail?

Reasons for Poor Quality Customer Data and how to update with Fresh Data

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Prepared by: Clive Thurston

What is Data Quality?
Data quality is summarized as the accuracy of particular piece of data meeting the needs of the business. Data Quality is when your data have the following attributes:    Clear meaning Correct values Understandable format


Principles of Data Quality
Confident data add value to your business. Information quality assured provided is  Accurate (correct data)  Comprehensive (relevant for taking decision)  Valid (confirms to recognized format)  Timely (up to date)  Maintained(free from variation or contradiction)


Why is Data Quality Important?
Reliable, accurate and timely data is critical to the efficient functioning of business operations and company's long-term competitive advantage.  Maximizes productivity from CRM  Assists operational management and strategic planning  Expands customer base  Increased customer satisfaction  Ensures regulatory compliance


Common Sources of Data Errors
 Data input errors by employees & customers  External Data - Third party sources  Data Migration or project conversion


Employees & Customers Input
Wrong data entered into the database either by mistake or by intentional act  Misspellings / Transposed numbers  Purposeful misrepresentation of data  Data placed in the wrong fields  Incorrect or missing codes  Junk names or wrong domains  Abbreviations given to data  Erroneous data entered by customers to protect their privacy


External Data Inconsistencies
 Incomplete - missing fields  Incorrect- Incorrect pairing of codes, wrong calculations  Incomprehensible- Weird formatting & wrong format  Inconsistent - Different codes with the same meaning, inconsistent names and addresses & inconsistent business rules


Data errors from Data migration/ Project conversion
 Data Non-conformity  Inconsistent Data  Inaccurate Data
during migration

-- Information stored in Non-standard format

inconsistencies and wrong data representation

-- Merging various system results in data

-- Data deteriorates with time, this mounts errors

 Data Integrity

-- Missing relationship can degrade the quality of data


Cost of poor data quality to your business?
 Overlooked sales opportunities  Reduced employee productivity  Customer dissatisfaction  Unproductive results from CRM  Poor decision making faculty


Data Check Central – Data solution
Check Check Central offers data solutions tailored to your business. We assess, improve, and ensure consistent data quality in your organization. We offer four point program to assess and improve the quality of your customer/marketing data. Our process includes:  Data Appending  Data Cleansing & Improvement  Data Modeling  Data Migration and Integration


Benefits from Perfect Customer Data Eliminate unnecessary data records  Appends fresh data  Identifies and corrects inaccurate data  Reduces data input errors - Validate data at input  Eliminate false null values  Ensure data values stay as per business  Establish and apply data standards.


Finally use data to improve marketing ROI
 Develop “best customer” profile  Develop up-sell and cross-sell opportunities  Develop multi-channel marketing - email, direct mail, phone calls, fax, etc.  Develop targeted customer communication


Data Check Central Inc
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