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Kidding Around Marketing Plan Change made every semester or more Change made every year or more Web

Media Guidelines 1. General/Email a. KA email newsletter sign up will be made available and encouraged at every org fair/event in which KA has a presence AND at all productions i. All email addresses collected will be kept in a google doc owned by the KA gmail account and will be organized chronologically based on date collected ii. When a person asks to be removed from the newsletter their email address is placed on a section of the KA email database labeled inactive b. All email newsletters will be BCCd to ensure privacy and confidentiality 2. Twitter a. Tweet every other day minimum b. Retweet all appropriate mentions in the community concerning Kidding Around, KA productions, partner productions, or activities of active members and alumni c. Upon production selection for each season, establish visible Twitter relationship between KA account and those involved in production who have Twitter accounts i. Maintain this relationship throughout rehearsals and run of the show. Milestones to be mentioned either by KA or by show director and retweeted by KA are: 1. any other new partnerships or related events (ex. announcing the cast is going to a Best Buddies dance if the show is in partnership with that organization) 3. Facebook a. Consistently adapt Facebook page to any changes in format of the service b. Repost or link to all possible tweets and Tumblr posts c. Upload all high quality photos from past productions and arrange them in albums by production



Tumblr a. 1 major blog post (min) a week containing either commentary on an article and/or current trend in TYA or a compilation of topical photos, tweets, and links concerning TYA or KA activities b. Update Whos Who section at the beginning of each semester c. Update the source tag for Upcoming page at the beginning of each semester with the convention SeasonYear (ex. Spring2012) d. Update deadline for Past Productions is the conclusion of that seasons semester e. All Tumblr posts are also linked to on Twitter and Facebook Access a. Only the Marketing Coordinator, Associate Marketing Coordinator, and President have permission to access/utilize KA Marketing records a. Twitter and Tumblr account is accessible by Marketing Coordinator, Associate Marketing Coordinator, and President only to maintain clarity of message and minimize confusion i. Any requests or issues with use of accounts should be discussed with the President b. Facebook page administrators are updated to reflect current board at the beginning of every fall semester. i. Any major changes to format or core information (about, mission, etc) should only be made by Marketing Coordinator, Associate Marketing Coordinator, and President 1. Suggestions for changes are always welcome c. Passwords to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google accounts should be changed every year. Next date change: 9/1/13 d. KA owned google docs are not to be shared with any additional google accounts

Show Submission Marketing Timeline Submission Deadline Goal/Medium -Announcement e-mail is sent with form attachment -Tweet/fb announcement and deadline -Post e-mail announcement on Tumblr -1 tweet/fb per week (minimum) reminders begin

3 days after announcement -Tweet/fb/tumblr link to submission form 3 weeks before deadline 2 weeks before deadline 1 week before deadline Day before deadline -Tumblr post on TYA resources -Tweet/fb reminders increase to 3 per week (minimum) -E-mail blast reminder -2 tweet/fb -E-mail blast reminder -tweet/fb/tumblr Thank you for submissions! message and give semi-vague timeline for season announcement -Notify chosen applicants via e-mail first -Tweet/fb brief season announcement -Tumblr/e-mail longer form description of shows

Day after deadline

Season Announcement

E-Board Application Guidelines 4 weeks prior to deadline -E-mail blast with attached application doc is sent out -Application is linked to on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter -FB/tweet twice weekly reminder posts -e-mail deadline reminder -FB/tweet a remind post -sent out final e-mail reminder blast -FB/tweet final reminder post -FB/tweet/Tumblr/e-mail thank you to applicants

3 weeks prior to deadline 2 weeks prior to deadline 3 days before deadline

Day of deadline Day after deadline

Upon new E-board election -Announce E-board selection on FB/twitter -Send long form e-mail with names/positions and post it on Tumblr

Production Marketing Guidelines At the start of each show a specialized marketing calendar and timetable will be ready to go upon the first meeting with producers/directors. Breakdown should include expectations on how to utilize marketing tools. Season Announcement -Announcement e-mail is sent -Post show descriptions and audition times (if applicable) on all platforms -Posters encouraging common audition attendance for KA go up - E-mail to producers/directors for each production at the of the academic year about poster campign. - Over the course of the Summer/Winter Session create poster content. - Once approved by Director/Proudcer show to board for final approval. Social Media - First week of rehearsals meet and sit down with producers/directors to discuss social media campign. - Decide Hashtag first week and discuss use. - Plan a day to sit down for an interview with Director/ Actors for Tumblr - Pass along Instagram information - Password change for each show. -Detailed cast and crew lists go up on Tumblr with appropriate Upcoming tag** -Twitter and Facebook link back to post. - Two weeks before the final rehearsal production will be worked out with directors/producers. - To be posted on Kidding Around facebook page 1 WEEK after the show completes it last show. 1st rehearsal -Tweet/Fb about first rehearsal.

Postering end

Show Casting

Production Photos photography

-KA Marketing Release is signed and filled out by all relevant cast and crew -List of relevant social media usernames is compiled 3 weeks before show -Contact Berkeley Beacon and other local media outlets [Common Agenda, Emtertainment Monthly] -Poster design is finalized, printed, and posted -File is sent to Campus Center for ad run -Interview with the director goes up on Tumblr and is linked to on Twitter/Fb* -Any partnerships and/or facilitation of visiting groups is confirmed and logistically worked out -3 tweets/Fb concerning the show this week -e-mail announcement encouraging ticket reservations** -Tweet/fb about: -ticket reservations at beginning of week -announcing last week of rehearsals -tech run -Schedule person and time to take semi-professional production stills for promotional and organizational purposes -Tweet/Fb buy tickets! -Tweet/Fb last chance to buy tickets!, wait list procedures -Tweet/Fb thank you -Post production photos on Facebook -Tweet/tumblr 3 (minimum) exemplary production photos and link to Facebook -A post-mortem blog post on Tumblr**

2 weeks before show

1 week before show

Day before show Day of Day after 1 week after show

2 weeks after show