10/08/2001 – 04/30/2014

It is sad to say goodbye to a member of our Robert Smalls Family. Celeste was a student with many admirable qualities. She possessed an imaginative mind and she was fearless with her take-charge focus. It was not uncommon to hear her say !I get this. "et me do it#$ %his was her attitude as she embraced her academics devoured books and e&celled in strings. %hese were her creative outlets. 'e want to honor the memory of Celeste and remember the many ways she made Robert Smalls (iddle School a better school because she was one of us. Celeste was an honor student a musically gifted student an office helper and a friend. )ur memories are *oyful of you while our hearts are heavy. 'e send our love support and prayers to her family and to her beloved sisters +oe and Raven.

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